Supply and fit Mira Sprints £249 Any Kilowatt - Triton T80Easi Supply and Fit From £249

Please ensure that the water can be turned off before we arrive. 

Please test prior to make sure that the stop cock has not seized. Failure to turn off the water means the job don't get done, wasting time and resources - Check the stop cock works.


Replaces 99%  of all other brand showers IF professionally fitted ! 

7.5 kw  supply and fitted £249
8.5 kw  supply and fitted £259
9.5 kw  supply and fitted £269
10.5 kw supply and fitted £279

  • Suitable for Cold Mains Water Only
  • Delivers 3Ltr/min at 1.5bar
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee (T&Cs Apply)
  • Push-Button Start / Stop
  • 3-Setting Rotary Power Control
  • Rotary Temperature Control
  • Riser Rail
  • 5-Spray Pattern Shower Head
  • Cold / Eco / High Dial Settings

Triton T80 Easi 10.5Kw - White

Replaces 99% of all other brand showers IF professionally fitted ! Last few 20% OFF 10.5Kw ONLY left in stock - supply and fit - now £229

Call to arrange a fitting appointment - Steve 07914 008149