Our Recentley Completed Jobs

Mira Sprint supplied & fitted today in Moseley

Yet another Mira Sprint supplied and fitted today in Moseley. So to make installation difficult the previous shower had the wiring on the left and the plumbing on the right. No mad panic though -I extended the wiring to reach up to the terminal block using purpose made crimps and heat shrink insulation sleeves. Note that I extended pipe from the right over to the left. Another example of taking time to fit professionally. 

Triton T80 supplied & fitted today. 

Fitted today in Southam CV47

This Triton T80Easi 8.5kw replaced an old Aqualisa shower. Was a bit of a struggle because of the sloping ceiling. I adjusted the pipework and changed the fitting. 

Bar shower & Shower Pump

Fitted Today -

For our customer in Sutton Coldfield, this Triton Mersey shower bar+ shower pump. The installation took 1.5 days - We got our sparky to utilise the emersion heater switch by upgrading the Mcb. We issue an electrical test certificate with all new electrical installations. The cost for the new bar shower, pump, pipe work, tank & cylinder connections, electrical upgrade and certification around £1150. Call for a survey.


Triton Bar shower installation

So our customers initial enquiry was for a new electric shower installation - After I explain  that a new Up 'n' Over bar shower would be far superior and cost far less to install , the order was given to proceed ! See this shower in action - Play video.