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Sick & Tired Replacing Electric Showers ?
Convert your electric shower to a surface mounted bar or mixer shower.

Bar showers - 2 times more water pressure than electric - Far more reliable.

Model shown 1500 x 500 Opal panel with Premium Triton Benito/ Pirlo shower set overhead rain kit 

Electric shower removed,  wiring capped off. New hot water supply pipe work from boiler included

Supplied & Fitted from £1399

Perfect for combi boilers or hot water cylinders with a pump

No Mess ! Completed same day.

  •  We remove the electric shower 
  • isolate the electric supply. 
  • We then go on to install hot and cold supply pipes down from the loft or through the wall and clip to the wall. 
  • We then go on to fit our 10mm thick Opal panel to the wall using our stainless steel stand off fixing legs. 
  • We then drill and fit your new bar shower to this panel. 
  • Our panels are 500 x 1500 mm in size and will cover over any previous shower and fixing holes. 
  • Suitable for over the bath or inside a shower cubicle. 
  • All pipework and previous fittings are concealed behind our panel 
  • Perfect solution to making good old fixings to your tiles.
  • Our panels will last a lifetime  
  • 10mm solid acrylic panels will not crack, split or discolour
  • Choice of shower


We include a choice of premium quality Triton showers with our new panels.

Our panels are Opal colour with an opaque look giving a quality look and feel. 

 Standard Premium Triton bar shower 

+ 1500 x 500 Opal panel 

Supplied & fitted from £1299

Benito/ Pirlo

We can fit this system to hot water cylinders if we add a shower pump or there is a pump already in place - also suitable for unvented high pressure cylinders ( Usually large white cylinder )  Our panels will last a lifetime - 10mm solid acrylic panels will not crack, split or discolour - Perfect for any shower.

We can supply and fit this panel with a choice of quality Triton bar shower along with new supply pipes from £1299 

Never worry about replacing unreliable electric showers every few years again.

These panels are substantial so a sound plasterboard/ solid wall tiled or untiled will be required.

Not convinced ?  TBH it's probably the initial cost that is off putting but consider this - Bar showers last far longer than electric - far superior flow. You are investing in the supply pipes,  panel and mounting brackets that will last a lifetime and the ease of low cost DIY replacement of the bar mixer at the end of life 10 -15 years

Let's be clear electric showers do not last 10 -15 years anymore on average 2-4 years is the norm - due to plastic parts and to be blunt people overheat the showers when not following the manufacturers instruction for example all showers have a duty cycle - 15 minutes maximum use - 45 minutes to cool down or the plastic parts tend to soften and expand to excess then contract in turn fail much sooner than they should.

Offers are subject to a satisfactory survey - Must already have in place a combi boiler or hot water cylinder, tank and pump or pressurised hot water cylinder - Not sure ? send a video of your heating system via WhatsApp showing the pipes entering & leaving your boiler or cylinder - video of the bathroom all round top to bottom nice and slow and we can give you a provisional quote same day via WhatsApp.

Model shown 1500 x 500 Opal panel with Premium Triton Benito/ Pirlo shower set overhead rain kit Supplied & Fitted £1399 - Standard Premium Triton bar shower + 1500 x 500 Opal panel supplied & fitted £1299

Got a built in shower valve that cannot be repaired ?
We can dig out that old mixer valve and use the existing pipes
and connect up to our panel and new bar shower supplied & fitted from £1199


Still not convinced ? No mad panic - We have a choice of replacement electric showers in stock ready to fit straightaway - follow the link below !