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FORGET JUMPING THROUGH HOOPS, making an account to get vague prices, You know a bombardment of emails will ensue. Here are our supply & fit prices - what you see is what you pay - We fit over 250 showers a year no trouble - Choose your shower - Call, WhatsApp or Email for fitting appointment end of story ! Steve

No Sub Contract Fitters Here !

Unlike most other outfits offering shower replacements - We are directly employed by YOU not through a third party like Check A Trade, My Builder, Local Heroes, Mira, Triton, Bark etc etc - These do not directly employ tradespeople they are middle men who sit in front of a computer pass the work on to desperate fitters and they all have to be paid !

We have a performance

Mira Sport 

for all situations including Multi Fit options that will replace any other brand shower.

Any Model SPORT Any Kilowatt Supplied & Fitted From £399 

Order Any Mira Sport today - 

We fit tomorrow

No waiting around for a week here !

What's more If we are already fitting in your area we can fit today.

Mornings & afternoons only.

We have been fitting these for the last 10 years and no requests for a replacement yet !

Our best selling ENTRY level electric showers

Birmingham Area Only For these 2 Showers

Triton T80 Or Mira Sprint

All one price !

Any kilowatt* 

Supplied & Fitted 


At this price is it really worth all the frustration and issues encountered trying to fit yourself ? Internal pipework/ electrical adaptations required which is included in our supply and fit price.

*We can only replace a typical 8.5kw with an 8.5kw shower, upgrading will involve extra expense.

Not suitable for medium/ hard water areas

Click here to find out why >

30amp old style non mcb board with fused cartridge 7.5Kw

32/40 amp mcb & 6mm wiring required for 8.5Kw shower.

40/50 amp mcb &10mm wiring for 9.5 & 10.8Kw models.

These do not have phased shutdown.

Pipe & cable adjustment may need alteration inside the shower to make sure this shower covers previous shower fixings which is included in our price.

The most popular showers in the UK without doubt  - We have worked hard to keep the prices of these down -

We have absorbed increased fuel prices.  

We have beaten up our suppliers and passed on our trade discounts  

Lowest professional supply and fit on these models Fact ! 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Take a quick look at these two in action - Play videos !

Turn sideways when viewing on your phone click expand


We have a premium Mira shower

that can replace any other brand showers with our conversion panel SO NO you are not stuck with sticking to an unreliable brand - Come take a look.

Been told you can only have 1 electric shower in your property ?

That is normally the case as 2 electric showers turned on the same time will OVERLOAD the fuse board and possibly blow the main incomer fuse... Not good !

Have up to three 9Kw electric showers per property with one of our specialist distribution panels installed - Perfect for larger dwellings - Landlords - HMO

Aqualisa Lumi  & Quartz

Premium Quality Electric Showers

Digital Smart Showers

We are pleased to offer this Mira Activate digital smart shower.

  • Single or dual shower head

  • High pressure combi boiler

  • Gravity hot water cylinder

  • Pressurised hot water cylinder

  • We have a variation of this digital shower to suit all situations.

  • Option to operate from your phone

  • No need to bury pipes in the wall !

Got a Combi Boiler ?
Convert your electric shower to a more powerful BAR  SHOWER




Black Country, 




 Staffordshire ?

Then you need a shower with Phased Shutdown

Our best selling PERFORMANCE shower

With Phased Shutdown 

Why this ? >

Tired of Cheap Tritons ?

Got a 40 amp mcb on your current shower ??

Time for a Mira SPORT 

4 litres per minute

9Kw Supply & Fitted £459 

9.8Kw Supply & Fitted £479

Better made - Better looking - Far more reliable - Best performance 4 - 5 litres per minute**Consider the UK's best selling electric shower.

  • Lasts 50% longer than other brands  
  • We have a Mira Sport for every situation 
  • Twice the average flow than entry level showers
  • Replaces ANY 7.5/ 8.5kw Shower & Above* 


Play Video - Mira Sport 9.8Kw Temperature set @40 Celsius.

Replaces all other brands

We can replace ANY 7.5 & 8.5Kw shower with this Mira Sport MF 9.0Kw £459 Supplied & Fitted ! * Must have suitable wiring and mcb - Call for details if not sure.** Summertime setting

*9.0Kw - 40amp mcb 6mm wiring. 

9.8kw 40/50 amp mcb 10mm wiring £479 Supplied & Fitted

Mira Sport Replaces your existing shower with ease, retrofits over 97% of all electric showers. Make showering safe for the family with anti-scalding SensiFlo technology. With pressure stabilised control for a constant showering temperature and all year round high flow performance with Opti-Flo.
Phased shutdown  

If you don’t already have a Mira then this is the one to have !

These are our STANDARD Mira Sports..

These will replace all other Mira showers.


Reliable electric shower with advanced pressure stabilised control, keeping temperature consistent. Separate power and temperature controls help fine-tune preferences. Push button start / stop for set and forget showering. Sensi-flo technology helps prevent scalding if the shower head or hose become blocked. Clearscale technology cuts limescale. Opti-flo optimises flow throughout the year.

  • Suitable for Cold Mains Water Only
  • Delivers 4Ltr/min at 0.7bar
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee (T&Cs Apply)
  • Push-Button Start & Rotary Flow Control
  • Manual Temperature Control
  • Riser Rail
  • 4-Spray Pattern Shower Head
  • Stabilised Temperature Control
  • Supplied & Fitted £399 ~ £469

Mira Sport Max 


The Big Boy

Up to 6 litres per minute

#Mira Sportmax + Airboost #Mira Sportmax + Airboost

Replaces Mira Showers 

A world-first for electric showers. Our patented Mira Airboost™ technology increases performance through the speed of water coming through the showerhead, increasing flow by up to 30% without using any more water.

9Kw 6mm wiring 40amp mcb  

10.8Kw 10mm wiring 40amp mcb

  • Suitable for Cold Mains Water Only
  • Delivers upto 6Ltr/min at 0.7bar
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee (T&Cs Apply)
  • Push-Button Start & Rotary Flow Control
  • Separate Controls
  • Riser Rail
  • 4-Spray Pattern Shower Head
  • Phased Shutdown

Mira Advance 


Child Friendly Thermostatic Control

Thermostatic Family and Elderly Care Showers Built To Last !

The BEST Family shower money can buy.

Built to last - Replaces Most Tritons.

Mira Advance

Our THERMOSTATICALLY controlled FAMILY shower. Suitable for young & old - We can set the maximum temperature to avoid any accidental scolding. 3 - 4 litres per minute Summertime setting

Mira Advance FLEX

Our THERMOSTATICALLY controlled Elderly shower. Suitable for Seniors - We can set the maximum temperature to avoid any accidental scolding. 3-4 litres per minute Summertime setting

Thermostatically controlled showers do not blow hot and cold when a tap is opened or a toilet is flushed.

Dual Head Showers

Choice of dual head showers including Multi Fits


Back of your shower look like this ?

So it has been tiled up to the sides only...

We can fix that with one of our repair panels !

We deal with this issue many times. Fitting a repair panel is second nature to us. We offer a choice of colours - Click Repair Panels below.

Bar & Mixer Showers

We can replace your bar or built in mixer shower.

We also undertake new installations including new pipework and mounting brackets.

Thermostatic Bath Tap Shower

We can replace your bath taps with our premium Bristan Thermostatic bath filling tap with our fixed rigid overhead rain kit and adjustable handset.

Perfect match with a combi boiler or unvented hot water cylinder or vented hot water cylinder with a pump.

5 year Bristan warranty on the tap - Not cheap Chinese import. Made in UK

Read our 300+ Fab Google Reviews !


Please test and ensure that the water can be turned off prior to our arrival.

Mira Sport Supply & Fit From £399 - Birmingham Worcestershire  Staffordshire Warwickshire  Black Country  

Shower Plumber - We Can Supply & Fit A New Shower + New Wiring + Plumbing From £749

Need a quote ? We will need the following information for a replacement shower - The brand of your current shower I.E. Triton Enrich, also the Kw rating if  known. Drop those details in the EMAIL BOX  below or via WhatsApp 07306 037690

Get an Instant quote !

By return WhatsApp or Text... No Need To Call - We understand there are some who become uncomfortable speaking on the phone.

Send a WhatsApp photo of your current shower Or send an email/ message photo and get an instant quote for the lowest supply and fit FACT - We charge way less than Mira or Triton fitting services. State the make, model & kilowatt rating if known. We have been supplying and fitting replacement showers professionally for over 10 years with over 300+ genuine google reviews. We have more experience than you can shake a stick at. Best prices - Best service - Best reliability record... we always turn up ! All our showers have a 2 year guarantee (Unless stated otherwise) * Offer only applies when we replace with one of our standard supply and fit showers.

WhatsApp & Text to  07306 037690 

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