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Thermostatic control or non thermostatic control ?

So what happens when a tap is opened or a toilet is flushed when using a THERMOSTATIC bath filler tap shower set ? The temperature stays the same... but the water pressure will drop a little, that's it !  

NON thermostatic bath filler taps require manual adjustment when using - the temperature will fluctuate  hot or freezing cold and pressure drop when another tap or toilet is used.

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Our All In One thermostatic bath tap & fixed shower kit

All In 1 Thermostatic Fixed Bath Filler Shower Kit Tap legs may differ from photo

Get this All In One thermostatic tap and fixed shower kit supplied and fitted  £499

Perfect for combi boilers | pressurised hot water cylinder | hot water cylinder with tank and pump. 12 month guarantee.

Asmara All In One.

All In One Bath Tap Shower Set

Thermostatic Asmara bath filler tap shower + Overhead rain can + Quality riser rail and hand shower. 

Supplied & fitted £549  2 year guarantee.

Our Best Selling Standard Thermostatic Bath Tap Shower Set

Standard thermostatic bath filler & shower set Tap legs may differ from photo supply & fit.
This thermostatic bath filler tap shower gives a far superior pressure and flow than ANY electric shower. Perfect for combi boilers or hot water cylinders with an additional pump. Supplied and fitted. 1 year guarantee backed by us !

Supplied & Fitted - £367 

Thermostatically controlled taps don't blow hot or 

freezing cold when another tap is opened or the toilet is flushed !

Swap your bath taps with this quality standard 

Bristan bath filler tap + shower kit.

 A VERY popular alternative to electric showers if all you have is a bath - Costing 2 thirds less than the price of a new electrical installation, bath showers makes financial sense. We will add a quality Bristan rail riser kit plus extended hose with this kit.  Bristan taps are a quality UK manufactured brand. Replace you bath taps with this bath filler plus multi mode handset, soap dish. 2 year guarantee - £329  Fitting included.

Thermostatic model £449 Supplied & fitting included.

Swap your bath taps with this  bath filler tap and shower kit that are a VERY popular alternative to electric showers if all you have is a bath - Costing less than half the price of a new electrical installation, bath showers makes financial sense. 

Lever Bath Filler Tap & Shower Tap legs may differ from photo
Cartridge Lever Tap Tap legs may differ from photo

A quality wall mounted rail riser bar with multi mode shower head and soap dish included with this kit !

Standard model £299 - Fitting included.
12 months guarantee
Thermostatic Model £429 Supplied with fitting included 

This traditional standard type  bath filler with handset is ideal if you suffer from banging pipes when you open and close the tap - with full turn handles allow you control the speed of the flowing water when you open and close.

Classic style bath filler tap and shower set Tap legs may differ from photo
Tap legs may differ from photo

Old fashioned style 12 months guarantee £329 - Supplied with fitting included.

Thermostatic model £449 Supplied & Fitting Included.  

NEW - This HIGHEST quality standard  bath filler and shower & premium showering kit. This TOP quality Asmara  bath filler - Mixer shower comes complete with top quality riser handset and soap dish. MUST HAVE ACCESS TO PIPES UNDER YOUR BATH to enable us to swap this quality unit with your taps. Ideal with combi boilers.

Taps in closed position

Multi mode shower head + soap dish - £349 Supplied & Includes fitting.

2 year guarantee.

Thermostatic model £489 Supplied with fitting included.