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Only we go the extra mile...

Got an un-repairable or obsolete built in shower valve like the type below ? 

Got a Shower Tower ? Can't find parts nowhere or don't know what brand it is ?

A typical built in mixer valve - face plate removed
An awful lot going on inside that wall !

Built in shower removed - pipes re configured to point outwards - new premium 10mm acrylic Opal White panel fitted over the previous valve location. A new easily replaceable bar shower - Makes perfect sense when comparing to concealed shower valves buried in the wall !

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We can help by replacing that troublesome built in valve with a quality surface mounted bar shower with NO visible disruption to your surrounding tiles using our unique premium quality Opal Panels. Suitable for over bath or shower cubicles.

Over bath.

Shower Cubicles. 

These cast acrylic panels are solid 10mm thick -  and are far superior to flimsy pvc wall panels that crack and turn brittle.

They are fully water proof, the high gloss finish will not fade and a very easy to clean also with the manufacturers minimum guarantee they will be just as good in 10 years time.

  • Rot proof

  • Shatterproof

  • Do not become brittle

  • Retains colour

  • Easy to wipe down

  • Less mess than digging out the old shower and reinstating new tiles

  • No hunting round trying to match obsolete/ discontinued tiles.

  • Never have trouble replacing or repairing that shower ever again !

  • No new tiles or tiling required.

  • Ideal for hiding surface mounted pipes hooked up to existing bar shower

  •  Stand off mounting

Our 10mm thick opal acrylic panels

  • Retain the high gloss finish
  • Strong and very rigid
  • Won't crack, split or fade
  • Re usable
  • Quality rust proof support legs

Standard sizes panel

50cm x 150cm suitable for covering over holes left after removing buried into wall mixer valves.

Our charge for digging out your old mixer and adjusting/ soldering new pipe connections, fitting the new acrylic panel, fitting one of our premium surface mounted Triton bar showers  £1071 - £1171

Model Shown Triton Pirlo 1500 x 750 panel - Total supplied and fitted £1171

Choice of bar shower included with our shower panels.

So how do we do it ?

We first of all cover the bath or cubicle tray with protective sheeting - We then isolate the water and break out the tiles around your existing valve and remove the mixer. Most importantly we then cut and re position the hot and cold inlet pipes turning them to face outwards at the correct distance ready for fitting the new shower, test for any drips. We fit a blank panel over the previous hole & we go on to fit your new panel over the new pipes - Fit the new shower and test for performance.
Alternatively we can isolate the old valve - fit the new panel and bring down from the ceiling two pipes ( hidden behind the new panel ) and attach to your new bar shower.
Rubbish generated from removing old tiles/ plaster/ packaging will be bagged and placed outside your property ready for you to dispose of.

The complete job should be finished within 4 - 8 hours with minimal mess. Fully installed Opal Panel and one of our premium Triton surface mounted bar showers included  £1071 - £1171 fully installed depending on a satisfactory/ size of the new panel & survey Or some photo's via WhatsApp

Call to arrange for a survey and quote - Steve 07914 008149