No Shower At All ?
Consider A Wall Mounted Bar Shower Or A Deck mounted Bath Tap Shower

A Bar Or Mixer Installation

New pipe work and a choice of premium bar or mixer valve   click here  >>


Deck Mounted  Bath Tap Filler + Riser Rail Shower Kit

Replace your existing bath taps with a choice of quality bath filler showering kits - shower screens - shower tracks & curtains.     click here   >>


Not sure what type of boiler you have ? 

Combi Boilers have 5 or more pipes exiting from underneath or above.

Primary Boilers usually have just 2 large pipes exiting from the top or sometimes from the bottom - There usually is a separate circulating pump and hot water cylinder+ cold water tank above.



If you have one of these FORTEC cylinders with the water tank directly on the top - we can get you a decent 10 minute shower  from this cylinder !

These cylinders are usually found in single storey dwellings such as bedsits or flats - Direct immersion heater or indirect heating coil via a gas boiler or both.

Sometimes installed in low mains water pressure situations

A full installation including choice of bath tap shower or bar shower + specialist pump from £899

Subject to satisfactory survey


Fed up with electric showers or have low water pressure & don't have a gas boiler ?

This system can be run from an electric supply only 

We can supply and fit an hot water cylinder - Cold water storage tank -  with or without a pump (depending on the layout) - Bar shower or a bath tap shower.

Ideal for flats - single storey dwellings. Lashings of reliable hot water with superior flow at least three times the flow rate of an 8.5 kw electric shower ! 

Our complete kits start from £1899 fully installed

- Including electrical supply to immersion heater - timer for the immersion heater - cold water feed tank and support - pump wiring & plumbing - choice of bath tap shower or bar. shower. 

This shower set up although more expensive than an electric installation will last many more years with far better reliable performance. Call for a free survey.


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