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Our Sprints & Jumps will replace 99% of ALL brands electric showers

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 We recommend Mira highly based on the huge amount of these showers we fit - Benefit from our first hand experience and choose Mira you will not regret it. Read our positive genuine reviews from Google .. enough said.   Reviews >>


Mira Sprint/ Jump Supplied & Fitted 

8.5Kw    £259    in stock fit today

7.5Kw   £269    in stock fit today

9.5Kw   £269    in stock fit today  

10.8Kw £279    in stock fit today


We fit bucket loads of these every year - Fantastic well made quality components for a mid level shower - Call today for a quick fitting appointment - Best all rounder based on reliability, price, appearance, simplicity of use. We trust only in Mira for mid level showers.

Our Mira Sprints will replace 99% of all other brand showers IF professionally fitted.
With a large footprint they will in almost every circumstance cover previous shower fixing holes.

What is professional fitting ? the wiring and plumbing is most likely on the right hand side or any combination on Triton or other brands, no problem, We extend the wiring using a crimping tool, then we insulate the crimps using a specific heat shrink insulation sleeve. We go on to extend the copper pipe to the new inlet using compression or solder fittings all these alterations are of course included in our supply and fit price. Alterations to pipe or wiring outside the shower unit may be charged extra depending on the extent of extra work involved.

We extend the wiring using a crimping tool. 

Then we insulate the crimps using a specific heat shrink insulation sleeve.  

We go on to extend the copper pipe to the new inlet using compression or solder fittings.

Do not use block connectors or insulation tape to extend wires - They will melt !


This Mira sprint in our honest unbiased opinion based on many years experience of shower fitting is SUPERIOR to equivalent offerings from Triton - Gainsborough - Bristan - Creda. Giving a steady and reliable 2 litres per minute at .7 bar pressure.

We base this opinion on customer satisfaction and with the lowest number of call backs/ guarantee claims or faulty units not working straight from the box. With a large footprint this unit will cover existing fixings. 


The unit has a large chunky stop start button with large easy to use rotary dial for the temperature setting and separate dial for the power setting. Included as standard is the clear scale technology which Mira boasts will achieve a 50% prolonged life.

These are expensive showers to purchase and it makes fitting them correctly even more important ! Installing them wrong in any way WILL invalidate the Mira warranty.

Burnt out isolation switches are more common than you may think - symptoms are usually flickering neon light - shower blowing hot and cold or the MCB tripping out.

They carry about the same kilowatts as 4 or 5 kettles boiling at the same time when using your shower - That's an awful lot of power plus wear and tear going through that switch !

Switches wear out that's a fact but when was the last time that shower isolation switch was replaced ?

We recommend replacing when you are replacing your shower - We have had instances where customers have claimed on their new shower warranty only to find it was the ceiling switch at fault, and of course they have been charged a call out from the manufacturer without the problem being solved - We charge £50 for replacing isolation switches when we supply and fit Mira Sprints 

So why do they burn out ? Showers have a duty cycle - up  to 15 minutes on and 45 minutes off to cool down. So a busy family piling in one after the other will shorten the life of the shower, overheat the terminals in the switch and the terminals in the shower unit. Another reason the wiring terminals have been tightened in the isolation switch but work loose when putting the switch back into the back box. Another reason for failure is using the pull cord switch every time you use the shower - dust and grit works it's way through to the switch mechanism causing it to become stiff or seized - Don't use the pull cord !

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