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FORGET JUMPING THROUGH HOOPS, making an account to get vague prices, You know a bombardment of emails will ensue. Here are our supply & fit prices - what you see is what you pay - We fit over 250 showers a year no trouble - Choose your shower - Call, WhatsApp or Email for fitting appointment end of story ! Steve


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Before moving on to the next page keep in mind the prices you see are based on many previous jobs, We include everything necessary to achieve a successful outcome. No B.S. prices, no hidden costs and above all we display our prices ! 

NO waffle waffle

We do not sit there and pressure sell you anything, we don't have to because our fair pricing along with our many Google reviews and quality work sells itself. Waste your time if you want trying to get a quote with someone turning up and pressure selling, if they turn up at all.

Send us a video of your bathroom and after studying what you send we can formulate some options and send you a written estimate, If you agree in principal we will firm up the estimate with a survey and confirm what we estimated into a Quote. Simple !

What is the difference between new installation and a refurbished shower ?



  • New pipework for a shower buried in wall or surface mounted
  • New drainage waste pipe installed above or below floor
  • Bath - if present, removed and the wall back of the bath levelled up

New Installation

Shower Cubicle >

  • Existing shower cubicle or cubicle and tray replaced
  • Pipework for shower and drainage waste pipe is already in place
Refurbish my leaky
Shower Cubicle >

New installations cost considerably more when considering floors may need to be lifted for waste pipe installation and new hot and cold pipes installed or extended buried into the wall, a bath removed and the wall below bath levelled up etc. 

Shower cubicle fitting costs HERE - Shower enclosure costs HERE