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Shower Repair & Digital Showers

Are Shower Repairs A Rip Off ? 

If you have a concealed mixer valve ( built into the wall ) then you are at the mercy of the manufacturers repair agent, that is if you know what brand you have fitted. When they go wrong you have little choice in getting it repaired if at all. We would not waste our time trying to identify the make of shower or trying to track down any part - the final bill would be astronomical. Best option NOT to have a concealed or built into the wall because if you do have to change it consider all the alterations required to tiles and pipes.

We can replace a built in the wall shower valves (BIVS) when using a shower wall panel

Replace Mixer Shower >

Case Example : A customer called complaining their Mira 88 concealed shower was leaking from behind the faceplate - asking further questions revealed that Mira was not prepared to service the valve because the customer recently had a combi boiler fitted - increasing the pressure on the GRAVITY FEED mixer valve creating the leak - You have to be aware of the consequences when making change of any kind ! So the upshot is they needed the valve dug out the wall to replace the valve with an high pressure valve.
Thinking of installing a new mixing valve ? Be sensible and opt for a surface mounted bar or mixer valve - easier to repair far easier to replace. We install bar showers and mixers from scratch - surface mounted chrome pipe work or concealed pipes - Get in touch for a quote.

Electric Shower Repair It is far more economical to swap them out once the warranty period has passed. 

Triton for example will want £85 labour plus the parts & vat so expect around £150 - £200 Seriously ! Bear in mind another part may fail soon after - too late you have already fallen into the trap. Take a look at their customer reviews it does not make good reading. Triton showers used to last 10 ~ 15 years but they like most other manufacturers have realised the fact a returning customer every 2 - 4 years is far more profitable !  

Mira quotes a service call from £165 we are not sure what this includes but be sure this is a starting point.

Don’t really see the point in replacing a gearbox on a 15 year old car seeing the repair cost is more than the value as a whole.

Pick up the phone and order a new high performance Mira Sport, they are on sale at the moment supplied and fitted  - We usually cover up 99% of previous fixings and make good any fixings we don’t.

Digital Showers
We have removed and replaced Triton digital showers with standard shower units after homeowners had given up on unreliability and parts availability issues.

Consider our Mira Activate Digital Shower 

In our opinion these are the best of the bunch with options for pumped gravity feed or combi boiler high pressure

We are pleased to offer THIS Mira Activate digital shower.

  • Single or dual shower head
  • High pressure combi boiler
  • Gravity low pressure hot water cylinder
  • Pressurised hot water cylinder
  • We have a variation of this digital shower to suit all situations.
  • Option to operate from your phone !

#Mira Activate #Mira Digital Shower

Also consider a quality high performance

Mira power shower 

Our best selling shower without question

A little on the expensive side but customers appreciate the quality and reliability of these Sports.

Up to 5 litres per min@40C summertime setting.

This model will replace ALL OTHER brands

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