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Shower Plumber - Bar Showers & Pumps Fitted

Got a hot water cylinder with a water tank above ?

You may have a separate boiler or just the hot water cylinder that heats the water using electric similar to below

If you have a bath or shower cubicle we can fit for you a single hot water pump to your hot water cylinder and boost the hot water pressure - We also install a bar shower. You will also get increased pressure to all your other hot water taps - this solution will give you around 10 litres per minute - electric showers only manage 2/3 litres per minute

What you get for this option is a new quality Grundfos single impeller pump - choice of bar shower - quality shower set - electrical test certificate.

The whole lot supplied and fitted £999 - 2 year warranty on the pump and bar shower.

Want a bath tap shower and pump ?