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Multi Fit Showers

Let's make life simple...  

We carry on our van a LARGE range of Multi Fit electric showers in ALL kilowatt ratings from 7.5 ~ 10.8kw - What's more they will replace ANY other brand of electric shower, We in most circumstances adjust the wiring & plumbing INSIDE the new shower... that's PROFESSIONAL FIT.  

We have a 99% success rate fitting our Multi Fits on the first visit !

Our Multi Fits Replace All other Brand Showers
*Isolation switch may need replacing if worn.

Triton T80E+

Best internet price for our most popular Triton shower !

 8.5Kw - Supplied & Fitted £249

7.5Kw £239 - 9.5Kw £259 - 10.5Kw £269

Mira Sprint  Multi Fit

 Will replace 99% of ALL electric showers if professionally fitted. These are our REPLACEMENT showers only - We fit over a 150 of these Sprints every year ! All kilowatt ratings in stock ready to fit today. 2 litres per minute - Replaces All Other Brand Showers

8.5Kw Supplied & Fitted £249 

9.5Kw £259 - 10.8Kw £269


Mira Sport MF - Multi Fit 

Our very best offer - No one else comes close ! Our 9Kw Mira Sport MF can replace any 7.5 & 8.5kw electric showers if you have a 40 amp fuse. Our 9.8Kw Mira Sport MF can replace any 9.5kw and above electric showers (40 amp fuse minimum, 10mm cable) Quality look and feel to this desirable shower. Built in reliability - Premium materials | 4 litres per minutePhased Shutdown (Average electric showers average 2 litres per minute) - Mira Sport out perform other brands and last longer due to quality parts FACT


You got to be kidding ! Play video

Replaces All Other Brand Showers

Supply & fit 9kw
( Replaces 7.5 & 8.5kw *) £389

Supply & fit 9.8kw (Replaces 9.5kw & above**) £429

Mira Sport Dual  - Multi Fit

Our Mira Sport MF Dual is available in 2 kilowatt sizes, These showers will replaces ANY other brand electric shower from 7.5kw ~ 10.8kw

Our 9kw will replace 7.5 & 8.5kw showers*

Our 9.8kw will replace 9.5 kilowatt showers and above**

Our Mira Sport 9 & 9.8kw MF delivers 4 litres per minute @.7 bar atmospheric pressure meaning it will out perform other brand shower with a higher kilowatt rating.

Question - When is an expensive top level shower better value than a cheaper entry level shower ?

Answer - Premium showers last far longer requiring less frequent replacement because superior quality parts are used throughout manufacture. 

Mira Sport Dual - With full Mira two year guarantee.

Sport MF Dual 9Kw supplied and fitted £499*

Sport MF Dual 9.8kw supplied & fitted £529**

Replaces all other brand showers

*minimum 6mm cable & 40 amp mcb  **10mm minimum cable 40/45 amp mcb  Not sure call for details. 


Note : If you already have an old Mira shower on the wall then you won’t need a conversion panel - If this is so then see our STANDARD Mira Showers

Mira Sport Classic  

Conversion Panel - Multi Fit

Our 9Kw Mira Sport MF can replace any 8.5kw and above electric showers if you have a 40 amp fuse. Our 9.8Kw Mira Sport MF can replace any 9.5kw and above electric showers (40 amp fuse minimum, 10mm cable) Quality look and feel to this desirable shower. Built in reliability - Premium materials | 4 litres per minute | Phased Shutdown (Other electric showers average 2 litres per minute) Mira Sport out perform other brands and last longer due to quality parts FACT

*32amp mcb 6mm cable 

**40amp mcb 6mm cable 

***40/45amp mcb 10mm cable

Our conversion panels allows us to replace Triton/ Gainsborough/ Other showers without having to break tiles and make good after which would raise the cost considerably in labour !

Mira Sport Classic Multi Fit

Replaces All Other Brand Showers

Supply & Fit 7.5kw  £489*

Supply & Fit 9kw £499**

Supply & Fit 9.8kw £529***

Supply & fit 10.8kw  £539***

Mira Sport classic with 5mm frosted glass effect conversion panel - Also available in 10mm opal white

Mira Decor

Conversion Panel - Multi Fit

Always wanted a premium Mira shower but the plumbing and electrics on your current shower are on the right hand side ? Well now you can when you order our Multi Fit Model - Mira water and power connections are on left hand side - Most other brand showers have wiring and plumbing on the right or combination thereof.
Available in Warm Silver | Onyx Black | White & Chrome This Mira Decor Multi Fit will replace All other shower brands. Replaces All Other Brand Showers

Mira Decor Multi Fit Supplied & Fitted 

8.5 ~ 9.5 ~ 10.8Kw - £409 ~ £419  ~ £449

Mira Decor Multi Fit 3Ltr/Min

Mira Sport Max Airboost 

The Big Boy 

Conversion Panel Multi Fit

Mira Sport Max Airboost with our Conversion Panel - Play video !

A world-first for electric showers. Our patented Mira Airboost™ technology increases performance through the speed of water coming through the showerhead, increasing flow by up to 30% without using any more water. Separate power and temperature controls to fine tune your perfect shower. Advanced pressure stabilised temperature control keeps your selected showering temperature consistent. Features Opti-flo to optimise flow throughout the year, Clearscale technology cuts limescale for a better performing, longer lasting shower and Sensi-flo technology prevents scalding if the shower head or hose become blocked. Large, 110mm, 4-spray shower head with rub-clean nozzles for easy limescale removal. Adjustable riser fits over holes left by a previous shower kit. 2 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee (T&Cs Apply) Push-Button Start & Rotary Flow Control | Separate Controls | Riser Rail | 4-Spray Pattern Shower Head | Phased Shutdown - 6 litres per minute

Replaces ALL other brand electric showers.

9Kw Supplied & Fitted £499 (Replaces 7.5Kw & Above*) 

10.8Kw Supplied & Fitted £519 (Replaces 9.5Kw & Above**)

Fitted today in Redditch - Our Mira Sport Max Airboost 9Kw Plus our multi fit panel. The previous shower had the wiring and plumbing on the right hand side making fitting a Sport not possible hence the multi fit panel which allowed the plumbing & wiring to migrate over to the left behind the panel. NOTE the customer wanted to keep the original rail riser as it was in good condition and would have left exposed holes if the shorter riser rail was fitted. PLAY VIDEO.

*Minimum 40amp mcb + 6mm cable 

**Minimum 40/45 amp + 10mm cable

Mira Azora 9.8kw 

Conversion Panel - Multi Fit 

(Replaces 9.5kw & Above*)

Only available from us !

Always wanted a premium Mira shower like our Sport or Azora but the plumbing and electrics on your current shower are on the right hand side ? Well now you can when you order our Multi Fit model - Featuring a wealth of high performance features and benefits including thermostatic temperature, easy to use controls, and clearscale technology, 
Frosted glass fascia The Mira Azora Electric Shower stands out from the crowd and has a stunning frosted glass fascia, The translucent glass is in a subtle blue shade and features soft polished clear glass edges to give depth and design. 

Mira Azora Multi Fit 4 Ltr/min

Integrated phased shutdown - The Integrated phased shutdown process will flush hot water from the system when the shower is switched off so that it’s safe to use for the next user. Replaces All Other Brand Showers  
*Minimum 40 amp mcb + 10mm cable - 
Supplied & Fitted £549

Mira Sprint All In One

Conversion Panel - Multi Fit

Mira Sprint + All In One Panel Supplied & Fitted £379 - We can replace ANY type of electric shower with our Mira Sprint and our purpose made 10mm thick polished white acrylic back panel. It is mounted off the wall using 20mm rust proof stand off legs which allows re-routing and extending the water and electric supply BEHIND the panel. Also it will cover over cracked or missing tiles behind your current shower. Panel size 10 x 750 x 500mm.
Premium quality aluminium chrome plated large shower caddy guaranteed NO RUST - Will accommodate 3 x 1 litre bottles no trouble with hooks both ends to hang shower bottles or face cloths. 2 litres per minute

This panel won't crack, discolour or warp. Get the whole lot supplied & fitted with a 2 year warranty.

Replaces all other brand showers

Mira Sprint Rain 

 Multi Fit

 - Only From Us.

Overhead Rain - No handset

Not all showers are fitted central inside a shower cubicle or above the bath - For this reason we offset the shower head according to the situation, again professional fit !

Mira Sprint 9.5Kw + Rain kit supplied & fitted  £389

Mira Sprint 10.8Kw + Rain kit supplied & fitted  £399

Replaces All Showers

Mira Sprint Rain Multi Fit 2 litres per minute

Mira Decor Rain Electric Shower 

+ Over Head Rain

Multi Fit

No more floppy hoses !

Our Mira Decor In Warm Silver

Replaces ALL electric showers

Comes with a 200mm* shower head giving a large spray pattern without floppy shower hoses and shower rails in the way. This kit looks compact and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This kit includes Mira Decor + Overhead Rain + Opal Panel | 9.5kw - 10.8kw - Onyx Black | Warm Silver | White & Chrome.

Mira Decor Rain Multi Fit 3Ltr/Min

 £439 - £449 supplied & fitted with a 2 year warranty

Our Multi Fit Conversion Panel

Our conversion panel allows us to move water and cables over from the right over to the left allowing us to connect up with our premium Mira showers. If you already have a Mira shower then you will not need a mounting panel, SEE our Standard Showers. Our panels are 10mm thick rigid white acrylic with an opaque finish. Fixed to the wall using stainless steel bright finish mounting pegs.

The majority of other brand showers ( Triton, Aqualisa, Gainsborough etc ) usually have water and power connections on the right or combination thereof - water on left, power on right or vice versa - These showers have always stood in the way for homeowners when choosing Mira Premium showers unless re-installing power and water to the left side is undertaken, needless to say incurring mess and expenses re-instating tiles etc. Our conversion panels never fade, crack or rot and can be used many times over when fitting ANY brand of shower when replacement time falls due. They compliment not detract from the aesthetic look of your new Mira ensuring you have a unique looking electric shower.

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