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Our recently completed jobs.

Recently completed in Castle Vale Birmingham

this cubicle had missing tiles and letting in water down below. First plan of action clean up the walls from any grease and reinstall the tiles. MORE DETAILS & PRICING HERE >

Mira Sprint supplied & fitted today in Moseley

Yet another

Mira Sprint supplied and fitted today in Moseley. So to make installation difficult the previous shower had the wiring on the left and the plumbing on the right.

No mad panic though -I extended the wiring to reach up to the terminal block using purpose made crimps and heat shrink insulation sleeves. Note that I extended pipe from the right over to the left

Another example of taking time to fit professionally. Mira Sprint 8.5 kw Supplied & Fitted £259

Shower cubicle replacement

Rotten walls and floor - Also micro bore pipes coming out the wall - Sections of the wall will have to be replaced because the tiles were pulling out the plaster board in big chunks !  also new pipes for the chrome radiator 

So I cut back the rotten plaster and replace rotted through floor panel that sat under the cubicle.

I have used normal plasterboard because after the tiling is completed there will be full acrylic panels fitted inside the cubicle. Note I used 18mm ply to replace rotten section of the chipboard floor

Constructed the base and plumbed in the waste for the shower tray - capped off the pipes in the cubicle - up into the loft to make connections, pipes filled and left under pressure. Boarded out the floor and tiled.

I then go on to drill through ceiling header and install the hot and cold ready for the new bar shower. Note the new support battens to firmly locate the water supplies.

Finally finished - perseverance wins the day - tiled and polished, cubicle and bar shower fitted, New wc with basin and pedestal and finally the towel heater.


Fitted today in Southam CV47

This Triton T80Easi 8.5kw replaced an old Aqualisa shower. Was a bit of a struggle because of the sloping ceiling. I adjusted the pipework and changed the fitting. Supplied and fitted for £249

More Prices & options here  >

Our latest completed job Supply and fit a new bath filler tap shower/ tiling etc. Job took 3 days to complete. Grab rail | Bath seat | Track & curtain charged at higher rate if no tap shower/ bar shower is included in the order. 

Our Asmara bath filler tap and Bristan shower kit supplied and fitted £299.  (Add £129 for the thermostatic model)

Supplied and fitted 5 square metres standard 8 x 10" white tiles £349 - Walls must already be prepared or extra charge will apply.

Chrome grab handle  supplied and fitted £40.

Pressure treated non slip bath seat/ foot wash seat supplied and fitted £50

Aluminium track plus white curtain supplied and fitted £75

Total amount for the above job £963 - Get in touch for a quote.

Our Asmara bath tap we fitted above | We can make this a thermostatic bath filler tap shower with our blending valve we fit under the taps underneath the bath - So what is the difference between a thermostatic tap and one that is not thermostatic ?

If the bath tap does not have a thermostat in the handle (90% don't) - We install this blending valve underneath your bath or behind the pedestal basin. Non thermostatic mixer taps require you to open the hot and cold to blend the temperature you require. With our thermostatic mixing valves all you need to do is open the hot tap - The Max temperature is set at 40 degrees centigrade ready for your shower ! If you want it cooler then you open up the cold tap. We can supply and fit this blending valve to your current bath or basin tap from £199

Benefits of a thermostatic valve

  • Temperature does not spike up and down.
  • Stable set temperature every time you open the hot tap.
  • Temperature cannot be increased unless from the preset (blue handle) thus eliminating scolding or inadvertently raising temperatures to dangerous levels.
  • Child and elderly friendly.
  • Water does not go cold when a tap is opened elsewhere.
  • Tmv 2/3 - Doc 8 and NHS compliant.

Fitted today in Accocks Green - Triton T80Easi in white. I had to solder on a new connection fitting and fit an isolation valve. The job took longer than normal but I still charged the quoted price £249 supplied and fitted.

Fitted today in Dorridge

We supplied and fitted a new premium Triton Bar shower with rain kit along with a new quality Grundfos 2 bar shower pump. Also note the new hot water connection to the cylinder - We used a salamander S flange connection fitting, the correct way to hook up a shower pump ! - Also we included full bore isolation valves with handles on the pump inlet and outlet connections, this enables straightforward maintenance of the pump.


The job took just over a day and half to install and test.

Play Video

Prices for a full install using of this type using premium products start at £1150 fully installed.

We also install this type of shower system using budget pumps/ shower valves from around £850 fully installed - Call for survey and quote.

The correct way to pipe up the pump to the hot water cylinder. We fitted an S type flange at the top of the cylinder to make connection, Bottom pipe leading off to the new pump.

Got your own shower and pump you want fitted ? We can do that starting from £500 -  Steve 07914 008149


Fitted today in B30 This Triton Tyne bar shower - see the video below demonstrating the superior flow over cheap entry level bar showers. Notice the shower bar was connected to the water supplies using rigid copper tube machine formed also using FULL BORE isolation valves allowing full flow and making maintenance simple.



Here we pulled

up the hot and cold pipes from under the bath (top left) and continued up into the loft space then across about 2 feet then bringing the pipes back down to this quality Triton bar shower using chrome pipes. We then went on to fit the specifically designed trunking over the supply pipes from the bath to finish off the installation. Time taken around 6 hours. This system works far better than ANY electric shower, for best performance we recommend using with a combi boiler or a pressurised hot water cylinder.


If you have a normal

hot water copper cylinder with a cold water tank above in the loft we can still fit for you a quality mixer shower with the addition of a shower pump to boost the performance ! Call us for a no obligation survey and a fixed price quotation.

Fitted Today -

For our customer in Sutton Coldfield, this Triton Mersey shower bar+ shower pump. The installation took 1.5 days - We got our sparky to utilise the emersion heater switch by upgrading the Mcb. We issue an electrical test certificate with all new electrical installations. The cost for the new bar shower, pump, pipe work, tank & cylinder connections, electrical upgrade and certification around £1150. Call for a survey.

Although more expensive

than a new electric shower installation - Our customer recognises this system is far superior in every respect over electric showers. More volume - more even temperature - more reliable - far more classy - Never looks outdated ! - raises the value of your bathroom. Not forgetting if the boiler fails we still have the emersion heater - Treat yourself you are worth it aren’t you ?

Although this is a multi fit shower we still had to extend the wiring - We use purpose made crimps and then go on to fit heat shrink insulating sleeves to finish. Note we also included copper pipe extension to make the water connection from the original pipe entry on the right over to the left.

Fitted today for our Customer in Coventry  ~ This Aqualisa Quartz 8.5Kw shower packs a punch for an 8.5kw  shower - Stylish with simple practicability - PLAY THE VIDEO

Fitted today in Nechells  

 This Mira Sprint 8.5Kw  Stylish with simple practicality.

Fitted today in Great Barr  

 This Mira Sprint 9.5Kw Stylish with simple practicality.

Our Mira Sprints will replace ALL electric showers if professionally fitted. We have all kilowatt ratings in stock ready to fit today ! Click on the images for pricing.

Fitted today for our Customer in Solihull 

 This Mira Sprint 9.5Kw Stylish with simple practicality.

Another Mira Sprint fitted today in Redditch, these Miras are so reliable !