Regarding power shower replacement 

Power showers should have isolation valves already fitted just before connections to the power shower - Sometimes they are visible above the shower on the wall, in the loft directly above the power shower or behind the shower in a cupboard. The reason there should be isolation valves is to allow replacement of your old power shower without the need to drain down the tank and hot water cylinder. Draining down the system takes time and opens up the possibility of creating air locks in the system when refilling.
We charge £49 to fit isolation valves...  if it is discovered when we arrive that no isolation valves have previously been fitted. 

If your original power shower was fitted by a professional then there will be isolation valves already in place.


Power Showers

We replace your broken power shower from £499 

Mira Event Power Shower From £529

Mira Event 

Replaces Mira Go - Mira Vigour

Powerfully invigorating and practical shower. Separate power, temperature and flow controls for fine-tuning. 4-spray pattern shower head with rub-clean rubber nozzles for easy limescale removal.

Beautifully made... outstanding reliability, the perfect new installation and replacement power shower from Mira - I have replaced these for customers who have nothing but good to say about the reliability averaging 15 years service plus ! 

  • Suitable for Low Pressure Water Systems Only

  • Delivers 8Ltr/min at 0.008bar

  • 1 Year Guarantee

  • Rotary Power Control

  • Manual Temperature Control

  • Riser Rail

  • 4-Spray Pattern Shower Head

Manual Temperature Control Model Supplied and fitted  £529 

Thermostatic Temperature Control Model Supplied and Fitted  £598


Triton Thermostatic Power Shower

Triton Thermostatic Power Shower Supply & Fit From £499

Delivers up to 14Ltrs per minute, with easy grip controls and rub-clean shower head. Top, bottom and rear cable and water pipe entries.

  • Suitable for Low Pressure Water Systems Only

  • Delivers 14Ltr/min at 0.01bar

  • 1 Year Guarantee

  • Push-Button Start / Stop

  • Rotary Power Control

  • Separate Controls

  • Riser Rail

  • 5-Spray Pattern Shower Head

  • Adjustable Maximum Temperature Stop

  • Thermostatic Temperature Control

Supplied and fitted from £499 - This is a direct replacement for your existing Triton power shower.