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Shower Cubicles

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This Page New Cubicle Installation Only.

Please note if we cannot park directly outside your home kerbside or on your drive... We cannot offer our services - We have to carry large and bulky heavy items. Flats must have a lift.

We have included everything you will need to transform your bath into a quality shower cubicle, We have taken out the headache of thinking about everything needed for your convenience.

** All our new installation and refurbished shower cubicles are supplied and fitted with a new raised plinth **

We find from previous cubicle removals of floor mounted trays on suspended timber floors, leaks, rotten boards and ceilings below.

A raised tray makes perfect sense, function over latest styles if you like. Raised trays will make evident any drips, enable inspection/ repairs and unblocking of any traps/ waste pipes. Superior faster waste water drainage !

Send us a WhatsApp video of your bathroom and after studying what you send we can formulate some options and send you a
FREE written estimate. 

If you agree in principal with our free estimate we will firm up the estimate with physical paid survey for £75 and confirm what we estimated into a binding Quote. Simple ! Paid surveys will be deducted from the final bill after installation only.


We are offering a choice of 2 free shower wall panels with our new shower cubicle installations - One panel for each corner wall.

  • 2 x Gloss white acrylic 9mm composite panels one panel for each corner wall

Shower wall panels sizes will change depending on the size of the cubicle being installed. 

A saving of up to £1320... Jump in quick before the offer expires !

Offer not available for refurbished shower cubicles/ aluminium composite panels.

If applicable please measure your tray/ bath before calling. We always measure trays from the corner along the straight edge... Not the radius.

We include a quality raised plinth with a mortar base and two shower wall panels - finished with bright trim.

Small/ Medium Shower Enclosures

Square And Equal Quadrant

New Monza cubicle & tray supplied & fitted

Choose your new Monza shower cubicle size & opening type...

Available Sizes 760 x 760mm  800 x 800mm  900 x 900mm  1000 x 1000mm

Quadrant twin sliding doors
single bI-FOLD DOOR
outward PIVOT DOOR
What's included in this deal
  • Bath removed and wall levelled up (below removed bath)
  • Quality 6mm glass square or quad Monza cubicle.
  • Metal handle(s)
  • Bright trims
  • New hot and cold pipes buried in wall
  • New bar shower Or electric shower**
  • Easy clean glass coating
  • New quality pearlstone tray
  • High flow waste.
  • 150mm height heavy duty riser plinth + access cover for waste.
  • Matching plinth trim.
  • New above floor waste pipe clipped and connected to waste outlet, underfloor where feasible.
  • Larger cubicles will cost more
  • 2 FREE Shower wall panels
  • Waste removed except cardboard & plastic packaging.

Get the lot supplied & fitted from £4250 (760 x 760cm)
Larger cubicles will cost more.

Bath removal

Please read

When we remove any bath there will more than likely be an uneven wall below the bath line. We will level up with new plasterboard and fit our our Knole Concept large format tiles on to new plasterboard that is not covered by shower wall panels not the whole bathroom wall(s)


These are typical prices... There are too many variations to quote every situation.

Our Monza cubicles are premium quality units, 6mm glass with easy clean coating comes standard along with robust chrome metal handles. The frames are polished chrome effect of aluminium construction.

Pearlstone shower trays are made of the patented 'Pearlstone Matrix' which is a mixture of polyurethane resin mixed with stone and volcanic ash making the range of shower trays one of the strongest and lightest shower trays on the market. We love the quality look and feel of these trays and feel you will love them too !

Why tray riser plinths ?

  • We can get access to any blocked wastes.
  • We usually cover over any cut tiles above your existing tray.
  • We get a far superior water seal when we butt up the tray to the tiles this is achievable when we include new extension profiles to the cubicle frame.  Superior faster water drainage - no water backing up !

Your two free shower wall panels - 9mm composite acrylic gloss white - One panel each wall.

A recent 80 x 80cm cubicle installed with gloss white acrylic panels, raised plinth and matching plinth cover and bright trims.


9mm thick bonded gloss white acrylic panel -100% watertight 100% hygienic.

Our shower wall panels are fitted down to the floor so no messy awkward cuts around the top of the tray eliminating future leaks down the back of the tray !

Alternatively, we can fit these premium quality textured matt finish large format ceramic tiles to both corner walls in lieu of shower panels for only £200 extra they feel very luxurious to the touch. Finished with bright border trim. - Keep it light keep it bright ! 

Or tiles on smaller wall, shower panel larger wall £100 Extra

Dimensions 600 x 300mm.

Close up of our luxury textured matt white ceramic tile.

Actual size 600 x 300mm

Must have sound flat level walls or an extra charge to level up will have to be charged.

Two corner walls only - Tiled from floor to same height as any adjoining shower wall panel or up to the ceiling if no shower panels are used.

Large Shower Enclosures

Rectangular And Offset Quadrant

We include a quality raised plinth with a mortar base and two shower wall panels - finished with bright trim.

  • Bath removed and wall levelled up (below removed bath)
  • 1200 x 800 quality Monza 6mm glass quad or rectangle cubicle.
  • Left and right hand available
  • New quality pearlstone tray
  • High flow waste.
  • New hot and cold pipes buried in wall
  • New bar shower Or electric shower**
  • Metal handle(s)
  • Single/ double sliding doors
  • Easy clean glass coating
  • Heavy duty tray riser plinth & cover panel.  
  • Matching plinth trims.
  • Bright trims
  • New above floor waste pipe & clipped, connected to waste outlet, underfloor where feasible.
  • 2 FREE Shower wall panels
  • Waste removed except cardboard & plastic packaging.

Get the lot supplied & fitted from £4599

Choose One Of Our 1200 x 800mm - Premium Monza Offset Quad or Rectangular Cubicle And QUALITY Pearlstone Tray.

Bigger than you think !

Larger/ Smaller offset & rectangular sizes available.

120 x 80cm Offset Quadrant twin roller doors
120 x 80cm Rectangle sliding door

Bath Removal Deal

1700 x 800 Monza Double Sliding Shower Door 

Larger/ Smaller sizes available  

  • Bath removed & wall levelled up (below bath)
  • New hot and cold pipes buried in the wall
  • New plinth, and plinth cover 
  • Quality 1700mm tray
  • Quality 1700mm double sliding door 
  • New bar shower Or electric shower**
  • Choice Knole Concept tiles from floor to ceiling (Shower area only)
  • Choice 1shower wall panel each end, Large tiles on wall between both ends
  • Larger cubicles will cost more
  • Waste removed except cardboard & plastic packaging.
Supplied and fitted around £5800
We may be able to floor mount this tray... joists/ existing bath waste outlet permitting. 

We cannot install shower wall panels around windows

Our glossy white 9mm acrylic composite panel will last forever, 100% hygienic and very robust !

Our Premium Knole Concept 600 x 300mm matt finished textured wall tile. They are a perfect match with our glossy white or brushed aluminium shower wall panels.

Our 9mm Brushed Aluminium Composite is very hard wearing and 100% hygienic, will compliment any cubicle as a feature wall or fitted entirely throughout.


We include this premium tray

1700 x 700

1700 x 800

1700 x 900 

Quality slate grey effect non slip tray with our sliding doors... we will of course fit the waste at the wall to avoid stepping on it !

White tray also available. Smaller trays available.

We ain't playing ! One of our heavy duty constructed raised plinths.

Choose your shower £0

**Must already have wiring in place for electric showers. Must have hot and cold water already in place for bar showers
  • Triton T80E
  • Mira Sprint
  • Triton Bar Mixer
**New wiring, isolation switch, mcb and test certificate £699.

Optional Premium Shower**

Add £249 Must already have wiring in place for electric showers. Must have hot and cold water already in place for bar showers

  • Mira Sport Max Air-boost
  • Mira Sprint + Rain kit
  • Triton Benito Bar Mixer + Rain kit

**New wiring, isolation switch, mcb and test certificate, Mira Sport £948

Shower wall panels Or Tiles ?

Our shower panels are solid construction not cheap hollow twin wall pvc.

Why choose roller/ sliding doors ?

  • Water does not drip onto floor when door opened 
  • Wide easy access
  • More usable floorspace inside the bathroom

Hinged - Bi-Fold doors 

  • Hinged doors that open out require more floorspace
  • Water drips onto floor when opening after showering
  • Inward opening doors restrict entry/ exit
  • Bi-fold doors awkward/ difficult to clean - look grubby over time
  • Doors tend to drop over time leading to not closing tight

Typical example of one of our cubicle tray fitment.

Click or pinch to expand.

  • We use PREMIUM 9mm thick Acrylic composite shower wall panels
  • We use PREMIUM 9mm thick composite shower wall panels with quality aluminium trims not cheap plastic.
  • Note we fit a solid 18mm ply base with heavy duty legs to fully support the tray.

We tile/ panel down to the floor behind the tray not on top - this ensures a watertight seal !

Note we fit a solid 18mm ply base with heavy duty legs to fully support the tray.

We removed an ill fitted cubicle and tray and was surprised to see 2 tiles drop off the wall until we realised all the wall along the bottom of the stud wall had rotted away taking the sole plate with it.

Can we repair rotten walls, floors, supporting wall frames ?

We price our jobs assuming that walls and floors are in sound condition. We allow a certain amount of time and labour to complete our cubicle installations. Repairing walls and floors will knock back our very busy schedule. We will be offering repairs but bear in mind labour and materials will be a separate charge. It would not be possible to quote a repair until we discover what we are quoting on. For repairs to the shower cubicle area only. We suggest an additional budget £250 ~ £400 to reinstate walls and floors.

IF you have a drip from your tray... do not ignore it, it is usually far worse underneath (especially floor mounted trays) with unseen water destroying your floor and ceiling structure !

Replace your cubicle today or replace later with new flooring, structural supports and a new ceiling below

Our shower wall panels avoid all this so get in touch for a first class installation, expertly fitted using premium quality materials.

All our shower panels are solid construction not cheap hollow twin wall pvc !

Construction of stud/ false/ padded out walls are charged extra - 4x2 timber frame with plasterboard board surface @ £149 per/sq/m - Tiling/ panelling extra  

Some of our recent cubicle installs.


FREE Online Estimates 

We have many requests quotes and to be straight forward, we don't have time running round giving quotes just to be used for price checking ! No two outfits quote exactly like for like so it is not in our interest to chase after a maybe. If you are genuinely in need of a new installation then please send a video VIA WHATSAPP OR EMAIL

Take the trouble to send a video and we will take the trouble to send you a choice of shower cubicles with FREE Estimates, final price subject to a full paid £50 survey refunded after installation.


Send a WhatsApp video of your bathroom for our


- All round and top to bottom nice and slowwww - Also clear video/ photo of your boiler showing the pipework - A clear photo of your fuse board with lid open showing mcb fuses - and your choice of cubicle/ shower package from above. We will examine what you send and formulate an estimate in principal prior to a full survey.

WhatsApp 07306 037690

Play video to see what we need to know.

* We use premium quality silicon on our corner seals which will easily last 10yrs+ they will ultimately need replacing which is very easy to replace on smooth wall panels.**Must have shower wiring already in place for any electric shower OR £699 extra for new cable supply and test certificate, Must have hot and cold water already in place for bar showers.   We fit cubicle extension profiles when fitting tiles behind the tray.


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Shower cubicle and tray new installations.. Supplied & fitted.

Cost of NEW INSTALLATION shower cubicle and tray supplied & fitted

Shower cubicle & shower wall panels fitted.

Shower wall panels and fitting