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FORGET JUMPING THROUGH HOOPS, making an account to get vague prices, You know a bombardment of emails will ensue. Here are our supply & fit prices - what you see is what you pay - We fit over 250 showers a year no trouble - Choose your shower - Call, WhatsApp or Email for fitting appointment end of story ! Steve

Buy Electric Shower With Fitting Included From £299

New Mira Shower

Mira Electric Showers Here

Mira Electric Showers Supplied & Fitted

Don't know the make or kilowatt of your current electric shower ? 

Fine... We carry all kilowatt ratings of our top 3 multi fit electric showers on the van -  Decide when we visit which one is most suitable and we fit there and then simple as that !

We carry all 2 models - All Kw ratings on the vans  - Call for your quick fitting appointment now - 2 Year guarantee.

No messing around making unnecessary pre-inspections - We replace literally 100's of showers every year - Read our fab reviews.

All we ask is that the stopcock works ! Please test it is not seized -

We cannot help if you do not know where the stop cock is or it is seized up.

Bear in mind although our top 2 showers are multi fit - We on most occasions adapt the plumbing or wiring inside the shower unit which is included in our supply and fitted price.

We guarantee shower replacement on our first visit when you choose one of our top 3

No messing around making unnecessary pre-inspections - We replace literally 100's of showers every year - Read our fab reviews. 

We carry all these models on the van for immediate fitting !

Mira Sprint - Multi Fit

Supplied & Fitted Any Kw £299

Replaces ANY Other Brand Shower

Our most reliable entry level shower !

This shower available Birmingham area only

Two Year Guarantee - Our Mira Sprints will replace ANY electric shower if PROFESSIONALLY FITTED. We in most cases cover old fixings - We usually adjust the pipework & fittings or wiring within the shower. Made in the UK. These are our REPLACEMENT electric showers only - We remove your broken electric shower & replace. Delivers 2 - 4 litres per minute @ 40 Celsius. *Summertime setting

30amp old style non mcb board with fused cartridge 7.5Kw

32/40 amp mcb & 6mm wiring required for 8.5Kw shower.

40/50 amp mcb &10mm wiring for 9.5 & 10.8Kw models.

 These do not have phased shutdown

More about phased shut down >

Pipe & cable adjustment may need alteration inside the shower to make sure this shower covers previous shower fixings which is included in our price.

Also consider this Mira Sprint Dual Multi Fit

We have fitted many of these & our customers love em !

9.5Kw Supplied & Fitted £399

10.8Kw Supplied & Fitted £439

Our Mira Sprint/ Jump Dual is available in 2 kilowatt sizes, These showers will replaces ANY other brand electric shower. 10mm wiring & 40/50amp mcb required.

Delivers 3 - 4 litres per minute @ 40 Celsius Summertime setting

Order Any Mira Sport today - 

We fit tomorrow

No waiting around for a week here !

What's more If we are already fitting in your area we can fit today.

Mornings & afternoons only.

Mira Sport MF 

Replaces all other brand showers.

Premium Shower

Sports last 15 years on average based on our shower replacement re-newels (Replacing what we have previously fitted) The phased shutdown feature on Sports really do prolong the life of the shower. 

More about phased shut down >

Our 9Kw Mira Sport MF
can replace any 7.5 & 8.5kw electric shower if you have a 40 amp fuse | 3 - 4 litres per minute@ 40 Celsius* Phased ShutdownSupply & Fitted £459

Our 9.8Kw Mira Sport MF
can replace any 9.5kw and above electric showers (40/50 amp fuse,10mm cable)
4 - 5 litres per minute @ 40 Celsius* - Phased Shutdown. Supply & Fitted £479
Mira Sport out perform other brands and last longer due to quality parts FACT* Summertime setting


All Areas

Perfect for all soft/ medium/ hard water areas !

We have been fitting these for the last 10 years and no requests for a replacement yet.

Not seen what you want ? 

We have a large choice of replacement showers to choose from click more showers


See our recent jobs It’s important to ensure you are employing a competent person not an idiot !