New Power Shower Installation cost 

From £899

We recommend Mira Power Showers

Send us a video of your intended location - Also the boiler or hot water cylinder etc via WhatsApp  -

WhatsApp 07914  008149

Power Shower NEW FULL Installation including new double pipe work - 

Electrical isolation switch and a new electrical circuit test certificate.

Our power showers will pump out 3 times more hot water than any electric shower - Must already have a hot water cylinder and a cold water tank. PLEASE NOTE The cold water tank must be in the loft/ attic or any situation where the bottom of the tank is 100mm above the top of the shower unit

We can supply and fit this Mira Event power shower starting from £899 ( Thermostatic model from £998 )

This includes new hot and cold water supplies fed to the shower from the hot water cylinder and from the cold water storage tank above. Mira go power shower unit. New electrical supply installation + test certificate. Isolation valves. Completion usually within one day.

* The cold water storage tank must be above the height of the intended shower unit position.

The shower unit/ hot water cylinder and cubicle/ bath must be on the same floor level otherwise extra work and charges will apply.

Mira Event

Beautifully made... outstanding reliability,  the perfect new installation and replacement power shower from Mira - I have replaced these for customers who have nothing but good to say about the reliability averaging 15 years service plus !  Add £99 for the thermostatic model