Conversion Panels
Fit ANY electric shower

Our 10mm thick acrylic panels allows us to migrate cables & pipes in all directions when the panel is mounted 20mm off the wall.

Most Triton, Gainsborough, Aqualisa showers have wiring and plumbing on the right hand side or cable on left, sometimes plumbing on right, all kinds of combinations ! All Mira showers have wiring and plumbing on the left side.

Mira Sprint All In One + Shower Caddy

Mira Sport Max+Airboost + Conversion Panel

Choose the shower you like and if it won't match up with existing pipe work or power cable... not a problem, we can still fit using our conversion panels.

Our 10mm thick panels won't warp, crack or split - Waterproof, Reusable and aesthetically pleasing.

Mira Azora + Conversion Panel

No need to break tiles and making good when your supply pipe or electric cable needs adjusting. All pipes and cables are discreetly manoeuvred behind the mounting panel and pop through the panel to make connections inside the shower cover.

Mira Decor + Rainkit + Conversion Panel


Here we extend the wiring & plumbing before we fit the conversion panel. We use crimps and heat shrink on the cable extensions.

Our panels are mounted on rust free mounting legs in a spun aluminium finish. 420mm x 300mm covers all size electric showers. We cut and shape the panel to fit all brands. Supplied & fitted panels £99 plus your choice of electric or power shower.