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FORGET JUMPING THROUGH HOOPS, making an account to get vague prices, You know a bombardment of emails will ensue. Here are our supply & fit prices - what you see is what you pay - We fit over 250 showers a year no trouble - Choose your shower - Call, WhatsApp or Email for fitting appointment end of story ! Steve

Why you should choose us.

I have been supplying and fitting showers for over 10 years - With unparalleled fitting experience !

I advertise my fixed supply & fit prices so no adding extras when I come to fit your new shower

I have the LOWEST supply & fit prices which are monitored constantly - Some competitors ask astronomical prices when we price check them ! 

No fit - No Fee ! No sneaky call out charges or adding unnecessary extras.

I supply and fit the best brand showers - Mira | Triton | Aqualisa based on reliability/ performance & STYLE - No I don't receive any inducements.

Most other operators employ sub contract general plumbers or "Technicians" so you are paying extra for the hidden middlemen - Call centre operator & managers then the fitter all have to be paid ! - These types have no genuine interest in their employers/ sub contractors,  or the job they perform. Cut the lot of them out and deal with us direct... the actual fitters !

Only we cut, adapt and solder pipework & professionally alter wiring within the agreed supply and fit price - No extras !

We guarantee you will have your supply and fit shower on the first & only visit.

We fit showers only - and we love doing that - We don’t get distracted chasing after general plumbing - Allowing to clearly focus on what we do !

Don't be suckered into competitors offering £85 for fitting - They are charging you FULL RETAIL PRICE for the shower - and yet they are still more expensive than us !

What do customers look for when replacing or installing a new shower ?

  • Lowest prices
  • Quality work
  • No leaks left behind
  • Turn up and On Time 
  • Clean Up After
  • Competent & Insured
  • Approachable & Amenable
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

You are in very safe hands with Shower Installations

We consist of a fully time served plumber and electrician - Fully qualified & insured, with a wealth of unrivalled shower fitting experience - not some johnny come lately like Mira or Triton or other pretenders ! In fact we started the supply and fit shower service back in 2013 when no-one else did ! Whatsmore, we offer far more than other "shower installers" for starters we developed our shower conversion panels and repair panels, only from us... until others start copying our model again. We fit all brands and types so there are no conflicts here for example don't expect Mira to come and supply and fit a Triton - Or solder new pipe connections - extend wiring.

Well we got all the above covered so no reason not to give us a call right ?

We got plenty of chat and enjoy customers that want to sit and chat while we fit your new shower - Must have tea though. We won't sulk if you decide to leave us to it but don’t forget the tea - Unlike other nervous types who just want to close the door so you cannot see what they are doing :0/  

Take a look at some of our more problematic jobs recently undertaken, we always get the job done & done right !


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