You have a hot water cylinder with a cold water tank above.

These type of hot water cylinders on this page may be used with a gas boiler ...OR they may have no boiler at all and instead, use an electric element inside the cylinder to heat the water

If you have a hot water cylinder with a water tank above it  similar to the image then you may need a pump to make any bar or bath tap shower work.  IF you are still not sure then give us a call we can usually tell you by phone or WhatsApp - 07914 008149


If you have a large white cylinder then it is probably an un-vented pressurised hot water cylinder. NO pump is required with this type. You have a choice between a bath filler tap+ shower ...Or a bar shower or a mixer shower.


A conventional pump will only work under certain conditions however in most circumstances an inline pump will provide a shower.

 Want a bath filling tap with shower AND pump deal ? We can replace your bath taps and fit a bath filler mixing tap plus a wall mounted shower kit - new tap and single inline pump from   £799 ! 

Want a bar shower  AND pump deal ? We can fit a budget bar shower - new pipe work and single inline pump from   £799 ! 


 Not sure about the system you have ? Call us and we can advise you no trouble !


Why not send us some photo's - A picture says a thousand words !

We can receive photo's and questions via WhatsApp 07914008149 or via messenger on Facebook search Bogs & Taps