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Have a care shower no longer needed and set too low on the wall ?

Or your shower is set too far over to the right or the left ?

Or your old shower is tiled around the sides only ?

Or you want to change your brand of shower but the pipework or electrics are on the wrong side ?

Or have a broken built in the wall mixer shower beyond repair ?

Our All In One Shower... Mira Sport with an industrial look 2mm thick aluminium 5 bar check plate panel. 1000 x 650mm

We can address all those issues when we fit one of our 1/3 ~ 1/2 ~ 3/4 & full length shower wall panels. We have various lengths and widths of non conductive aluminium panels that allows us to break tiles, reposition pipework and electric supply before we bond our attractive shower panel. 

Other sizes special order.

We offer a choice of 5 bar checkaplate for an industrial look or brushed anodised aluminium for a refined look. These are solid 2mm thick aluminium sheets cut and profiled to order.


We also offer our beautiful 1.5mm thick anodised* brushed aluminium wall panels

Our beautiful easy clean brushed anodised* aluminium shower panel.

*What is the purpose of anodising aluminium sheets?
The major purpose of anodising is to improve the following properties in the metal that's been anodised, these properties include: wear resistance, corrosion resistance, surface lubricity*, heat dissipation, dielectric (non-conductive) properties, adhesion, and aesthetics.

*Does not leave smudges - Easy clean surfaces.

These panels blend perfectly with surrounding tiles being only 1.5 & 2mm but immensely strong when bonded to the wall. This is a highly skilled job and will take 3 - 4 hours to complete.


Already have your electric or bar shower you need professionally fitted ?

We can do that… Our charge is £149 payable in advance.

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No shower at all ?


Water pressure too low for an electric shower ?

Quick Supply & Fit Shower Selction

Our top 3 multi fit electric showers will replace any other electric shower. We carry all variants of these on the vans for immediate fitment.

Triton T80E
Mira Sprint
Mira Sport
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