New electric shower with fitting included from £179 !

Let’s make life simple - We carry on our van Mira Sprint & Triton T80E+  electric showers in ALL kilowatt ratings from 7.5  - 10.8Kw ~ What's more they will replace ANY other brand of electric shower, If one don't quite fit the other one will ! 

Any of these 2 models any kw 

Supplied & Fitted 


£259 ~ £289

Mira Sprint - Triton T80Easi+

Call to replace with one of these showers fitted today !

Steve - 07914  008149


We have a large choice of showers to choose from


Your broken electric shower out
of manufacturer warranty ?
It costs less to replace with a new
shower with a new 2 year warranty 
Waste money on quick fixes if you want but you will soon be back for more expensive repairs.

PLUMBER - New Shower Installer & Broken Showers Replaced

Your local shower expert !

All Types Of Showers Supplied Fitting Included.

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Happened again... This shower burned out the terminal because the cable was not tightened to the correct torque - this causes arcing resulting in higher temperatures that ends up melting out the terminal - This is how fires start !

Click on image to enlarge

I reposition & re solder the water supply pipe into the vertical position, Strip back the damaged electrical cable to the undamaged segment. Note the holes in the wall where the wire and pipe exited were silicone sealed to avoid water ingress AND to stop any sparks igniting any insulation in the wall or allowing a backdraft , another example of PROFESSIONAL FIT.

Pipe re-soldered - Holes sealed
New Mira Sprint 8.5Kw

The replacement took  around 2 hours and the job cost £269 including the 8.5Kw shower, labour and materials. Get in touch to get one of these Mira Sprints supplied and fitted - Although extra work was involved, we stick to our agreed price  

Call  OR WhatsApp Steve 07914 - 008149


oh uh... it's happened again !

Click or Pinch to ENLARGE
Click or Pinch to ENLARGE

Common sense tells us that it is NEVER a good idea to tile AROUND an electric shower.

So I fit a new acrylic panel and new high pressure hose which replaced the unsightly copper pipe.

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Job completed - Total cost of the new Triton Enrich 10.5kw and our acrylic panel came in at £318 fully fitted. Needless to say this option saved on time and labour costs digging out that mess and fitting tiles. Only we at Bogs & Taps travel the extra mile fitting back panels, another example of PROFESSIONAL FIT 


Got a hot water cylinder ?

Take a look at our ultimate shower package - New Triton thermostatic bar + over head rain shower + One of our exclusive 10mm thick opal acrylic shower panels + A quality branded brass 2 bar shower pump - All this with a 5 year warranty on everything !

Perfect for hot water cylinders with lashings of hot water giving around 10 litres per minute - compare that to around 2 litres per minute from an electric shower !


Got a Combi boiler ?

If you got a combi boiler consider a 

Thermostatic bath tap shower set 


 Thermostatic bar shower
Half the price of a new electric shower installation - 

TWICE the performance !

Thermostatic Bath Tap Shower Set
Thermostatic Bar Shower

If there is no shower at all in your property then don't waste your time installing an expensive electrical installation - Electric showers are less reliable than boiler showers FACT - Only half the pressure !  All you need is a combi boiler 

2 ~3 times more flow from our thermostatic bath and bar showers when compared to electric showers !

Thermostatic bar and thermostatic bath tap showers don't blow hot or cold when another tap is opened.


New Electric Shower Installation. 

New wiring, plumbing & shower included.

We can install a new electric shower installation from scratch including choice of shower, new wiring, switches, isolation valve, pipe work and test certificate.


Want an electric shower but been 

told the water pressure too low ? 

Here is an option !

Please test and ensure that the water can be turned off prior to our arrival.

Thinking of a new electric shower installation ?

Watch this video before doing that...

Mobile viewers... Turn sideways

All In One Showers
Only available from
Bogs & Taps !
Triton Pirlo All In One Bar Shower & Opal Panel

Covers over previous showers OR built in wall mixer valves

All In One Thermostatic Bath Filler Shower Kits

The only shower you will ever need ! Perfect for combi boilers.

All In One Electric Shower & Opal Panel

Covers over previous shower fixings OR where previous shower was tiled up to the sides only.


Sick of replacing 

electric showers ?

If you have a combi boiler or hot water cylinder we can convert you painlessly 

to a bar or mixer shower with no mess ! 

Superior to any electric shower - More flow - More reliable full stop.


Supply & Fitted

 Bar Showers 

Broken Bar or BUILT IN WALL shower replaced
New shower + pipework  
+ mounting brackets


Got a leaking concealed in 

the wall mixer valve ?

  Cannot identify brand or parts not available ?  

Built into the wall mixer valve with faceplate removed

a lot of stuff going on there !


Thermostatic Bath Filler Tap + Showering Kits 

Our thermostatic bath tap showers DON'T blow hot and cold when other taps are opened !

Fitted in Selly Oak - take a look !

If you have a combi boiler & bath consider this... 

the only shower you will ever need !

This kit only available from us !


Power showers 

New & replacement supply & fitted

Got a hot water cylinder with 

a cold water tank above ? 

Consider a new power shower installation. 

We run and connect new  hot and cold pipes from the hot water cylinder

 and from the water tank in the loft.

Our power showers will pump out 8 - 10 litres of hot water per minute compared

 to 2 - 3 litres achieved from an electric shower.


Some of our completed jobs...


We offer the best value & the very best service - Only we extend pipes and cables inside the 

shower unit where needed no moans or excuses fact.  

Our 190+ genuine google reviews will confirm that we care - see our fabulous reviews on the link below !

We supply & install new and replacement showers

Electric | Bar | Pumped | Power | Bath Tap Shower Sets.

All our prices include the shower and installation .

We replace well over 250 broken showers 

per year with a 99.9% success rate!


Bespoke shower curtain support rail 

Made on site supplied & fitted from £159


Our 190+ reviews are based on fitting showers 

NOT selling them.

Read 0ur valued 190+ Customer reviews

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