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Hey..Hold up !..Please Read all of this page before commencing.

Please note if we cannot park directly outside your home kerbside or on your drive... We cannot offer our services - We have to carry large and bulky heavy items ! Flats must have a lift.

We include everything necessary to achieve a successful outcome. No B.S. prices, no hidden costs and above all we display our prices ! 

Send us a video of your bathroom, top to bottom and all round via WhatsApp or email and after studying what you send we can formulate some options and send you a FREE Written Estimate.

What is the difference between a new installation and a refurbished shower cubicle ?

New Installation 

  • Bath - if present, removed, wall back of the bath levelled up
  • New pipework for a shower buried in wall or surface mounted
  • New drainage waste pipe installed above or below floor
  • New wall tiles or shower wall panels
  • New bar shower or electric shower

New Installation >



  • Existing shower cubicle or cubicle and tray replaced
  • Optional new wall tiles or shower panels
  • Pipework for shower and drainage waste pipe is already in place
  • Free electric or bar shower

Refurbished >

New installations cost considerably more when considering floors may need to be lifted for waste pipe installation and new hot and cold pipes installed or extended buried into the wall, a bath removed and the wall below bath levelled up etc.


** All our new installation and refurbished shower cubicles are supplied and fitted with a new raised plinth **

We find from previous cubicle removals of floor mounted trays on suspended timber floors, leaks, rotten boards and ceilings below.

A raised tray makes perfect sense, function over latest styles if you like. Raised trays will make evident any drips, enable inspection/ repairs and unblocking of any traps/ waste pipes.

Looking for a shower wall panel kit ?

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