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FORGET JUMPING THROUGH HOOPS, making an account to get vague prices, You know a bombardment of emails will ensue. Here are our supply & fit prices - what you see is what you pay - We fit over 250 showers a year no trouble - Choose your shower - Call, WhatsApp or Email for fitting appointment end of story ! Steve  

Mira & Triton Showers Supply & Fit  Prices Here - 

Birmingham  Worcester  Stafford  Warwick  Walsall  Wolverhampton 

No Sub Contract Fitters Here

Unlike most other outfits offering shower replacements - We are directly employed by YOU not through a third party like Check A Trade, My Builder, Local Heroes, Mira, Triton, Bark etc etc - These do not directly employ tradespeople they are middle men who sit in front of a computer pass the work on to desperate fitters and they all have to be paid !

What is the best electric shower ?

We are asked this quite often which is the best all round shower based on budget, reliability and long life...

Here is our answer... There are two

Mira Sport 

Mira Advance

Perfect for all soft/ medium/ hard water areas ! 


Order Any Mira Sport today - 

We fit tomorrow

No waiting around for a week here !

What's more If we are already fitting in your area we can fit today. Mornings & afternoons only.


This premium quality shower will far outlast entry level showers with premium parts, Phased shutdown. Quality look and feel.

Replaces 99% of all other brands - Replaces all showers.

Send a clear photo of your fuse board with lid open if you are not sure what size mcb breaker fuse you have.

PERFECT for soft/ medium/ hard water areas

Mira Sport Max

The Big Boy

Up to 6 litres per minute

@ 40 Celsius summertime setting

Phased Shutdown

Replaces all Mira showers & occasional off brand models

Mira Sport Classic

Replaces all Mira showers



Shut Down

What is it and why >

Our 2 Best Selling Entry Level Showers

Triton T80 Or Mira Sprint 
Any kilowatt + 2 year warranty
Supplied & Fitted  £299
Replaces ALL other electric showers !

Nobody else wants to supply & fit at this price FACT

This shower available Birmingham area only.

At this price is it really worth all the frustration and issues encountered trying to fit yourself ?

Any internal pipework/ electrical adaptations required is included in our supply and fit price.

Like for like power rating only with this offer though. 

Not suitable for medium/ hard water areas 

Click here to find out why >

We always replace on first visit even when switching from one brand to another or pipework/ wiring needs adaptation. Unlike some others we do not need to pre survey. We can only replace like for like power rating. What is more we do not run away from problem jobs unlike others !

30amp old style non mcb board with fused cartridge 7.5Kw

32/40 amp mcb & 6mm wiring required for 8.5Kw shower.

40/50 amp mcb &10mm wiring for 9.5 & 10.8Kw models.

These do not have phased shutdown

Come take a look at our recent jobs...

We do more than just swap showers... Be sure you are not employing an idiot !

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shower towers New Installation Or Replace Worn Unit

Been told you can only have ONE electric shower in your property ?

That is normally the case as 2 electric showers turned on the same time will OVERLOAD the fuse board and possibly blow the main incomer fuse... even more likely if that electric oven is in use - Not good !

Have up to three 9Kw electric showers per property when using one of our specialist distribution panels installed - Perfect for larger dwellings - Landlords - HMO

Look what we did today 

An old Triton shower was siliconed to the wall  No tiles behind !!

I fitted a new 10mm thick conversion/ repair panel, Then supplied & fitted a brand new Mira Advance Thermostatically controlled electric shower fitted - Super reliable, Super safe with 48 degree Celsius maximum temperature setting - NO Scolding !  The preferred choice for safe family showers. Replaces most Triton brand showers. Supply and fitting from £530




A new quality 10mm thick acrylic conversion support panel was fitted to cover over this mess - 

ONLY we offer this solution on the first visit too ! 10mm Panel shaped, cut and fitted £99 (5mm panels £79)(Only available when we are replacing a shower)

Get in touch for a replacement electric shower professionally fitted contact Steve - Shower Installations Ltd. Best prices - Best fitting practice !

Only Shower Installations replace your shower on the first visit every time - Fact ! - We carry all variations on the van - 

Professionally fitted - Read our 100's 5 star reviews ! Link bottom of page

No shower at all ?


Our Top 3 Electric Showers 

Guaranteed to replace ANY OTHER electric shower - If one don't fit another one of these surely will !

Don't know the make or kilowatt of your current electric shower ?  

Fine... We carry all kilowatt ratings of our top 3 multi fit electric showers on the van -  Decide when we visit which one is most suitable and we fit there and then simple as that !

We carry all 3 models - All Kw ratings on the vans  - Call for your quick fitting appointment now - 2 Year guarantee.

No messing around making unnecessary pre-inspections - We replace literally 100's of showers every year - Read our fab reviews.

Bear in mind although our top 3 showers are multi fit - We on most occasions adapt the plumbing or wiring inside the shower unit which is included in our supply and fitted price.

Premium Mira

Replace any other brand shower with our conversion panel SO NO you are not stuck with sticking to an unreliable brand - Come take a look.


We have a performance

Mira Sport

for all situations including Phased Shutdown with Multi Fit options that will replace any other brand shower.


Dual Head
Electric Showers

Got a broken 9.5Kw - 10.5Kw shower ?
Upgrade to a luxury twin head electric shower... 

You are worth it
aren't you ?


Aqualisa Lumi
& Quartz

Premium Quality Electric Showers

Replaces most Tritons - Gainsboroughs - Bristan. Cable and pipework connections may require alteration within shower unit.

Need new wiring

New plumbing

New shower ?

Full installation with choice of showers here 

Water pressure too low for an electric shower ?

We can help.

Convert your electric shower to a combi boiler bar shower

We can do that - Must have a combi boiler Or pressurised hot water cylinder though.




New Installation

We can replace your broken power shower We stock Mira -Triton - Bristan - Showerforce replacements.

See this Mira Event power shower in action !


Got a Combi Boiler ?

Consider a Thermostatic Bath Tap shower set.

We can replace your single or bridge mixer bath taps with our THERMOSTATIC bath taps with our all in one shower kits - Must be able to remove bath panel and isolate the water supplies - Suitable for combi boilers or pumped hot & cold water. Not cheap Chinese import.

Consider this Bristan Artisan With 5 Year Warranty

Did you know Thermostatic taps DON'T blow hot and cold when another tap is opened or toilet flushed.

Come get one of our Triton high performance bar showers

This Benito with over head rain supplied and fitted from £459 - Straight replacement for your old bar shower - New installation pipework and mounting brackets charged extra - Large backing panel extra charge.

Bristan Sonique

Premium quality sequential mixer

Premium quality mixer  with just one lever ON - OFF and then Rotate for temperature and flow - Super reliable - No confusing multi levers !  With a stylish shower riser kit and 5 year genuine manufacturer warranty.
Perfect for a new installation - Replaces other brand mixers. Up to 5.9 litres per minute, Big pressure !  

Supplied & professional fitting included £449*

*Straight swap with your existing mixer shower. New pipework and new Bristan Sonique mixer supply and fitted from £648


Take a look at this job we did over the weekend - Details on our Bath refurbishment page.

before and After - Click/ Pinch To Enlarge

Shower Towers

Our shower towers will replace a broken bar shower and the majority of built in mixer valves... We would have to dig out the hot and cold pipes and adapt them to fit.


Leaking built in wall mixer valve ? 

Parts not available ?

face plate removed

See our completed jobs

Take a look at our videos

Our 300+ genuine reviews !

Who can legally replace your electric shower ?

Get an Instant quote !

By return WhatsApp or Text... No Need To Call

We understand there are some who become uncomfortable speaking on the phone. Send a WhatsApp photo of your current shower Or send an email/ message photo and get an instant quote for the lowest supply and fit FACT - State the make, model & kilowatt rating if known. All our showers have a 2 year guarantee (Unless stated otherwise) WhatsApp & Text to 07306 037690   

Electric Showers Supply & Fitted - We remove your broken shower & replace.

Mira Showers  Supplied & Fitted - Triton Showers Supplied & Fitted From £159

Birmingham & West Midlands number 1 supply and fit shower installer FACT

Shower Plumber - We Can Supply & Fit A New Shower + New Wiring + Plumbing From £749 ! Broken Electric Showers Replaced From £159

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