Fixed cost repairs - keeping it local, quality parts and service is the key to keeping costs down. If for any reason we can't fix it, for example electrical or boiler work is part of the initial job, we will lament that outcome of course. We will do our best to put you in touch with a man that can
Billing - We have to charge of course but we don't charge by rounding up to the next full hour like every other outfit - We think it's fair to round up to half hour after our first initial hour.
Parts - We carry a fully stocked modern van that will in most cases effect a "First Time Fix" - a motto we always aspire to, it serves many purposes saving time and money on your job - efficient call and response time.
We do not make up prices up when we arrive  No.. we do our very best to provide you with the most accurate price based on how you describe your situation. After all we haven't seen the job !
We are the right choice for :
Value  Reliability  Quality Workmanship  Experience  Flexibility  Transparency​  Mature approach  Above all a friendly rapport   

   Terms & Conditions - Fixed price repairs are based on standard Toilet & Taps where quality original or quality generic replacements are available at a reasonable cost.  Sorry but WE DO NOT VISIT PREMISES TO GIVE quotes for small repairs. Please call and discuss your repair and we can ESTIMATE the time needed to full fill your request based on your description of what needs to be done.
Changing Customer supplied showers, or other household items are changed at owners risk - We will charge for fitting the shower/ item irrespective of shower unit/ item proving to be faulty. We may make a further charge for removing the faulty shower/ item, capping off the pipes and electrical cable. We will make a further charge for refitting the replaced faulty shower/ item. We reserve the right to charge for re-attending to fit a Customer supplied shower/ item, in the event the shower/ item cannot be fitted due to space restriction. We will also make a further charge for re-routing cables or pipes outside the shower unit.  We will also offer an alternative shower unit we carry onboard our van and if you decide not to accept our offering or choose not to accept any alternative adaptations then it is only fair to charge for attending which would be charged at £59. There is an additional charge for re-routing cables or pipes within the actual shower unit.We occasionally offer clearance & overstock lines with free fitting, We may include a small charge to cover travel expenses which would be included in the offer price. Clearance or reduced sale items may or may not have manufacturers full  two or five year guarantee however a minimum twelve months full manufacturer guarantee is the minimum standard.We will only replace shower units like for like for example replace a 8.5kw rating shower with an equivalent 8.5kw unit. If the kw rating cannot be determined on the old unit then we will reserve the right to fit a new unit based on the cable size, length of cable, amp rating of the isolation switch and the amp rating of the Mcb. Will will not accept any claims for seized isolation pull cord switches or wall mounted isolation switches if you were offered an upgrade at the time of the shower installation which are available supply and fit £55. Quotes - We reserve the right to cancel free quotes appointments with little or no notice if a paying repair job is called in. To guarantee a written quote then we charge £59 PER hour which is deducted from the final bill of the job quoted. Whilst we take every care We do not accept responsibility for cracked shower bases or baths where it is reasonable to accept that we will need to stand on or in trays or baths whilst performing an install of new shower units. We will not accept responsibility for seized nuts, bolts and clamps that cannot be loosened to remove cisterns from toilet pans and will not entertain any claim for damage to the pan or cistern while attempting to separate these items in order to replace any internal parts. We will not accept any claim for marks, scratches, chips or cracks to basins and pedestals, toilet systems or bath panels where the fixings are seized, non standard fixing or have been tiled up to or over any edges of the items requiring servicing or replacement
Any diagnosis work is chargeable at the agreed hourly rate for example discovering a repair that is beyond your expected budget & you decline the work to be carried out OR involves cosmetic damage to walls or ceilings occurring to gain access to a repair that you are not prepared to have done will be deemed as a diagnosis of the work needed to be done and therefore is chargeable. Any cosmetic damage caused to walls, ceiling, fixtures or fittings that occurs as a direct result to gaining access to a necessary repair is the the sole responsibility of the customer to have made good and to absorb all costs. We are insured to a maximum value of 2 million pounds in the extreme unlikely event of unintentional damage to persons or property.

Deposits will be deducted from your final bill. Stock that has been ordered in and paid for will be deducted from your deposit if you cancel your order or there is no answer at your door where an appointment was made. It is your responsibility to inform us if your situation changes.