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Shower Cubicles & Trays

If you intend replacing your bath then bear in mind that the walls and floors will need to be levelled in order for the tray and cubicle to fit squarely. This part of the process will take time and must be done correctly or suffer the consequences of ongoing problems when fitting the tray and cubicle with poor drainage or ill fitting doors.

Shower waste and plumbing will have to be re-routed or freshly installed.

There will be bare walls if replacing a bath, below the bath rim along the baths ends and back wall which will need addressing -  Best practice would be to fill in bare patches of wall with plasterboard/ slave tiles then tile over complete wall section again. 

We politely request that you allow us to do the job right or not at all.


Shower cubicles

We can measure up and help plan your new shower cubicle including a new electric or mixer shower - Call for a survey and quote -

Our fitting prices average £2900 that includes removing the bath/ tray & cubicle | Making good the walls preparing for tiling up to 3 square metres | adapt pipe work | Fit a new shower tray & cubicle minimum size 760 x 760 | Fitting new shower waste | Up to 3 square metres tiling minimum size 250 x 300 mm

Waste bagged and left outside for the tip or placed in customer supplied skip.

We are not the cheapest installers however we certainly are not the most expensive. To fit a shower cubicle and tray cheaply means doing it quickly to turn a profit - Do you really want a tray fitted quickly bearing in mind it will be tiled over and a cubicle fitted on top - Well good luck getting any installer returning to take that lot out to put any leaks or faults put right- Pay cheap pay twice springs to mind.

Average order £2900 

New electric shower installation will require existing wiring up to the ceiling isolation pull cord switch or wall mounted isolation switch directly outside the bathroom. Our electrician can install this charged extra. New pumps - bar/ mixer shower installation charged extra

Refitting a bodged cowboy installation

 The most common reason for leaking or ill fitting doors is due to an un-level shower tray which will usually entail removing the whole cubicle & tray then re-fitting correctly,  We can undertake FULL removal and re-fitting from the base up only, not take on part of the job. This service will cost from around £900 plus materials - Must have all original components in an un-damaged condition.

Our price guide for a new tray & cubicle gives you a ball park figure of what to expect to pay for a quality installation. We are saving you the inconvenience of sitting in front of a sales rep for 2 hours hard selling an overpriced bathroom alteration, these guys work on a commission !  The quality of our workmanship speaks for itself.