No Shower At All ?

Consider A Wall Mounted Thermostatic Bar Shower 


A Deck Mounted Thermostatic Bath Tap Shower

Triton Mersey
Triton Asana Sequential Mixer
Triton Tyne
Triton Vivace

Deck Mounted  Bath Tap Filler + Riser Rail Shower Kit - 

Replace your existing bath taps with a choice of quality THERMOSTATIC bath filler showering kits 

Thermostatic Bath Filler Tap & Shower

Thermostatically controlled taps don't blow scalding hot or freezing cold when another tap is opened or the toilet is flushed !

Not sure what type of boiler you have ? 

Combi Boilers have 6 or more pipes exiting from underneath or above., or any combination thereof

Primary Boilers usually have just 2 large pipes exiting from the top or sometimes from the bottom - There usually is a separate circulating pump and hot water cylinder+ cold water tank above.


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