Our Triton T80E+  UK's Number one most popular choice full stop ! 

Will replace most electric showers - If professionally fitted 

Please make sure that the water can be turned off before we arrive.

These are our REPLACEMENT showers only -

We fit over a 150 of these T80's every year !

All kilowatt ratings in stock ready to fit today.

We cover Birmingham and the West Midlands Or 35 Mile Radius B14 5YS

60p per mile extra charge outside our area.

Triton T80 Easi +

£249 Supplied and fitted price 

ALL KILOWATT RATINGS IN STOCK  All our prices include fitting

2 Year Guarantee - Push-Button Start / Stop

3-Setting Rotary Power Control -

Rotary Temperature Control

Riser Rail - Multi Mode Spray Pattern Shower Head

Our Triton T80's  will replace ANY electric shower if PROFESSIONALLY FITTED.

We in most cases cover old fixings - We usually adjust the pipework & fittings or wiring within the shower.

All Kw ratings of these showers in stock fitted today. Made in the UK.

These are our REPLACEMENT electric showers only -

We remove your broken electric shower & replace.

Call OR WhatsApp to arrange a fitting appointment - Steve 07914 008149