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These are expensive showers to purchase and it makes fitting them correctly even more important ! Installing them wrong in any way WILL invalidate the Mira warranty.

Showers on this page we can fit TODAY !

  Mira Sprint Supplied and fitted | Deduct 10%

8.5Kw   £269    in stock fit today

9.5Kw   £279    in stock fit today  

10.8Kw £289    in stock fit today


Mira Jump Supplied and fitted

7.5Kw £269

in stock fit today


We fit loads of these every year and not one call back yet ! Fantastic well made quality components for a mid level shower - Call today for a quick fitting appointment


This Mira sprint in our honest unbiased opinion based on many years experience of shower fitting is SUPERIOR to equivalent offerings from Triton - Gainsborough - Bristan - Creda. Giving a steady and reliable 2 litres per minute at .7 bar pressure.

We base this opinion on customer satisfaction and with the lowest number of call backs/ guarantee claims or faulty units not working straight from the box. With a large footprint this unit will cover existing fixings. 

The unit has a large chunky stop start button with large easy to use rotary dial for the temperature setting and separate dial for the power setting. Included as standard is the clear scale technology which Mira boasts will achieve a 50% prolonged life.

Don't ask don't get so ask for your 10% when calling !