Toilet Repairs

Toilet and tap repairs only available when low demand for shower fitting services. Birmingham area only.

Our minimum order toilet repair is £99

Repairing a leak outside the cistern £99

Replacing a fill valve £129

Replacing a flush siphon will involve removing the cistern and refitting with a new large rubber seal £175

Replacing all components , new fill valve, flush siphon, fixing cradle if original is rusty, all sealing washers and grommets, securing nuts and bolts.  £199

It makes more sense economically to replace all components if they were fitted the same time previously , as parts not replaced are likely to fail soon after.

All prices stated include all materials and fitting.

Prices given are estimates based on standard toilets. Cabinet toilets or one piece toilets will likely cost more. We cannot tell you what is wrong with your toilet until we inspect it . We carry premium quality toilet spares and offer 12 months no nonsense guarantee on all our toilet repairs. Do it right do it once !