New shower installation  | New water supply pipe & isolation valve | New 8.5 Kw Mira Sprint Or Triton T80Easi   included 

Cash price from £349 - With new wiring total cash price from £599

Subject to satisfactory survey. We may have to charge £99 extra for a separate RCB module if there are no suitable extra fuse ways, SEE BELOW.

We install dozens of new installations every year and sometimes we discover better options than electric showers - For example a bath tap shower or a bar shower which offer better performance at a lower installation and running cost. see options below.

On a tight budget ?

We can install your wiring, ceiling or wall mounted isolation switch, cold water supply pipe+isolation valve and new Triton Perluso 7.5kw Or Hawaii 2 - 8.5Kw shower all supplied & fitted


Whats more we will fit 10mm wiring so you can upgrade your shower at a later date. Offer only applies to our 7.5kw Triton Perluso Or Triton Hawaii 8.5Kw - 12 months warranty. Offer does not include excessive trunking, cabling or plumbing.

Triton Perluso 7.5Kw

Triton Hawaii 2 - 8.5Kw

We may have to charge £99 extra for a separate RCB module if there are no suitable extra fuse ways on your consumer unit/ fuseboard.

How it works 

We fit your new shower unit to the wall and plumb in the new water supply pipe + isolation valve. We can recommend our approved Electrician to install the new wiring, mcb, isolation switch & building control notification with test certificate. Alternatively employ your own Electrician you choose.

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If you have a combi boiler  consider a bar shower or bath tap shower instead - Around half the price of an electric shower installation - superior water flow - more reliable ! 

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Got a bath and combi boiler ?

We can have you showering today from as little as £199

Fortec cylinder with a water tank built at the top.

Got one of these ? hot water cylinder with cold water tank on the top - This Fortec cylinder is usually found in flats or single storey dwellings, sometimes where there is low water mains pressure. Told not possible to have an electric shower or a bar or bath tap shower ?

We can get you at least a decent 10 minute shower from this cylinder with  a not too shabby flow rate ( better than an electric shower and works out cheaper than a full electric shower installation too ) Prices from around £599 supplied & fitted everything included ! Must already have a Fortec cylinder OR cylinder with a separate tank above.

We can help  send photos of the cylinder and your bathroom as many has you can from close up and far away via WhatsApp and we will quote for a new shower - 07914 008149