Our supply & fit prices are considerably lower than Triton & Mira - Call them for a quote & see !

ALSO - We don't run away claiming "I'm only a Technician" when soldering pipe work or extending wiring are required 

Yes that is what these companies " Technicians" do | They only want to replace the same model with identical. 

We have expert knowledge & SKILLS to switch brands and models !

Deal of the Week

Triton T80E+ Mira Sprint ANY kw Supplied & Fitted  £249

LOWEST Supply & Fit Price Anywhere !

Offer supersedes all other offers found elsewhere on site or online. Made in UK.

This is a swap for your broken electric shower only.

*Isolation switch may need replacing if worn.

Triton T80E+

Our Mira Sprints 

 will replace 99% of ALL electric showers if professionally fitted.

These are our REPLACEMENT showers only -

We fit over a 150 of these Sprints every year !

Supplied and fitting ANY kw £249

2 Year Guarantee - Push-Button Start / Stop

3-Setting Rotary Power Control - Rotary Temperature Control

Riser Rail - Multi Mode Spray Pattern Shower Head

All Kw of these showers in stock fitted today. Made in the UK.

Mira Sprint

We fit over 250 replacement electric showers every year 

We only install showers, that's all we do ! 

Remember this before asking elsewhere - NOBODY has more expertise or experience especially where adjusting pipe work/ cables within the shower unit - Professionally undertaken and at NO EXTRA CHARGE ! 

Send a WhatsApp or text message for a fitting appointment  07914 008149

READ our 230+ genuine Google reviews on link bottom of this page.

Let's get started !

Mira Sport

Replaces ANY 8.5kw Shower

Supply & Fitted From £399

Better made - Better looking - Far more reliable - 

Best performance 4-6 litres per minute

Fed up replacing your shower so soon ?

 Consider the UK's best selling electric shower

Lasts 50% longer than other brands - We supply and fit all variations of this shower 

We can replace Any 8.5Kw shower with this Mira Sport 9.0Kw **

£399 Supplied & Fitted !

This is £30 Off Our Regular Price ! - We stock all variations of Mira Sport - Whilst stock lasts  ** Must have suitable wiring and mcb

Exclusive Only From Shower Installations

Our Multi Fit Showers...

Mira Azora 4Ltr/Min@.7Bar - Multi Fit
Mira Decor 3Ltr/Min @1bar - Multi Fit

These luxury Multi Fit showers will replace ANY other shower !


Fitted today in Selly Oak - This Mira Azora -  Come take a look, play the video.

These Mira Azora are very popular at the moment - Premium quality frosted glass front with chrome fittings - High performance - Play Video !

Mira Sprint All In One + No Rust Shower Caddy

We can replace ANY electric shower with our All In One Mira Sprint

Fitted today Kings Heath This Triton Benito was installed with new hot and cold water supplies in the cupboard behind. I removed and isolated an old electric shower and fitted a panel to cover over the holes and previous fixings. We convert from electric showers to bar showers on a regular basis as customers realise that a combi fed bar shower will give up to 4 times more flow than electric. Also a well maintained boiler gives trouble free hot showers every day - Ask for a quote to convert to a far more reliable bar shower or thermostatic bath tap shower.

Our Triton Benito supplied and fitted with new pipe work - Supplied and installed Bar shower and new pipework from £408 - Completion 3 - 4 hours.

Looking for something different ?

Take a look at our Mira electric showers with rain kits - Also our all in one shower panel - 

Perfect solution for covering over broken or missing tiles.

*Isolation switch may need replacing if worn.

Click images to ENLARGE

Power shower replacement

We can replace your broken power shower

Power shower + Rain Kit

Got a Combi Boiler ?

Consider a new

Bath Tap Shower Set

Consider a Thermostatic BATH TAP shower set 

Half the price of a new electric shower installation - 

3 times the performance ! Great for Combi Boilers.

Click images to ENLARGE

We can replace your single or bridge mixer bath taps with our THERMOSTATIC bath taps with 2 and 3 piece shower kits - Must be able to remove bath panel and isolate the water supplies - Suitable for combi boilers or pumped hot & cold water.

Thermostatic  taps DON'T blow hot and cold when another tap is opened or toilet flushed.


Got a Combi Boiler ?

Consider new

Bar & Mixer Showers

Consider a Thermostatic BAR shower set

Half the price of a new electric shower installation -

3 times the performance ! Great for Combi Boilers

Click images to ENLARGE

If there is no shower at all in your property then don't waste your time installing an expensive electrical installation - Electric showers are less reliable than boiler showers FACT - Only 1 third the pressure !  All you need is a combi boiler 

2 ~ 3 times more flow from our thermostatic bath and thermostatic bar showers when compared to electric showers !

Thermostatic bar showers and thermostatic bath tap showers don't blow hot or cold when another tap is opened.

Have a leaking concealed in the wall mixer valve ?

Built in shower face plate removed

Or a shower tower with blocked jets or leaking valves ?

Cannot identify brand or parts not available ?  

Supply & Fit Electric Showers in the West Midlands by a respected Shower Installer - See Prices

Mira Sports SUPPLY & FITTED From £399 - Triton T80 £249 - Mira Sprint £249 BEST PRICES !

PLEASE NOTE: We cover 35 Mile Radius of Birmingham B145YS - We charge 60p per mile after first 70 miles round trip - Must have parking directly outside or we cannot attend. FULL details on our T&C's Page

Our 200+ reviews are based on fitting showers 

NOT selling them.

Mira Showers  Supplied & Fitted - Triton Showers Supplied & Fitted

Birmingham & West Mids number 1 supply and fit shower installer FACT

Chat with me direct on WhatsApp - share photos and ideas - 07914 008149

We are changing

Our new company name is now Shower Installations Ltd and are no longer called or registered at companies house as Bogs & Taps Ltd. Why the change ? We started trading in 2013 offering toilet and tap repairs & general plumbing, over time we focused on installing new and replacement showers of all types only and therefore our original business name is no longer relevant.

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