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Phased Shut Down Showers - What are they and why 

What is it?

There are two types of hardness, temporary and permanent. It is the temporary kind we’re interested in as it is this form which causes the thick crusty limescale we’re used to. Temporary hardness is made up of bicarbonate forms of minerals. These forms precipitate from the water easily especially at higher temperatures leading to limescale formation blocking venturis within the shower heating canister also blocking the hose and showerhead.

Phased shut down showers will run on for a few seconds after the off switch has been pressed. This allows the shower to flush through with cold water pushing out the hot water. This function alone will prolong your shower for MANY YEARS over a cheap shower. 

Birmingham has soft water so generally not an issue - The Black Country, Worcestershire, Shropshire are known for Medium/hard.  Gloucestershire is Hard water region

Water is graded parts per million of minerals

0 -100ppm = Soft water ~ 100 - 200ppm = Medium to hard ~ 200ppm & Over = Hard

Live in these counties ?

Gloucestershire = Hard  

Worcestershire = Medium/Hard

Leicestershire = Medium/Hard  

Warwickshire = Medium/Hard

Northamptonshire = Medium/Hard

Nottinghamshire = Medium/Hard

Staffordshire = Medium/Hard

We would highly recommend MIRA SPORT phased shut down showers - They will genuinely last far longer !

We stock all variants of Mira Sport that will replace any other brand shower.

Buy a cheaper NON phase shutdown if you want but don't expect more than 2- 4 years service out of them.

Typical example of limescale build up around an heating element. This will increase pressure and resistance inside the heating can also particles will block venturis. Limescale build up around the heating element will lower the temperature and over time the maximum temperature setting will only return warm water or burn out the heating element or trip the mcb.

Mira Showers have premium quality heating elements and many models feature Phased Shut Down. They may cost a little more but the phased shut down feature alone really do prolong the life of the shower also maintains good water flow at the shower head. We would recommend Mira Sport - Mira Azora - Mira Galena - Mira Escape for medium/hard & hard water areas.

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