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Our Shower Wall Panels

10mm Gloss White Acrylic Shower Wall Panel With Bright Trims

  • Highest level of hygiene
  • Easy clean surface with soapy water and squeegee
  • High impact resistant - Will not warp, crack or split
  • Far less maintenance - Retains colour  
  • Lasts a lifetime - Edges finished in bright trims
  • Maximum height 2200mm width 1300mm
  • New surrounding tiles can easily butt up flush to the edges
  • Permanent solution - Guaranteed no leaks ever
  • No grubby grout lines to maintain
  • Shower wall panels or tiling is for shower cubicle area only.

Typical cost for our 10mm thick acrylic shower wall panels

1.87 square metres for each corner wall ( 850mm x 2200mm ) @ £279 per SQM 1.87 x 2 = 3.74SQM x £279 = 

£1043.46 Average cost per corner cubicle

See video with our 10mm cast acrylic shower wall panels.


Our beautiful 10mm thick solid acrylic panels

Super smooth glossy finish makes these panel so quick and easy to clean down with soapy water and a squeegee - Guaranteed to keep it's brilliance for many years. No danger of cracking or splitting like cheaper panels. 100% waterproof 100% hygienic !

Choose your wall tile combination... 

Choose same tile pattern throughout or half and half - Why matt finish ? They don't highlight water droplets after showering. Consider one wall tiled 2nd wall shower panel or two wall panels.

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Supplied & fitted shower walls tiled £199 per square metre. Supplied & fitted. Shower cubicle only.

90 x 90cm cubicle tiled walls ( Floor to ceiling both corner shower walls ) typical cost 4.8 Sq/M x £199 = £955.20 -  *Shorter height will cost less.

Twin wall shower panels... 

Don't do it  

they are cheap to buy and are rubbish. The walls are that thin they become brittle, crack and split - hot water from the shower will speed up the decay - We come across these panels quite often when replacing electric showers and have to be extremely careful not to crush them when fixing a new shower to the wall.

Why fit shower wall panels ?

We removed an ill fitted cubicle and tray and was surprised to see 2 tiles drop off the wall until we realised all the wall along the bottom of the stud wall had rotted away taking the sole plate with it.

IF you have a drip from your tray... do not ignore it, it is usually far worse underneath (especially floor mounted trays) with unseen water destroying your floor and ceiling structure !

Replace your cubicle today or replace later with new flooring, structural supports and a new ceiling below

Our shower wall panels avoid all this so get in touch for a first class installation, expertly fitted using premium quality materials.

All our shower panels are solid construction not cheap hollow twin wall pvc !

Can we repair rotten walls, floors, supporting wall frames ?

We price our jobs assuming that walls and floors are in sound condition. We allow a certain amount of time and labour to complete our cubicle installations. Repairing walls and floors will knock back our very busy schedule. We will be offering repairs but bear in mind labour and materials will be a separate charge. It would not be possible to quote a repair until we discover what we are quoting on. For repairs to the shower cubicle area only. We suggest an additional budget £250 ~ £400 to reinstate rotten walls and floors.

See a recent job with our acrylic shower wall panels.

Our Cast acrylic shower wall panels are cut to size to match the size your shower cubicle plus approx 5 -15cm overlap outside cubicle each side and above. Only 2 shower panels are used - one for each wall (Corner showers) ****We fit the panels behind the shower tray ensuring no leaks ever.10mm solid thick cast acrylic panel available in super gloss white.



Send us a video of your bathroom and after studying what you send we can formulate some options and send you a written estimate, If you agree in principal we will firm up the estimate with a survey and confirm what we estimated into a Quote. Simple !

Typical example of one of our trays fitted with a custom made raised platform.

We ply line the walls before fitting our 3mm acrylic shower wall panels - this firms up and levels the finished wall. Alternatively we use 5mm thick acrylic panels bonded direct to previous tiled surface or direct to the wall.

Note that the ply sheet (when fitted) and shower panel is fitted behind the tray which allows us to apply a 40mm deep silicone seal topped off with a secondary seal along the top edge of the tray.

When choosing the tiled wall or Mermaid panel option there is no need for the ply sheeting to the walls, but we still tile down to the floor.

Note we fit a solid 18mm ply base with heavy duty legs to fully support the tray. 

Why we love platform mounted trays

  • Easy access to shower waste if it gets blocked
  • Easily locate and identify any issues such as leaks
  • Less likely to crack, sag or drop.

Click or pinch to expand.

Typical example of a tray mounted on a tiled floor.

What is the advantages ?

  • Tiled floors are very rigid when fitted correctly.
  • Easily achieve a low level access.
  • Lower installation costs.
  • No awkward looking cuts around the perimeter of the tray, ideal for curved trays.

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Shower wall panels... 2 sides only (3rd wall is extra) Choice of panels available - Mix and match your panels or tiles

Did you know - We can complete most cubicle installations over a week end ? Subject to a survey and 2 - 4 weeks notice

Construction of stud/ false walls are charged extra - 4 x 2 timber frame with plasterboard board surface @ £149 per/sq/m - Tiling/ panelling extra  

Online Estimates 

We have many requests for quotes and to be straight forward, we don't have time running round giving quotes just to be used for price checking hence we give accurate estimates here online - No two outfits quote exactly like for like so it is not in our interest to chase after a maybe. If you are genuinely in need of a new installation then please send a video.

Take the trouble to send a video and we will take the trouble to send you a choice of shower cubicles with Estimated Prices, final price subject to a full survey.


Send a WhatsApp video of your bathroom - All round top to bottom nice and slowwww - Also clear video/ photo of your boiler showing the pipework - A clear photo of your fuse board with lid open showing mcb fuses - and your choice of cubicle/ shower package from above. We will examine what you send and formulate an estimate in principal prior to a full survey. WhatsApp 07306 037690

Play video to see what we need to know !

* We use premium quality silicon on our corner seals which will easily last 5 -10yrs+ they will ultimately need replacing which is very easy to replace on smooth wall panels.**Must have shower wiring already in place for any electric shower or £350 for new cable supply and test certificate. Walls inside cubicle tiled in lieu of shower wall panels similar costs. We fit cubicle extension profiles when fitting panels behind tray. Expansion joint in lieu of grout when tiling up to edges of shower panels.


Cost of NEW INSTALLATION shower cubicle and tray supplied & fitted ? 

Shower cubicle fitting costs UK Shower enclosure costs UK

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