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FORGET JUMPING THROUGH HOOPS, making an account to get vague prices, You know a bombardment of emails will ensue. Here are our supply & fit prices - what you see is what you pay - We fit over 250 showers a year no trouble - Choose your shower - Call, WhatsApp or Email for fitting appointment end of story ! Steve

Shower Plumber - Pumps & Bar Showers

Got a hot water cylinder with a water tank above ?

You may have a separate boiler or just the hot water cylinder that heats the water using electric similar to below

If you have a bath we can fit for you a single hot water pump to your hot water cylinder and boost the hot water pressure - We also replace your bath taps with a  bath tap shower. You will also get increased pressure to all your other hot water taps or bath tap only (subject to locality of bath) - this solution will give you around 10 litres per minute - electric showers only manage 2-6 litres per minute.

Quality thermostatic bath tap shower 

Quality hot water booster pump


What you get for this option 

  • Grundfos single impeller pump
  • Premium Bristan thermostatic bath tap shower
  • Quality shower set
  • New cylinder hot water connection boss
  • Electrical test certificate
  • Optional whole house pumped hot water to all taps
  • The whole lot supplied and fitted £1699 
  • 2 year warranty on the pump
  • 5 Year warranty on the bath tap.


Bar Shower

Single impeller 2 bar negative head pump + Bar Mixer Shower + Quality shower set

Don't want a bath tap shower ? Consider a new pump and a bar shower instead 

What you get for this option is a new quality single impeller pump - Triton Benito thermostatic bar shower + over head rain kit -  electrical test certificate.

We boost the hot water from the cylinder with the pump and connect the cold side of the shower to the mains cold water supply.

The whole lot supplied and fitted £1599 - 2 year warranty on the pump and bar shower.

We include a dedicated hot water draw off cylinder boss with the shower pumps offered on this page

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