Our Triton T80 Easi-Fit will replace most electric showers - If professionally fitted !

We cover Birmingham and the West Midlands Or 50 Mile Radius B14 5YS

 Please make sure that the water can be turned off before we arrive.

Please test prior to make sure that the stop cock has not seized. Failure to turn off the water means the job don't get done, wasting time and resources - Check the stop cock works.

TritonT80 Easi 7.5Kw

TritonT80 Easi 8.5Kw

TritonT80 Easi 9.5Kw

TritonT80 Easi 10.5Kw

T80 Easi Classic 10.5 kw last one in stock £249

Optional rear flash panel

300 x 500mm (Shown)  - 400 x 600mm  Available in gloss red or gloss white. Panels only available whilst fitting your replacement or new shower installation shower. Panels also available with Mira Sprint, Triton Perluso/ Riba/ Other.

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Triton T80E+ fitted to gloss white back panel and rain kit 

 Any kw supplied and fitted  £389

Triton Perluso

  • Basic shower at a basic price but they are reliable with simple straight forward dials giving an affirmative click when turned. Very little to go wrong on these little units. Will replace most Triton electric showers. Call, Text or WhatsApp with your current model to check viability. 1 year warranty.
    Supplied & fitted price  £189

Triton Hawaii

  • Basic entry level shower - Ideal if just moved in and the budget is tight or moving out, keeping expenses down. 6 months warranty. Some refurbished some brand new. Replaces most Tritons. Call, Text or WhatsApp with your current model to check viability.  

     Supplied & Fitted £129

Triton Hawaii

Call to arrange a fitting appointment - Steve 07914 008149