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Why Electric showers don't last like they used to.

Why Electric showers don't last like they used to.

There are a few reasons why

showers don't last very long like they used to do.

I have fitted replacement showers for many years now and noticed the trend towards returning customers asking for replacements within 2 - 4 years.

1  Entry level showers are cheap to buy and made to sell cheap - So manufacturers make these for market share. Not factory tested before distribution.

2  Customers will overheat showers and not be aware - Cheap showers are designed to run 15 minutes and need 45 minutes to cool down - Sending the kids in for a shower one after the other will quickly overheat the shower - Expansion and contraction of the cheap plastic parts soon break down if the duty cycle is not observed. Remember 15 minutes on maximum - 45 minutes off to cool down.

3  Medium/ Hard water areas will soon fir up the heating elements


4  Failing to flush out the hot water after use will fir up the heating element - Cheap showers do not have a phased shut down that automatically flush hot water. Limescale build up around the heating elements reduce the temperature and eventually the heating element will overheat and burn out.

Limescale is released from water when it is heated - Once the shower has been turned off, the remaining hot water sitting inside the heating cylinder releases limescale thus creating build up and resistance around the heating element also blocking shower hoses, hand shower head.

5  Not fitting the shower correctly when installing from new - The air has to be purged from the heating element as per commissioning new showers before turning on the heating element - Many people turn the shower on without water inside the heating can ! If you are lucky the heating element is damaged and will work for a short while or if unlucky it can burn out immediately. You wouldn't turn on a kettle with no water inside would you.

6  Not fitting the shower to a flat even surface - this usually means no tiles behind the shower but tiles all around the outside. The switches and controls may bind and stick if the casing is twisted or forced to fit the base unit under stress.

There is nothing wrong buying a cheap shower if the budget is tight but don't expect 15 years service like they used to do, and you expect to replace more frequently.

Cheap  showers tend to have more faults when fitting straight from the box but I replace those on the same visit and generally don't hear anything more about them for a few years. The reason for the failures are they are not tested before distribution.

Tend to be a little more noisy

Lower life expectancy

Why pay more for a premium shower ?

PHASED SHUTDOWN.. This function flushes out the hot water from your shower after you turn off. It automatically pumps cold water through the heating element for a few seconds thus removing the possibility of limescale building up,

1. Premium showers have superior internal parts,
2. Last 3 maybe 4 times longer, for example I have been fitting Mira Sports for the last 10 years and not had any negative feedback or requests for a replacement indicating they are all still going strong !

3. Premium showers are quieter
4. Retain looks

5. Last for many years

6. Phased shut down

7. Aesthetically pleasing

8. Tested in the factory before distribution

Work it out... a typical £260 cheap shower replaced minimum 3 times over 10 years compared to one of our premium brand showers.

SportMAX 527W x 600Hpng

Mira Sports feature higher quality parts that will last longer than T80’s or Sprints. Also Sports have the phased shut down facility which reduces limescale build up around the heating elements.

Live in a medium to hard water area ?

The Black Country is medium hard water and would benefit from a phased shut down like this sport - They will outlast Triton T80's or Mira Sprints three or four times longer !

Gloucestershire | Worcestershire | Warwickshire | Black Country are predominantly medium/ hard water areas and therefore we would only recommend a shower with phased shutdown.

Birmingham is a soft water area

We have been fitting Mira Sports for the last 10 years and no requests for a replacement yet !

More information about limescale >

Get in touch for a supply and fitted quote - We have the full range of Mira Showers with phased shutdown.