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Live in a HARD WATER area ?

Then you need a shower with Phased Shutdown


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 Tired of Triton showers ?

This is our BEST selling performance shower fact !

Got a 40 amp mcb on your current shower ? We can replace ANY 7.5 & 8.5kw Showers with our 9Kw Mira Sport MF

Twice the flow rate of entry level showers - Last's twice as long - Super reliable !

Mira Sport 9Kw MF
Supply & Fitted 

Better made - Better looking - Far more reliable - Best performance 4 litres per minute - Lasts 50% longer than other brands - We supply and fit all variations of this shower - Phased Shut Down - Perfect for hard water areas !

Mira Sport MF 4 Ltr/Min

You got to be kidding ! Play video


If you don’t already have a Mira then this is the one to have - 4 LITRES PER MINUTE !

Then there was light !

We have the very best supply and fit price for this amazing shower - Play the video !

Triton Amala 8.5Kw  

Supplied & Fitted £249

LOWEST Supply & Fit Price Anywhere ! This is a swap for your broken electric shower only. 

Have 1 white & 1 black 8.5Kw Amala left in stock - Replaces most Tritons - Lot of kit for entry level money ! Full 2 year manufacturer guarantee.

Triton T80E+ 8.5Kw

 Supplied & Fitted £239

7.5Kw £239 - 9.5Kw £249 - 10.5Kw £259

Best internet price for our most popular supplied and fitted electric showers !

This T80 shower will replace ANY other electric shower - With a two year manufacturer warranty you cannot go wrong ! - Delivers 2 litres per minute @ 40 celsius. 40 amp mcb required for any 8.5 & 9.5Kw shower - 45 amp mcb & 10mm wiring for 10.5Kw models. We stock all kilowatt ratings 7.5Kw ~ 10.5Kw - We replace same kilowatt like for like with this offer.

Must have flat surface to fix to wall - Existing showers tiled around sides only will require a repair panel or your new shower won't fit !


Mira Sprint 

Supplied & Fitted 8.5Kw £249

Replaces Any Other Brand Shower 

9.5Kw £259 - 10.8Kw £269

2 Year Guarantee - Our Mira Sprints will replace ANY electric shower if PROFESSIONALLY FITTED. We in most cases cover old fixings - We usually adjust the pipework & fittings or wiring within the shower. Made in the UK. These are our REPLACEMENT electric showers only - We remove your broken electric shower & replace. Delivers 2 litres per minute @ 40 celsius. 40 amp mcb required for any 8.5 & 9.5Kw shower - 45 amp mcb & 10mm wiring for 10.8Kw models. 

Must have flat surface to fix to wall - Existing showers tiled around sides only will require a repair panel or your new shower won't fit !

Get a new replacement shower isolation pull cord switch or new wall mounted shower isolation switch supplied & fitted for only £75 only when we replace your electric shower. £50 OFF ! We use quality UK brand MK switches no cheap .... here !

Switches wear out more often than you think due to expansion and contraction from the heat generated when electricity passes through. Our normal charge for replacing a switch is £125. We upgrade your switch from 32/40 amp to 45 amp. It is not uncommon for switches to fail giving the impression it is the shower that is at fault !

Our Mira Thermostatic Family and Elderly Care Showers -The BEST shower a Family can get !  Suitable for young and elderly - We can set the maximum temperature to avoid any accidental scolding.

Built to last !

We fit over 250 replacement electric showers every year - We only install showers, that's all we do ! 

Remember this before asking elsewhere - NOBODY has more expertise or experience especially where adjusting pipe work/ cables within the shower unit - Professionally undertaken and at NO EXTRA CHARGE ! Send a WhatsApp or text message for a fitting appointment  07914 008149 READ our 230+ genuine Google reviews on link bottom of this page.


These luxury Multi Fit showers will replace ANY other brand shower -

 Take a look, we have many options.4 litres per minute.

Mira Azora + Conversion Panel
Mira Decor + Conversion Panel

Fitted today in Selly Oak - 

This Mira Azora   

These Mira Azora are very popular at the moment - Premium quality frosted glass front with chrome fittings - High performance - 4 litres per minute - Play Video !


Fitted today in Redditch

 Mira Sport Max Airboost 

 Multi Fit - This is our 9Kw model

We stock all Sport variants ready to supply and fit - 6 litres per minute - Call to arrange your fitting appointment.


Mira Decor

Our Mira Decor will replace all other Mira showers - Available in 8.5 ~ 9.5 ~ 10.8Kw


Mira Decor & Conversion Panel 

Replaces ALL other brand showers

Mira Decor Multi Fit 3 ltr/min
Replaces Any Other Brand Shower 8.5kw & Above

Mira Sport Dual

Our Mira Sport Dual replaces ANY 7.5/ 8.5kw shower and above, Only from Shower Installations. 4 litres per minute


Mira Sprint/Jump Dual

Our Mira Sprint/ Jump replaces ANY 7.5/ 8.5kw shower and above, Best supply and fit price fact - Come and get one. 2 litres per minute. Supply & Fit £399

4 litres per minute.
3 litres per minute.

Mira Sprint All In One + No Rust Shower Caddy

We can replace ANY electric shower with our All In One Mira Sprint 2 litres per minute.

A perfect solution where there are no tiles behind your current shower - We often come across showers that were tiled up to the sides only !  This option also available for Mira Sports - Mira Decor - Mira Azora Call for a quote.

Looking for something different ?

Take a look at our Mira electric showers with rain kits - Also our all in one shower panel - Perfect solution for covering over broken or missing tiles. *Isolation switch may need replacing if worn.

3 litre per minute.
2 litres per minute.
Replaces Any Other Brand Shower

Aqualisa Lumi - Aqualisa Quartz

Premium Quality Electric Showers


Power shower replacement

We can replace your broken power shower

We stock Mira and Triton replacements.

Power shower + Rain Kit

Got a Combi Boiler ?

Consider a Thermostatic BATH TAP shower set.

We can replace your single or bridge mixer bath taps with our THERMOSTATIC bath taps with 2 and 3 piece shower kits - Must be able to remove bath panel and isolate the water supplies - Suitable for combi boilers or pumped hot & cold water.

Thermostatic taps DON'T blow hot and cold when another tap is opened or toilet flushed.


Got a Combi Boiler ?

Consider new

Bar & Mixer Showers

If there is no shower at all in your property then don't waste your time installing an expensive electrical installation - Electric showers are less reliable than boiler showers FACT - Only 1 third the pressure !  All you need is a combi boiler. 2 ~ 3 times more flow from our thermostatic bath and thermostatic bar showers when compared to electric showers ! Thermostatic bar showers and thermostatic bath tap showers don't blow hot or cold when another tap is opened.

Built in shower face plate removed

Have a leaking concealed in the wall mixer valve ?

Or a shower tower with blocked jets or leaking valves ?

Cannot identify brand or parts not available ?

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We understand there are some who become uncomfortable speaking on the phone. Send a WhatsApp photo of your current shower Or send an email/ message photo and get an instant quote for the lowest supply and fit FACT - We charge way less than Mira or Triton fitting services. State the make, model & kilowatt rating if known. All our showers have a 2 year guarantee (Unless stated otherwise) WhatsApp & Text to 07914 008149   


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Mira - Aqualisa - Triton Showers Supply & Fitted in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Birmingham, Black Country, Shropshire,  Coventry 

PLEASE NOTE: We cover 35 Mile Radius of Birmingham B145YS - We charge 60p per mile after first 70 miles round trip - Must have parking directly outside or we cannot attend. FULL details on our T&C's Page

Mira Showers  Supplied & Fitted - Triton Showers Supplied & Fitted

Birmingham & West Mids number 1 supply and fit shower installer FACT

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We are changing

Our new company name is now Shower Installations Ltd and are no longer called or registered at companies house as Bogs & Taps Ltd. Why the change ? We started trading in 2013 offering toilet and tap repairs & general plumbing, over time we focused on installing new and replacement showers of all types only and therefore our original business name is no longer relevant.

Shower Installations Ltd  - Our registration number  10452377   C/O Nhm Accounts 57d Heming Road,  Redditch, England, B98 0DH