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Electric Showers - We deserve better than that !


There is quite simply a vast difference in terms of water volume and flow when comparing the output of an electric shower against the flow achieved by means of a stored hot water vessel. The highest flow from the most advanced electric shower you can expect will be a measly 4 litres per minute - using up tons of electricity whilst in the process.

Implementing stored hot water cylinders whether be a vented or un-vented system will greatly improve that flow rate.

An un-vented cylinder with stored hot water will push out the hot water more or less the same rate the cold water mains enters and replaces the hot being used - so probably around 1 bar pressure. The only small drawback the flow rate from this cylinder will be determined by the bar pressure available from the mains stop cock, low mains pressure will give low  flow-rate at the shower head.

Ever wondered why the old way of doing things usually turns out to be the best way ?

Vented hot water cylinders  and cold water storage tanks are available in all sizes and shapes, accommodating simple hot water at the taps to fill a sink or a bath - Then there is the opportunity for a truly awesome satisfying shower with lashings of hot water at the temperature and pressure you want. Hot water cylinders can be incorporated into your gas boiler system or stand alone with an electrical immersion heater. So a vented hot water cylinder matched with an appropriate sized cold water tank with an appropriate 3 bar pump should give you around the magical 15 litres per minute - That is a considerable difference from a maximum flow of 4 litres from an optimistic electric shower.
Drawbacks - Well you have a limited time under that waterfall using 15 litres a minute from a stored hot water vessel - 8 - 10 minutes will use up around 120 litres from a standard 120 litre size vented hot water cylinder - Solution to dial down the flow rate from the pump or  increase that cylinder size. Up to 400 litres of stored hot water can be achieved albeit for a large household.

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