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Conversion Panels

Our 10mm thick acrylic panels allows us to migrate cables & pipes in all directions when the panel is mounted to the wall.

Most Triton, Gainsborough, Aqualisa showers have wiring and plumbing on the right hand side or cable on left, sometimes plumbing on right, all kinds of combinations ! All Mira showers have wiring and plumbing on the left side (Except 1st generation & Advance)

We mount the panels on pegs or bond direct to the wall.

Mira Sprint All In One

750 x 500 x 10mm Acrylic panel plus a new Mira Sprint supplied and fitted from £699 ( Caddy not included )

Mira Sport Max+Airboost + Conversion Panel

Choose the shower you like and if it won't match up with existing pipe work or power cable... not a problem, we can still fit using our conversion panels.

Another example where the wiring and plumbing were on the right which would not allow fitment of the Mira SportMax... So we fitted our conversion panel and made it all possible.

Mira Decor with our 10mm thick acrylic panel.

Our 10mm thick panels won't warp, crack or split - Waterproof, Reusable and aesthetically pleasing.

Mira Azora + Conversion Panel

Mira Decor + Rainkit + Conversion Panel


420mm x 300mm x 10mm panel covers all size electric showers. We cut and shape the panel to fit all brands. Supplied & fitted conversion panels £149 plus your choice of electric or power shower.

We bond the panel directly to the wall or screws and caps which may involve removing existing tile/ plasterboard but will be covered over with our standard 420 x 300 panel or larger size panel dependant on the situation.

We fitted this panel for our customer who loved the Mira Decor shower but the wiring and plumbing was on the wrong side... Our conversion panel made this possible and the customer was delighted with the outcome !

Our All In One Shower... Mira Sport with an industrial look 2mm thick aluminium 5 bar check plate panel.

This immensely strong aluminium panel will cover almost the entire width of your bath (650mm) and measures around 1000mm in length which allows us to centre up your shower and hide old fixing holes in the tiles. Furthermore we can re-route the water and electric cable before we bond the panel to the wall. This is a skilled job and will take 3 - 4 hours to complete.

Cost of this panel with all pipe & cable adaptions and a new Mira Sport Max shower will cost £749 

Panel only supplied and fitted £269 + choice of one of our supply & fit showers.

We can also offer this 650 x 1000mm panel in solid 3mm thick brushed aluminium with a new Mira Sport Max £799