Shower Installations Ltd
Customer Shower Fitting Service

Already have a new electric shower you need swapping with your old broken electric shower ?

We can do that for you BUT bear in mind the following conditions will be your responsibility to ensure that the replacement is achievable.

  • Correct kilowatt rating - Must be the same as the old shower.
  • Wiring & plumbing connections are on the same side as previous shower.
  • There is a flat surface to fix the new shower - Holes or missing tiles must not be where the fixing holes on your new shower are.
  • Pull cord switch or wall mounted switch works correctly
  • Water supplies can be turned off.

We will endeavour to make your new model fit if we can... by altering the pipe work or wiring inside the shower unit, we cannot cut or drill holes inside the shower carcass as this will void your warranty.

We charge £149 to replace your old electric shower with the new electric shower you have supplied.

We require payment in advance and will not refund any amount if it is not possible to fit your new shower if you have not met the fitting conditions above.

Alternatively if the shower you have supplied is the wrong type - size - layout, We can offer an alternative shower we stock on our van at our advertised supply and fit prices +10%

WE cannot advise on what shower will fit your previous shower on account that the old unit may have been chopped and hacked inside to make it fit !

We may buy your shower at a reasonable price or you may want to return to the merchant for a refund.