Our shower panels will cover over missing tiles found behind shower units -Perfect solution also create a splash of colour !

Does the back of your shower resemble this ?

So your old shower has been tiled around rather than behind - someone has used a block connector to extend the wires ? New replacement showers require a flat surface to fix to - otherwise your warranty is void ! The reason being that when the unit is fixed to an un-even wall the unit will flex and twist this may bind the switches making them stick in the on or off position or the casing will not fit correctly.

Quite often we come across this scenario where the shower has been tiled around the outside. Manufacturers look for this so they can renege on their warranty FACT !  We have a solution that avoids having to fill in the hole left by the previous shower.

We always replace any block connectors we find with a purpose made crimps and insulation sleeves.

Triton T80E + Panel supplied & Fitted - STAND OFF/ Flush mounted panels 

Panel + T80E Any kw shower £339

All our prices include the fitting.

No tiles behind your shower ?  This panel will level that out and give a vibrant splash at the same time too ! Average time to fit this panel and your new shower 2-3 hours

ONLY FROM US - We fitted this panel to cover over a large hole left from a previous shower ( Shower tiled up to the sides only ! ) So we cut and shaped the new panel and brought it forward from the wall using our chrome stand off legs, We then go on to manoeuvre the wiring and plumbing behind the panel and pop the pipe and cable through and make the connections.

Choose your colour red or white

Mira Sprint + Flush mounted/ raised panels
Any kw shower £379
All our prices include the fitting.


The stand off legs allow manoeuvring of the pipe and cable behind. Average 2-3 hours completion.

Mira Sprint + Back Panel + Rainkit

Mira Sprint + Rain Kit + Panel + Any kw shower £429

All our prices include the fitting.