Customer Supplied Shower Fitting Service

We can fit your own shower at a fair price.

We can only replace showers like for like for example replace a broken 8.5kw shower with a new 8.5kw shower ~ upgrading to a higher kilowatt rating may involve new wiring, mcb or pull cord switch.  A new electrical test certificate will also be required in all circumstances when upgrading the system.

We will require a pre payment of £149 to secure your fitting appointment -
Payment via online banking  or call to use card payment - details on tab below.

We do not refund any money received if you have supplied the wrong type of shower for example the wrong kilowatt rating or the supply pipe or wiring is on the wrong side and cannot be adjusted - faulty shower straight from the box - you have provided a power shower or pumped shower or a bar or mixer shower that is intended to replace an electric shower or visa versa etc. No answer at the door or not giving 24 hours notice to cancel or re-arranging another appointment. OR YOU DON'T WANT TO ACCEPT OUR ALTERNATIVE SHOWER ON THE SAME VISIT. We carry a choice of alternative showers on our van if the shower you provided will not fit due to space restrictions.

We carry new replacement showers on our van and are available to fit as an alternative option on the same visit if your supplied shower  proves to be the wrong type or wrong kilowatt rating or the wrong internal layout not allowing correct fitment or faulty straight from the box. Limited choices/ types are carried on the van. Obviously we will have to charge more for supplying the shower AT COST PRICE + 20% MARK UP on top of what has already been paid for fitting only.

We also replace customer supplied  bar showers, mixer showers and bath tap showers at the same rate as above, New installation pipe work or new electrical work is EXTRA CHARGE.

We charge extra for extending or adapting any pipe work or wiring OUTSIDE the shower unit.

It would be far simpler allowing us to supply and fit and avoid any of the pitfalls. We carry a large stock of all types of showers that will with certainty effect a first visit successful outcome.

Please note : We cannot upgrade electric showers for example replacing an 8.5kw to 9.5kw or higher. You will in most cases need to upgrade the Mcb, switches or wiring - Also an electrical test certificate will need to be forwarded to the Council Building Control after testing.

We do not fit customer supplied showers with our full new installations, for example you ask us to supply and fit the water and electric supplies only and you provide a shower. We use packages that are tried and tested and priced fairly.

There are usually 2 reasons customers ask for fitting only - 

You have bought a cheap shower and want it fitted cheaply - We don't do cheap fitting, we are professionally qualified and charge for our experience and expertise installation backed by 12 months warranty on our workmanship.

You have tried to fit the shower yourself but the pipes or wiring don't match up to new connections on the shower - We extend the plumbing and wiring on most occasions, safely. If we cannot fit it due to space restrictions within the unit we can fit a quality new shower from our van on the same visit !