You have a hot water cylinder with a cold water tank above.

These type of hot water cylinder on this page may be used with a gas boiler ...OR they may have no boiler at all and instead, use an electric element (Immersion heater) inside the cylinder to heat the water

Conventional Hot Water Cylinder Large cold water tank above filling the cylinder below.

If you have a hot water cylinder with a water tank above it  similar to the image above then you may need a pump to make any bar or bath tap shower work.  IF you are still not sure then give us a call we can usually tell you by phone or WhatsApp - 07914 008149


A conventional pump will only work under certain conditions however in most circumstances an inline pump will provide a shower.

Want a bath filling tap with shower AND pump deal ? We can replace your bath taps and fit a thermostatic bath filler mixing tap plus a wall mounted shower kit - new tap and double inline pump from   £949 

Kit includes: Quality bath filler shower tap and wall mounted shower rail riser kit, thermostatic mixing valve, Double in-line pump. 

Want a bar shower  AND pump deal ? We can fit a budget bar shower - new pipe work and double inline pump from   £1099

Kit includes: Mixer bar and wall mounted shower rail riser kit, new pipework and bar mounting brackets, Double in-line pump.

Low hot water pressure at your bath tap shower or bar shower ?

We can fit this double In-Line pump to your hot water outlet on the hot water cylinder, 

Double Booster pump  supplied and fitted from £789 including fittings. 

Single Booster pump only - Ideal for fortec cylinders with low mains pressure. Boost your existing bath tap shower or bar shower with  single pump fitted to the hot water outlet from your cylinder. Supplied and Fitted £699 - 

We recommend a timer switch that allows the pump to run for a certain amount of time so you don't run your cylinder dry which can burn out the heating element or any pumps. Supplied & fitted from £199


Traditional Shower Pumps Replacement & New Installations >


 Not sure about the system you have ? Call us and we can advise you no trouble !


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