All In One - Shower - Panel - Rain Kit

Only from us ! These premium quality 10mm Opal acrylic panel will make a design statement for those who say all showers look the same. Our panel is fixed to the wall using aluminium legs that allow us to fit this shower in ANY position within your shower cubicle or over bath. 

This is our Mira Sprint with our All In One panel - We can cover over previous fixings and holes also we can raise or lower the height of the panel on the wall to suit you. Notice the shower riser rail and handset are fitted to the panel giving a pleasing aesthetic appeal. We incorporate an overhead rain shower concealed behind the panel making the whole installation look less busy with no second hoses flailing about the wall. We are promoting this Mira Sprint All In One at the moment with a reduced price £429 ( £50 OFF ) supplied and fitted with a two year warranty - In turn we would ask for permission to take some promotional photos after fitting.

Mira Sprint All In One


High gloss easy clean panel - We use a 10mm solid acrylic panel mounted to the wall using aluminium pegs which allows us to make all pipe and wiring adjustments from behind.

Mira Sprint + full back panel + overhead rain kit - Get the whole lot supplied & fitted £429 - This a promotional price with £50 already discounted. Conditions apply.


Mira Decor All In One

Mira Decor Onyx Black + Full Size Opal Panel & 152mm Rain Kit

Mira Decor in Warm Silver

Mira Decor + full back panel + overhead rain kit - Get the whole lot supplied & fitted £559 

Note how the shower riser rail is also fixed to the panel giving an aesthetic look.
We can fit any shower from our stock in any position when we use this quality panel. The overhead rain kit is formed on site which offers the ability to adjust the length of the arm to suit the situation. Panel size 10 x 500 x 750mm

We can replace ANY other brand shower regardless of pipe or wiring position when we use our ALL In One Panel - Ideal for replacing where no tiles behind previous shower or holes from previous fixings are visible - Perfect for new bathrooms - We have electric showers in white - black - silver - white/ silver - take a look at our regular showers page. Our 10 mm premium opal acrylic panels will not crack - split - fade or warp.


Mira Sport

This Sport will deliver up to 4 litres of hot water per minute which is far more than any other shower on the market. Premium quality materials with reliability built in. This shower is the best you can possibly get. With our full panel we can replace ANY electric shower.

Premium quality 152mm rain shower head included
Reliable Chrome Diverter Valve.
Quality Chrome Showerhead
High Gloss Panel

Mira Sport + full back panel + overhead rain kit - Get the whole lot supplied & fitted £619 


This All in One shower panel will look great in a new bathroom or to replace a built in the wall  unrepairable mixer valve

All In One Bar Shower Panel