Supply & Fitted Pumped Electric Shower

This shower is the perfect solution where there is low water pressure in your home  ~ Standard electric showers require .7 ~ 1.0 bar pressure to work effectively.

So how do these differ from electric showers ? They work the same way except that the water supply comes from the cold water tank above in the loft attic and pushed through to the heating element via a pump built inside the shower unit. The water is heated up as it passes through the shower like normal electric showers.

What is involved  with this system - First of all a cold water tank will need to be installed at ceiling height or inside the loft - This replaces the cold water mains supply. We will need to install a new circuit direct from your fuse board 10mm wiring along with an isolation switch - Or we can use an existing shower wiring circuit.

Triton T80Si 8.5Kw

We can replace your broken Triton pumped electric shower with this Triton T80Si 8.5Kw from £499

Mira Elite

Replacement only

 Mira Elite supply and fit.   

£529 ~ 9.8kw  

£549 ~ 10.8kw

FULL INSTALLATION - We include a quality Mira 10.8Kw pumped electric shower with our full installations - Full installation including cold water storage tank fitted on a platform in a cupboard or in the loft with a new water supply pipe to fill the tank, New pipework from the tank to your new Mira Elite electric shower. New wiring circuit from your fuse board with a mini circuit breaker, pull cord or wall mounted isolation switch,  electrical certification, building control notification  

£ 1399 - £1699

If you already have a hot water cylinder with a cold water tank above then you are half way there already ! This will reduce the cost of a full installation considerably - Call for survey.

Alternatively if you have a hot water cylinder with a separate cold water tank above it... consider a new power shower installation