Mira Go

Contemporary electric shower with pressure stabilised temperature control to maintain showering temperature. Features separate power and temperature controls. Mira Clearscale technology reduces limescale for a better performing, longer lasting shower. Giving a steady and reliable 2 litres per minute at .7 bar pressure.

Quality shower | Built in reliability | Affordable prices

8.5 Kw Supplied and fitted  £239
9.5 Kw Supplied and fitted  £249
10.8Kw Supplied and fitted £259 

Please note that Mira Go showers require wiring and plumbing on LEFT HAND SIDE - We may be able to slide the unit across to the right to match up if existing pipe and cable are on the right ( If there are tiles behind ) Or we can fit a Mira Sport MF or a Mira Sprint or Jump which have right hand side fittings.