Our All In One Shower Panels

This All in One shower panel will look great in a new bathroom or to replace a built in the wall  unrepairable mixer valve.

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Mira Sprint All In One

Mira Sprint & Plus Size Panel We can replace ANY type of electric shower with our Mira Sprint and our purpose made 10mm thick polished acrylic back panel. It is mounted off the wall using 20mm rust proof stand off legs which allows re-routing and extending the water and electric supply BEHIND the panel. Also it will cover over cracked or missing tiles behind your current shower. This panel won't crack, discolour or warp. Get the whole lot supplied & fitted with a 2 year warranty - Panel size 750 x 500mm.
  Get the lot supplied and fitting included  any kilowatt 

Other models available with our All In One Panels

Triton Enrich All In One S & F £359 - £379

Triton T80E + All In One S & F  £449

Mira Sprint All In One S & F £449

Triton Aspirante All In One S & F £499

Mira Decor All In One S & F £529

Mira Sport All In One S & F £589

Mira Sport Max All In One S & F £599


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