So you want a new electric shower installation ? There are better options (usually)

So you have NO shower at all... and considering a new electric shower ??

if you have a combi boiler then what you really need is a BAR shower or a thermostatic Bath Tap Shower.

We can supply and fit for you a far superior Bar or Bath tap shower or Power Shower offering 3 times more hot water pressure than ANY electric shower.

Combi boilers have 6 copper pipes exiting the boiler which is easily identifiable - There could be 2 pipes popping out the top and 4 exiting the bottom or ANY combination.


If in any doubt just send us some photos on WhatsApp showing the pipes like the photo here 07914008149 - No mad panic we are here to help.

Let's be clear this set up will pump out at least 8 litres of hot water per minute 40 Degrees centigrade - Electric showers will only manage 2 litres per minute at the same temperature.

If you have a hot water cylinder then what you really need is a Power shower Or A quality shower pump  !

Hot Water Cylinderjpg

So you have a primary boiler with a hot water cylinder similar to the image - This is stored hot water vented cylinder, you will probably have a large plastic tank above the cylinder or in the attic. You may not have a boiler connected to this cylinder - Some are electrically heated by an immersion inside the cylinder.

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We can get 8 litres per minute from this cylinder with one of our Power Showers Or Shower Pumps.

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HOW EXPENSIVE ARE ELECTRIC SHOWERS TO RUN ? Easiest way to explain in layman's terms would be to equate it to a kettle - A typical kettle is rated to about 2000 watts or 2 kilowatts. Now then, when you operate an   electric shower the unit is running about 4 or 5 kettles turned on at the same time - that is a huge amount of power and sends the dial on your meter spinning ! If you had 4 kettles plugged into just one socket and switched on the same time, the wiring behind that socket would get very warm indeed - hence the reason for larger diameter wire used for your electric shower to accommodate the extra kilowatts passing through it keeping the wires at a safe temperature. Mcb's do not trip if the capacity of the wiring is exceeded - wiring will overheat causing the insulation around the wires to melt. When the insulation around wires melt, they will arc or fuse together causing red hot wires similar to an electric bar fire immediately igniting any surrounding combustible material mcbs' will only trip AFTER the insulation around the wires has burnt through making contact with the earth wire, or if there is a sudden power drainage surge such as turning a shower on where the mcb is under rated to accommodate that surge, The purpose of mcb's is detect an earth leakage fault for example a live cable makes contact with a metallic object which has been connected to earth bonding - fridge, washing machine or a metal switch casing for example which are earthed to ground via the plug - when this occurs, electricity is going to earth - the mcb being the detector will then disengage by way of tripping the switch off to the electricity supply.

WHY HAS MY SHOWER GONE COLD ? SHOWER FITTING SEASON IS HERE ! Electric showers really struggle with the colder temperature water coming into the house this time of year. 4 - 6 degrees centigrade lower than the normal 12 degrees means that those electric showers have to work really hard to get to that magic 38 - 40 degrees we like ! Cheap showers will last around 2 years with this kind of wear and tear so if you are in the market for a replacement electric shower then we recommend Mira Sprint - A great all rounder this shower is a mid level unit with quality fittings and components - It will easily outlast cheap entry level showers. Have a Triton ? Allow us to painlessly convert you to a quality Mira Sprint. We have all kilowatt ratings for the Sprint in stock ready to fit. Supply & Fit prices on our site - Click the learn more button. May I remind you of an old adage - pay cheap pay twice - We can receive card payments so you don't have to go out brrrrr !

WHY IS MY MIXER/ BAR SHOWER BLOWING HOT AND COLD ? There are 3 common reasons - Before calling us out you need to test the temperature from the hot water tap in the bathroom - If the temperature is going up and down out of the tap like a yoyo then you need to look at a fault on your boiler. If the temperature is even at the tap then you need to call us ! Steve - 07914 008149

Should you seal around an electric shower on a wall?
Under no circumstances should an electric shower be sealed to the wall. There are short ‘spacers’ in each corner of the shower’s rear-casing which keep it proud of the wall by a few millimetres. This allows ventilation around the side and back of the shower module. Without this ventilation, it may be prone to condensation or over-heating, which will subsequently cause failure of, or damage to, the internal components. Water or electric supplies that come in from behind the unit must be sealed to prevent water entering the building structure.

Electric showers - It is far more economical to swap them out once the warranty period has passed. Triton for example will want £85 labour plus the parts & vat so expect around £150 - £200 Seriously! Bear in mind another part may fail soon after - too late you have already fallen into the trap. 
Mira quotes a service call from £165 we are not sure what this includes but be sure this is a starting point. We called for a supply and fit price asking for a Mira sprint 8.5kw - But the salesperson insisted that only the Mira Jump would replace my existing shower despite the fact that the only difference between the Sprint and the Jump is a different shaped shower head. We were quoted a whopping £299 taking into account they produce these showers without the wholesaler and retailer mark up - that is an optimistic quote bearing in mind that We manage to supply and fit the same model for £259 !
Don’t really see the point in replacing a gearbox on a 15 year old car seeing the repair cost is more than the value as a whole - Pick up the phone and order a new Mira Sprint they are on sale at the moment £259 supplied and fitted 8.5 - Kw. We usually cover up 99% of previous fixings and make good any fixings we don’t.

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If you have a concealed mixer valve ( built into the wall ) then you are at the mercy of the manufacturers repair agent, that is if you know what brand you have fitted. When they go wrong you have little choice in getting it repaired if at all. We would not waste our time trying to identify the make of shower or trying to track down any part - the final bill would be astronomical. Best option NOT to have a concealed or built into the wall because if you do have to change it consider all the alterations required to tiles and pipes.  
Case Example : A customer called complaining their Mira 88 concealed shower was leaking from behind the face plate - asking further questions revealed that Mira was not prepared to service the valve because the customer recently had a combi boiler fitted - increasing the pressure on the GRAVITY FEED mixer valve creating the leak - You have to be aware of the consequences when making change of any kind ! So the upshot is they needed the valve dug out the wall to replace the valve with an high pressure valve.
Thinking of installing a new mixing valve ? Be sensible and opt for a surface mounted bar or mixer valve - easier to repair far easier to replace ! We install bar showers and mixers from scratch - surface mounted chrome pipe work or concealed pipes - Get in touch for a quote

Electric Showers - We deserve better than that !


There is quite simply a vast difference in terms of water volume and flow when comparing the output of an electric shower against the flow achieved by means of a stored hot water vessel. The highest flow from the most advanced electric shower you can expect will be a measly 4 litres per minute - using up tons of electricity whilst in the process.

Implementing stored hot water cylinders whether be a vented or un-vented system will greatly improve that flow rate.

An un-vented cylinder with stored hot water will push out the hot water more or less the same rate the cold water mains enters and replaces the hot being used - so probably around 1 bar pressure. The only small drawback the flow rate from this cylinder will be determined by the bar pressure available from the mains stop cock, low mains pressure will give low  flow-rate at the shower head.

Ever wondered why the old way of doing things usually turns out to be the best way ?


Vented hot water cylinders  and cold water storage tanks are available in all sizes and shapes, accommodating simple hot water at the taps to fill a sink or a bath - Then there is the opportunity for a truly awesome satisfying shower with lashings of hot water at the temperature and pressure you want. Hot water cylinders can be incorporated into your gas boiler system or stand alone with an electrical immersion heater. So a vented hot water cylinder matched with an appropriate sized cold water tank with an appropriate 3 bar pump should give you around the magical 15 litres per minute - That is a considerable difference from a maximum flow of 4 litres from an optimistic electric shower.
Drawbacks - Well you have a limited time under that waterfall using 15 litres a minute from a stored hot water vessel - 8 - 10 minutes will use up around 120 litres from a standard 120 litre size vented hot water cylinder - Solution to dial down the flow rate from the pump or  increase that cylinder size. Up to 400 litres of stored hot water can be achieved albeit for a large household.

Get in touch for a survey - We undertake adaptations to your current system or a bespoke design and installation.

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