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Who can legally replace your shower ?


No qualifications are necessary, swap it yourself if the pipe work and wiring are on the same position. There are too many self interested bodies trying to imply only electricians can swap a shower - This is not true ! The wiring is simple as rewiring  a plug -  Always turn off or pull the fuse on the shower circuit before attempting any shower replacement - Turn off the water doh !

Upgrading Up may need the wiring and mcb upgrading depending on what size cable and fuse you already have in place - Our electrician covers that and issues a test certificate and notifies Building Control at the Council on your behalf so no further action is needed by you.

New Installation will require a new electrical circuit direct from the fuse board - Our electrician covers that and issues a test certificate and notifies Building Control at the Council on your behalf so no further action is needed by you.

We have 10 years experience exclusively replacing/ upgrading or installing new installation electric showers,  our knowledge is second to none regarding what can and can not be undertaken when providing the aforementioned services.

You are in very safe hands with Shower Installations

We consist of a fully time served plumber and electrician - Fully qualified & insured, with a wealth of unrivalled shower fitting experience - not some johnny come lately like Mira or Triton or other pretenders ! In fact we started the supply and fit shower service back in 2013 when no-one else did ! What's more, we offer far more than other "shower installers" for starters we developed our shower conversion panels and repair panels, only from us... Also specialist electrical boards that allow us to fit up to 3 electric showers per property safely... until others start copying our model again. We fit all brands and types so there are no conflicts here for example don't expect Mira to come and supply and fit a Triton - Or solder new pipe connections - extend wiring or fit a shower cubicle.

Already have your electric or bar shower you need professionally fitted ?

We can do that… Our charge is £149 payable in advance.

The shower you are providing us to fit must be like for like and a compatible replacement for your existing shower.

If you have supplied the incorrect type of shower we will endeavour to offer you an alternative shower from our van on a supply and fit basis + 10% of our advertised supply and fit shower prices.

If you decide not to accept our compatible offering we reserve the right retaining the original £149 fitting charge to cover our time and travel expenses. If you decide to go to your merchant to exchange your shower for a compatible shower we would charge a further £149 to re-attend and fit, We will not sit and wait for the item to be exchanged.

If you are supplying an electric shower it is you who assumes responsibility to ensure the wiring and water supply are in the same position as your existing electric shower, You have supplied an electric shower with the same kilowatt rating.

If we do not have an alternative replacement our agreed customer supplied fitting charge will still apply to cover our time and travelling expenses.

We do not offer customer shower fitting service for mixer showers buried in the wall, that service is offered on a supply and fit basis only.

We will not advise you what shower you should buy because we do not know the kilowatt rating of your existing shower also we take into account that your shower may have been previously bodged to make it function. This is the risk you are taking when you supply the shower. We also charge for re-attending if the shower you have supplied proves to be faulty from the box,

We reserve the right to retain money paid if:

  • Your isolation switch is defective causing your shower not to work.
  • Your wiring is faulty due to faulty mcb or loose wiring
  • Wiring terminals are burnt out
  • You have provided the wrong type, kilowatt size or a faulty product

Extra Charges :

We will charge and additional £20 to extend wiring terminals inside the shower unit, this is a highly skilled job and would cost over £100 to call in an electrician.

Will will charge an additional £20 for additional pipework inside the shower unit where necessary to connect to the water inlet on your new shower. These charges are already included if you were to order one of our Supply & Fit Showers

We are attending to replace your shower not to address any faults on the electrical circuit, switches, boiler etc.

There are many variables to consider that may not be taken into account when supplying your own shower just to save a few extra pounds, is it really worth the trouble ?

Alternatively our supply and fit showers offer less hassle or frustration when choosing the correct type of shower and works out at a similar price to fit only, We guarantee fitment on the first visit. Take a look at our supply and fit showers… click on the link below for our Supply & Fitted electric or bar showers.


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