Our Straight Swap Bar/ Mixer Showers


These are our premium quality Triton - STRAIGHT SWAP bar and mixer showers. They are a straight forward replacement with your existing worn or un-repairable shower valve. 

They are all £267 each supplied and fitted. 

Supply & Fit new pipe work £99 - £199 extra.


Triton Mersey


Triton Tyne


Triton Vivace


Triton Asana

No you didn't ! Well yes we did drill two holes through the end of the bath in order to fit a bar shower.

Obviously it is a skilled job and would not recommend doing this unless you know what you are doing.

The reason why we went to this extreme is the other end of the bath did not have a wall and had no access to space above. Our customer was fed up with using a hand shower attached to the taps and wanted a boiler shower giving twice the flow rate over electric.


If you find yourself in a similar situation, give us a shout and we will come and see what can be done - This option is far cheaper than a full electric shower installation. Prices around £375 - Must have access to under the bath, ideal for combi boilers or pressurised hot water vessels or hot water cylinder with a pump.


Last few of these PREMIUM Triton bar showers with overhead rainfall.
Simple and elegant controls operate these thermostatic bar showers. These are of superb quality and will replace your current bar shower OR we can install these items from new pipe work installation. Ideal with combi boilers or a pressurised hot water vessel or a hot water cylinder with a pump. 

Triton Mersey Rainfall 



These are discontinued from Tritons current range with one year warranty therefore we discount these showers to £299 Supplied & fitted straight swap. That’s 50% OFF our previous supply and fit price.
Price includes fitting to existing bar shower outlet only. New pipe work or adaptations we charge £99 - £199 extra.

All our Triton bar and mixer showers are premium quality made in the UK.

Only Available From Us 

This is our budget bar shower with a separate rain fall kit, Nothing budget about the rain kit though - The bar shower is compatible with all bar showers with bottom outlet. Our slider rail with soap dish and pulsating hand shower are from Bristan. The overhead rainfall kit is quality chrome over copper tube meaning that this kit will look good for many years to come. The divert valve is quality chrome over brass with smooth operation.

Supplied & Fitted £299 - Must already have pipes in place though or £99 - £199 extra on top for new pipes and mounting bracket - 2 year warranty on all parts !

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