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Why Should You Choose Us ?

First of all we have more genuine Google reviews than anyone else BY FAR providing shower fitting services. For this reason alone we deserve your business.

Anyone can sit and sell showers and receive reviews. We go out and fit showers and EARN our reviews.

We do not use Trusted trader - Check a trade - Rightio, Local heroes, Mira or Triton etc for the reason we don't buy or sell leads or pay
for reviews - We don't see why paying middlemen that increases prices and no benefits for the customer.

We exclusively fit showers and been doing so since 2013.

We complete full installations such as electrical wiring, pipe work, pump installation - Unlike others who just look for a quick buck swapping out what you have.

I have over 40 years plumbing experience and know all the do's and don'ts and insist on doing the work correctly.

Our prices are published because we stick to them simple as that.

Our prices along with our expertise are second to none - Shop around and we will speak later !

We always stick to our appointments and always on time - our reviews will confirm that.

You are in very safe hands with Shower Installations

We consist of a fully time served plumber and electrician - Fully qualified & insured, with a wealth of unrivalled shower fitting experience - not some johnny come lately like Mira or Triton or other pretenders ! In fact we started the supply and fit shower service back in 2013 when no-one else did ! Whatsmore, we offer far more than other "shower installers" for starters we developed our shower conversion panels and repair panels, only from us... until others start copying our model again. We fit all brands and types

So there are no conflicts here for example don't expect Mira to come and supply and fit a Triton - Or solder new pipe connections - extend wiring.

Typical example of safely extending the wires inside the shower unit. The wires are crimped using ferules and then heat shrink insulation applied. Try getting anyone else prepared or experienced to do this on the same visit !

Come check out our 250+ reviews