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We can transform your bath shower from this to this no trouble !

Bristan Artisan

So the rest of your bathroom is in good condition...but the shower area around your bath has taken a battering !

What's included ?

  • Remove the old tiles or tile over with quality large format tiles, 
  • Clean up the bath re silicone all round 
  • Fit a new Bristan thermostatic bath tap shower + rain kit
  • Or electric shower*
  • Fixed shower curtain pole with mini bath screen or hinged bath screen.
  • Waste removed

Price assumes there is a sound wall after tile removal

Re-boarding if required will be £200 - £350 extra charge. 

Average cost for this type of refurbishment is around £2200

See this shower in action on our video page >

Only a couple rows of tile above your bath preventing you from using your bath has a shower bath ?

Not a problem - We can tile above what is already there up to the ceiling - This type of upgrade will cost around £1975 which includes new large format tiles above existing row, new premium thermostatic bath tap shower or quality electric shower* mini glass screen + fixed shower no rust no snag curtain pole or hinged bath screen.

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* Must already have electrical wiring and switch in place or £485 extra for new electric shower wiring circuit and test certificate - Tiling for bathing area only not full bathroom

See this shower in action on our video page >

This is another recent bath shower upgrade we completed.

We added 5 rows of tiles and border tiles above the existing two rows - removed the bath taps and replaced with a thermostatic bath filler with 2 piece shower kit.

New no rust no snag curtain pole along with a mini bath screen to catch any water that may creep behind the shower curtain. This refurbishment came in at £1975 fully installed.

Waste removed.

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Some of our neutral tiles...

Neutral meaning not offending the eye or going over the top ! Click or pinch to expand images.

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Send us a video of your bathroom and after studying what you send we can formulate some options and send you a written estimate, If you agree in principal we will firm up the estimate with a survey and confirm what we estimated into a Quote. Simple !