Shower Replacements - Midlands

Cubicles - England & Wales

Some of our shower videos Come back to see some more videos soon !

Shower cubicle installations are towards the bottom of the page.

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New installation Mira Sport Max 10.8Kw

Mira Sport + Aluminium Shower Wall Panel

Replacement Mira Sport 7.5Kw

New Installation Mira Sprint 10.8Kw

Replacement Triton T80E 8.5Kw

Replacement Mira Sprint 9.5Kw

Replacement Mira Sport MF 9.8Kw

Replacement Triton Aspirante 8.5Kw

New Installation Shower Pump & Bar Shower

New Installation Thermostatic Power Shower

Replace built in wall mixer with bar shower.

Replacement Mira Decor 10.8Kw + Conversion Panel

Replacement Standard Mira Sport 10.8Kw

Another bodged shower installation rectified.

Bath refurb - New Tiles - New Bath Tap Shower

Replacement Mira Jump 7.5Kw

Replacement Triton Enrich Black & Chrome 9.5Kw

Some of our shower cubicle installations - Come back to see some more videos soon !

Rotten Shower Cabin Replaced With Cubicle + Tray + Bar Shower + Wall Panels

Another rotten shower cabin replaced New Cubicle+Tray+Bar Shower+ Wall Panels

Bath Replaced Full Length Cubicle + Tray + Bar Shower


Floor mounted tray with drainage issues !

Replacement Cubicle + Shower Wall Panels


Replacement shower cubicle - Mira Leap + New Floor Tiles