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No tiles behind your shower ?

Or there are holes where the shower needs to be fixed ?

Showers need a firm base to fix to or the casing/ switches will bind and stick.

The shower manufacturer requires all fixing point are used or this may void their warranty.

We charge £59 extra when we fit any of our 420 x 300mm repair panels.

Our shower panels will cover over missing tiles and holes found behind shower units.

Does the back of your shower resemble this ?

So your old shower has been tiled around the outside rather than behind ? - someone has used a block connector to extend the wires ? New replacement showers require a flat surface to fix to - otherwise your warranty is void. The reason being that when the unit is fixed to an un-even wall the unit will flex and twist this may bind the switches making them stick in the on or off position or the casing will not fit correctly.

Our standard repair panels are surface mounted. We charge £59 per 420 x 300mm panels supplied & fitted. 
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Quite often we come across this scenario where the shower has been tiled around the outside. Manufacturers look for this so they can renege on their warranty FACT !  We have a solution that avoids having to fill in the hole left by the previous shower.

We always replace any block connectors we find with  purpose made crimps and insulation sleeves. 
Who else provides this service ?

Fitted today in Birmingham


New Triton Enrich 10.5kw plus a new 5mm acrylic repair panel. Flush to wall mounted.

We charge £59 extra when we fit any of our 420 x 300mm repair panels.

Look what happened today

Another example of professional fit.
I removed 15 year old Mira Sport front panel only to find no tiles behind ! See how I deal with this.

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So I grab an Opal panel from the van and fix to the wall covering over the hole. I re-configured the pipe work and wiring inside the shower to fit. Fitting the repair panel takes around 30 minutes to cut - shape and fix to the wall. Cost of the panel & fitting £59.

Total cost including the supply and fit TritonT80E & panel £308 - Who else provides this service ?

Another example of a previous shower with no tiles behind ! We fitted a new repair panel then fitted the new shower on the top. - We charge £59 extra for supplying and fitting the repair panel. We also extended the pipe and fitted an isolation valve.

Who else provides this service ?

Happened again... The old shower was actually glued to the wall - notice the holes left in the wall that pulled away the plasterboard when removing the old shower ! I fitted a new 5mm acrylic panel directly to the wall covering over the holes and mounted the new shower onto the panel. Only we go the extra mile fitting backing panels - £59 charge for cutting and fitting the panel.

Conversion Panels

Supplied & Fitted From £99

Triton shower removed -Tiles cleaned up
Pipe extended/ wire extended/crimped/heat shrink
New Mira Decor fitted on conversion panel

 This premium Mira Decor with our 10mm thick opal acrylic conversion panel will replace any other brand electric shower  

Available in 8.5 & 9.5kw & 10.5Kw power ratings.

Onyx Black/ Chrome- White/ Chrome - Warm Silver/ Chrome

White 10 x 420 x 300mm conversion panel. Get the lot supplied and fitted from

£408 8.5Kw model 

What is a conversion panel and why ? Other brand showers usually have the wiring and plumbing on the right side or water on left and wiring on the right - All Mira showers have the wiring and plumbing connections on the left side (Except Advance & Flex) Our conversion panel allows customers to specify a superior Mira Shower. 

We extend the wiring and plumbing behind the conversion panel thus eliminating removing tiles and re-routing wires and pipes and then making good refitting the tiles after. 

In an ideal world all showers would have connections on one side but that's asking too much ! 

Triton used to produce decent showers but not anymore - In my opinion,  based on shower fitting over the last 8 years.

Our 10mm thick opal acrylic conversion panel

  • Retain the high gloss finish
  • Strong and very rigid
  • Won't crack, split or fade
  • Re usable
  • Quality rust proof support legs

Mira Sprint All In One

Mira Sprint All In One

Mira Sprint All In One - We can replace ANY type of electric shower with our Mira Sprint and our purpose made 10mm thick polished acrylic back panel. It is mounted off the wall using 20mm rust proof stand off legs which allows re-routing and extending the water and electric supply BEHIND the panel. Also it will cover over cracked or missing tiles behind your current shower. This panel won't crack, discolour or warp. Get the whole lot supplied & fitted with a 2 year warranty - Panel size 10 x 750 x 500mm. Premium quality aluminium chrome plated large shower caddy guaranteed NO RUST - Will accommodate 3 x 1 litre bottles no trouble with hooks both ends to hang shower bottles or face cloths.
Get the lot supplied and fitting included any kilowatt Sprint £449

Other models available with our All In One Panels - Add £199 to the shower of your choice

Mira Sprint All In One Shower Caddy
NO RUST Shower Caddy Aluminium With Heavy Chrome Plating