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Shower pumps supply and fitted - New installations & replacement pumps - Prices on our site.

Negative or Positive head pump - What type do you need ? SEE diagram below

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The ultimate shower kit

5 Year warranty on the whole lot.

Shower panel + Bar shower + Rain kit + Premium Shower Pump from £1999

Get this premium shower kit with everything included - the panel can be fitted up to the ceiling and the hot and cold supply pipes from the quality pump can be hidden behind the panel giving an elegant clean look to any bathroom. Get around a whopping 10 litres per minute of hot water from the overhead rain kit. The 10mm thick Opal acrylic panel will not crack or discolour and is very easy to clean with just soapy water and a rinse. Get this whole kit. We can mount the panel flush to the wall if there is access behind the wall for the new pipe work OR we mount the panel 20mm off the wall using stainless pegs and run the pipes down between the panel and the wall from the loft to the bar shower. Supplied and fitted from £1999

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What's in the kit 

Quality 10mm thick Opal panel 1500 x 500mm

Premium 2 bar shower pump ( Runs up to 2 showers )

New 22 & 15mm pipe work & isolation valves throughout

Premium Triton bar shower set with rain kit

5 year warranty on everything

New electrical pump connection + Certificate

Subject to a survey - bathroom and cylinder must be on the same floor with loft access above. Must already have a hot water cylinder and a cold water storage tank above the cylinder ideally in a loft.

Our 10mm thick opal acrylic panels

  • Retain the high gloss finish
  • Strong and very rigid
  • Won't crack, split or fade
  • Re usable
  • Quality rust proof support legs


Our Quality Budget positive Head Shower Pump & Triton Mersey Bar Shower Installation

Get the lot supplied & fitted From £1150

Price subject to satisfactory head height between bottom of loft cistern and top of shower head. See diagram below.

Salamander Positive Head Pump

The cold water cistern must already be on a raised platform in the loft for this system to work.

What's in the kit

  • Salamander 1.5bar twin impeller positive head pump
  • Cylinder dip tube connection
  • New 15mm pipe work throughout
  • Triton Mersey thermostatic bar shower
  • Twin hot & cold pipe work with bar mounting brackets
  • 4 Isolation lever valves
  • Electrical junction box & test cert.
  • 2 year warranty shower & pump

Pipe work dependant on your hot water cylinder layout - Up n Over OR directly through the wall connecting direct to back of bar shower ports.

This is our Quality Budget 

Replacement Positive head pump

We replace your broken positive head pump

The CT50 Xtra is suitable for conventional showers. These pumps come with a standard 3 year warranty which can be extended using Salamander's "PumpWise" Warranty. See attached document for further information.

Replaces pumps with 15mm pipe work


Supplied and fitted 1.5 bar £349 

Positive Head Pump

Must have isolation valves fitted to the 15mm supply pipes leading onto the pump. We charge £139 extra for draining down the system and  fitting 4 isolation valves if there are non already in place.

Traditional premium shower pump Negative Head replacement 
We replace your old broken pump with a quality replacement.

Note we do not use plastic pipes or push fit connectors leading up to the pump. Rigid copper pipe with soldered connections keeps everything straight and upright. For new installations a fused spur or plug socket is installed by our electrician which will be included in our quote.

You will need a hot water cylinder already in place similar to below in order for us to fit a hot water pump ! Replaces pumps with 22mm pipe work

 We supply and fit premium branded replacement shower pumps from around £749 - We replace your pump with a quality brand pump not cheap £80 d.i.y. pumps ! ( new pipe work, valves, dip tubes etc charged extra ) Photos are of a recent undertaking by us - We used a quality branded brass pump with 22mm supply & feed copper pipes and full bore isolation valves. 

Negative Head Pump

Replacement shower pump set from £749 supplied & fitted [We replace your existing failed pump] depending on choice of pump and layout. We use quality materials and premium products. Call for a survey. Must already have a tank & cylinder in place. Pipe work alterations extra ( full bore isolations valves or cylinder dip tubes etc ) We can fit a quality shower pump for your existing bar or mixer shower  - We will need to survey the system you have in place and quote you accordingly.

Our premium replacement Negative Head shower pumps  

straight swap with your existing pump.

Positive Head Pump

Shower pump replaced + new 22 & 15mm pipe work. Total cost £949

We can fit this quality Salamander Or Grundfos replacement negative head shower pump set  starting from £749. We will need to survey the existing pipe work and any valves. We charge extra for any new pipe work or fitting FULL BORE isolation valves.

Replaces pumps with 22mm pipe work

We use quality materials and premium products. Call for a survey. Must already have a tank & cylinder & pipework in place otherwise charged extra for a new cylinder + pipework and storage tank installation.

Bar Shower And Negative Head Pump

How about this Mersey thermostatic bar shower + a quality 2 bar negative head shower pump

Get the lot supplied & fitted £1350

What's included

  • Triton Mersey Bar shower
  • Premium Grundfos twin impeller pump 2 bar
  • New 22 & 15mm pipe work installation throughout
  • Cylinder connection dip tube
  • New electrical circuit + certificate
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty on shower and pump

Negative Head Pump

Must already have a tank & cylinder in place.

Boosts hot and cold to bar or mixer showers only.

Bar Shower & Negative Head Shower Pump

How about this Benito bar shower with rain fall + a quality brass 2 bar shower pump 

Get the lot supplied & fitted £1500

What's included

  • Triton Benito Bar shower + rainfall kit
  • Salamander twin impeller brass pump 2 bar
  • New 22 & 15mm pipe work installation throughout
  • Cylinder connection dip tube
  • 4 x Full bore lever isolation valves
  • New electrical circuit + certificate
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty on shower and pump

Negative Head Pump

Twin impeller pumps - first impeller  boost hot water from your hot water cylinder and second impeller boost water from the cold water storage tank, both hot and cold boosted water is normally pumped to a bar or mixer shower only.  Our 2 bar pump ideal for a single bar shower shower. Our 3bar pump ideal for whole house hot water to all taps & mixer shower/ bath tap shower.

Positive Head Pump

New twin impeller Positive Head shower pump set installation

Boosts the flow of your existing bar or mixer shower.

Premium brass impeller housings - Superior to plastic housing pumps.

All new pipe work from the existing cylinder & tank. depending on choice of pump and layout - supplied & fitted from £949

Straight swap with your failed pump from £599

Fit to your existing 22mm pipe work.

Negative Head Pump

New single impeller Negative Head shower pump set installation

Increases the hot water flow to your bath - kitchen tap - basins - mixer/bar & bath tap showers

All new 22mm pipe work from the existing cylinder. depending on choice of pump and layout - supplied & fitted from £699

What is Positive and Negative Head ?

Positive Head

This type of pump needs a minimum head pressure of at least 3ft 3ins (1000mm) between the base of the cistern and the shower head. This is because it relies on a gravity feed of water to kick start the impellers and start pumping hot and cold water. This type of shower pump ‘pushes’ the feed of water to the shower. See diagram for positive head shower pump.

Negative Head

In this situation the height between the base of the cistern to the top of the shower head is Less than the required 1000mm head pressure to trigger the pump - For example the cistern may be 500mm above the shower head. In this instance you will require a Negative Head Pump

Positive Head Pump

Ever wondered why your cistern is on a platform up in the loft ? This is to allow the minimum 1000mm head pressure to operate your shower. These days we don't have to build platforms in the loft when we use a Negative Head Pump.

Not sure which pump is suitable ? Send us a video of your hot water cylinder and location of your cold water storage tank ( above the cylinder in same cupboard or in the loft/attic ) Also a video of your existing pump if you require it to be replaced.

What is Up 'n' Over ?

Up 'n' Over means taking new pipe connections from your boiler or taps - Up into the loft and Over above new shower and down the wall connecting to the bar shower finishing in chrome pipe. Or if the shower location is on the ground floor the pipes would go up the wall then under bedroom floorboards and back down to bar shower where feasible. Extra charges would apply for under floorboard installations.

What is local to boiler ?

Local to boiler means that the boiler may be inside a cupboard next to your bathroom where we can go directly through the wall and pipe up direct to your shower, or we may draw off a new hot and cold from a hand basin or from under the bath.

We recommend fitting a thermostatic mixing valve to your EXISTING bath filler tap shower, this will be fitted to the pipes under your bath - Thermostatic mixing valves give a constant even temperature, also only the hot tap has to be opened giving the ideal set temperature every time. Supply and fit thermostatic mixing valve only - £249 When already fitting a pump. Must have access to pipes under the bath. 

Must be able to turn off hot and cold water supplies.

Alternatively we can supply and fit a new thermostatically controlled bath tap shower at the same time we fit your new pump - Taps here >