Shower Replacements - Midlands

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Looking for a new shower FULL installation

new plumbing, wiring or drainage etc ?

First of all let's look at what water system you have so we can recommend the best shower that works for you.

Identify the type of boiler you have in place and choose the options compatible listed below each boiler type.

Not sure what type of boiler you have ?

Combi Boilers

They have 6 or more pipes exiting from underneath or above., or any combination thereof. 

Gives Instant hot water when tap is opened 
No separate hot water cylinder in place 

combi boiler

Primary Boilers

The boiler usually have just 2 large pipes exiting from the top of the boiler or sometimes from the bottom - Usually a circulating pump and control valves attached to these pipes.

You have a large Vented hot water cylinder + cold water tank above, Usually blue or green cylinder.

Boiler + Tank + Hot water cylinder

If you have a boiler and stored hot water cylinder with a cold storage water tank above (Primary Boiler) then choose one of the options that is compatible with this type of boiler 

Unvented hot water cylinder

Most new homes have a pressurised hot water cylinder

Usually white

Has an expansion vessel above, usually red

Perfect for a bar shower | Digital Shower - They are usually controlled by a primary boiler or electric only.

Hot water cylinder only with tank above

  • There may be a separate gas boiler
  • You use electricity to heat up the water
  • Large water tank above the cylinder - Plastic or metal
  • Cylinder may have blue, green or beige foam insulation
  • May have large red insulted jacket


Fortec type cylinder

  • There may be a separate gas boiler
  • Usually heated by electric only
  • Water tank built in above hot water cylinder
  • Cylinder may have blue, green or beige foam insulation
  • May have large red insulted jacket

This type of hot water cylinder is usually found in high and low rise flats Or you have very low mains cold water pressure.

Low water pressure

We use a quick test to establish water pressure... enough for an electric shower, Put your thumb over the spout on your bathroom basin tap and open fully, If you can stop the flow then you surely have low water pressure and would not expect to fit an electric shower - If you get soaking wet then you are in ! There are other options besides electric, get in touch for advise.

Still not sure what system you have ?

Send us some photo's - A picture says a thousand words !

We can receive photo's and questions via WhatsApp 07306 037690