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Our recent jobs....

Supplied & fitted today - Another shower tiled upto the sides only. I fitted a repair panel to cover over the hole before fitting a new Mira Sprint.

HA HA HA Was the immediate response when I first set eyes on this - People quite often tile up to the sides of a shower, but the stud wall was built up to the sides of the shower too !!


So I pick myself up from the floor after a laughing fit… I go on to solder in a new piece of pipe and fit a new compression elbow to bring the connection on the surface. I then go on to fit a new repair panel to cover over this mess and fit the new shower on top.

The customers were absolutely delighted with the outcome - They were expecting to break out the tiles and reinstate with new. Only we offer this repair panel option !

New Installation Triton Aspirante + new plumbing + new electrical circuit and test certificate.

Fitted today in Birmingham, the job took our plumber and electrician 3 hours to complete. The customer added the new tiles above the originals in preparation for the new shower and plumbing. 

Play video below.


Thermostatically controlled bath filler tap & shower set.

Fitted today in Birmingham this thermostatic bath tap shower. I removed the bath panel and the single taps and replaced with this thermostatic bath filler tap and shower diverter with a quality rail riser handset. The job took 2 hours to complete. Thermostatic bath taps don't blow hot and cold when other taps are opened or when a toilet is flushed. 


Bath tap showers will pump out 8 - 10 litres per minute @ 40 Celsius when running from a combi boiler. Electric showers average around 3 litres per minute. Play video below.

Triton Enrich Satin Black 8.5Kw Supplied & fitted today in Solihull - Play Video

Mira Sprint 9.5Kw Supplied & Fitted today in Birmingham - Play video

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Opal shower panel and Triton Benito bar shower kit

Fitted today in Wolverhampton

So I removed an old electric shower and reused the cold water supply for the new bar shower. For the hot supply I made a connection to the hot water pipe under the bath and piped it behind the new opal panel. I drilled through the bath screen panel which luckily enough was wide enough to drill. Our large shower panel is mounted off the wall to allow the water pipes to travel behind the panel and connect to the back of the bar shower. This method avoids breaking tiles and making good after.

The job took around 3 hours to complete and comes with a 5 year warranty.

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This solution is perfect if you have a combi boiler or an unvented cylinder and sick and tired of poor performing electric showers.

Fitted this Bristan Cool Touch Bar shower today

The combi boiler was behind the shower wall and was a straightforward installation. The job took 3.5 hours. Expect around 8 litres per minute, 3 times more than an entry level electric shower ! 5 year manufacturer warranty. Supplied & Fitted with new pipework included £408 (Pipework local to boiler) Up n Over pipework will cost more

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Single impeller water pump

Fitted today this single impeller water pump boost the hot water to all taps throughout the house. Increases the hot water pressure to kitchen tap, basin taps or bath tap shower taps and mixer showers.

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Twin impeller shower pump

Recently fitted in Birmingham this quality twin impeller brass pump with new 22mm pipe work, Cylinder connection flange with 5 year warranty.

Fitted today in Birmingham - This old shower force mixer valve was plumbed the wrong way round also the pipe centres were 100mm... not standard 150mm distance - A big hole was exposed when removing the cover.

I soldered in new pipe work to achieve the standard 150mm pipe centres - Fitted a 10mm thick support panel to cover the hole - Not the perfect solution but the only solution in this instance as there were no spare matching tiles. Time taken was 3 hours and the total cost including a new Triton Vivace sequential mixer - new pipework - support panel came in at £499

Get in touch if you have a built in shower valve you want replacing for a surface mounted mixer - Surface mounted mixers far more easy to repair or replace ! 

We also offer full length shower panels. 

Typical example of safely extending the wires inside the shower unit. The wires are crimped using ferules and then heat shrink insulation applied. Try getting anyone else prepared or experienced to do this on the same visit !

Happened again... another shower tiled around the sides only. So I fitted a new support panel then fitted the new shower over.

ANOTHER Mira Sport MF 9Kw supplied & fitted today in Telford - Customers can't get enough of them !

Play Video !

Replaced a Triton with a new Mira Sport MF 9Kw supplied & fitted today in Birmingham

So the old Triton had burnt out & notice the power supply trailing down from the ceiling.

I replace the shower with a new Sport then trunk the cable and clip to the wall. No extra charge !

Fitted today in Gloucester 

Mira Sport MF

Here I had to replace the pipe connection with a new soldered elbow and pipe section so I could fit the new shower away from the window edge. We don’t charge any extra for re-routing pipework within the shower, try and get a Mira “Technician” to make a new joint ! At no extra charge !

Mira Sport MF 9Kw

Fitted today in Gloucester - 

Mira Decor & Conversion Panel 

The wiring and plumbing was on the right hand side of the Triton - Customer stated that they had no option but to replace like for like to avoid disrupting the tiles fitting a different brand or model. Our Multi Fit panel fitted prior to fitting the new shower enabled us to fit ANY other brand shower. Mira Showers in our long term opinion perform well and prove to be more reliable than other brands. Play Video below.

Previous Triton shower removed
Pipe repositioned Wiring extended

NOTE how quiet this shower is - most of the sound comes from the water hitting the shower tray - Another advantage of premium showers.

Fitted today in - Droitwich
Mira Decor Dual 8.5Kw
Mira Decor Dual 8.5Kw in Warm Silver fitted today. Shower temperature was set @ 38 Celsius on high power setting.

Fitted today in Selly Oak 

Triton Aspirante - Gun Metal Gray

Happened again, no tiles behind the shower

never a good idea if there is a problem with your shower further down the line. Manufacturers renege on warranties citing must be fitted to a flat surface... Play video

Silicone seal around the hole.
Acrylic panel screwed to wall
New pipe section + iso valve
Connections double-checked
Fit cover and commission

Fitted today in Redditch this 

Mira Sport Max with Airboost - Multi fit 

Click on images to expand view

Mira Sport Max Airboost 9.0Kilowatt MULTI FIT installation - Previous shower had water and power fitted on the right - On Mira showers these connections are on the left.. So I extend the pipe & cable over to the left in order to cover over previous shower fixing holes. This is Professional Fit.

Old shower & water connection removed.
New pipe fitted & tested. New panel support legs
1st Panel fitted over hole and silicone sealed.
Mounting panel and shower fitted.

Fitted today in Redditch - Our Mira Sport Max Airboost 9.0Kw Plus our multi fit panel. The previous shower had the wiring and plumbing on the right hand side making fitting a Sport not possible hence the multi fit panel which allowed the plumbing & wiring to migrate over to the left behind the panel. NOTE the customer wanted to keep the original rail riser as it was in good condition and would have left exposed holes if the shorter riser rail was fitted.

Fitted today in Birmingham this 

Mira Sport Classic 10.8kw 

Play video

We stock all variants of Mira Sport - We can replace ANY other brand electric shower with one of our Sports.

Look what happened today

Another example of professional fit.
I removed 15 year old Mira Sport front panel only to find no tiles behind ! See how I deal with this.

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So I grab an Opal panel from the van and fix to the wall covering over the hole. I re-configured the pipe work and wiring inside the shower to fit. Fitting the panel takes around 60-90 minutes to cut - shape and fix to the wall. Cost of the 5mm panel & fitting £69

Total cost including the supply and fit TritonT80E & panel £328

Fitted today Kings Heath

This Triton Benito was installed with new hot and cold water supplies in the cupboard behind. I removed and isolated an old electric shower and fitted a panel to cover over the holes and previous fixings.

Electric shower removed - Cover panel fitted.

Our Triton Benito supplied and fitted with new pipe work - Supplied and installed £458 - Completion 3 - 4 hours. Note the heavy water droplets pumped out the shower head - NOT a fine mist you get from electric showers !

Electric shower removal with wiring  isolated | Mains water supply capped off + new cover panel £69 extra charge or leave the old shower in place.

Play Video

Asmara thermostatic bath filling tap & shower kit

Supplied & Fitted today in Selly Oak Birmingham - We removed the bath taps and fitted a thermostatically controlled bath filler tap and shower set - a new short glass screen - shower rail and curtain - We fitted customer supplied border tiles above the 2 rows of original tiles and continued tiling up to the ceiling with customer supplied tiles in the showering area only. Our fixed shower set with the over head rain kit is only available from us - get in touch if you would like a similar set up. 

We may be able to tile over existing tiles if clean/ grease free and fixed FIRMLY to the wall and LEVEL. Any wallpaper or loose paint work must be removed before we can tile - 

The job took 3.5 days to complete and cost  £2150 - 

Sorry due to time constraints we do not tile full bathrooms - Our core business is supplying and fitting showers - We offer supplementary tiling and fixtures only.

Got a shower tower or concealed shower valve you can't get parts for ?  

You are not alone... 

Fitted today in Halesowen... So I removed an un-repairable shower tower and fitted a new 10mm thick acrylic panel in Opal White to cover over all the holes and fixings. I fitted a new Triton bar shower with the rain kit, all with a 5 year warranty.

Tower with broken valves/ blocked jets

New Opal panel/ Bar shower/ Rain kit

The job took 4 hours to complete and cost £1071 everything supplied and fitted - This panel  and bar shower will also replace concealed mixer valves that are buried in the wall. Get in touch if you would like your troublesome shower replaced.

Our 10mm thick opal acrylic panels

  • Retain the high gloss finish
  • Strong and very rigid
  • Won't crack, split or fade
  • Re usable
  • Quality rust proof support legs

Burnt out Triton shower replaced with a new Mira Sprint

Burnt out terminal
Water pipe re positioned
new mira sprint

Happened again ! 

This shower burned out the terminal because the cable was not tightened to the correct torque - this causes arcing resulting in higher temperatures that ends up melting out the terminal.

So first action is to remove the shower and re solder the water supply pipe into the vertical position, Strip back the damaged electrical cable to the undamaged segment. Note the holes in the wall where the wire and pipe exited were silicone sealed to avoid water ingress, another example of PROFESSIONAL FIT.
The replacement took around 2 hours - Get in touch to get on of these Mira Sprints supplied and fitted - Call Steve 07914 008149

Supplied and fitted in Smethwick today

This Triton Enrich 10.5kw & Opal back panel

The old shower was tiled up to the sides only... leaving a mess to deal with. So I fitted an opal acrylic panel. The job took 2.5 hours to complete and cost £259 for the panel, shower and fitting charge - NOTE the ugly pipe supply was replaced with an high pressure hose to tidy up the appearance, another example of a professional fitting.  Get in touch if you have similar problems with no tiles behind the broken shower waiting to be replaced.

Could not believe my eyes at first !

First time I have seen this ! Some plumber must have thought it a good idea to fit a permanent push fit elbow. Try and remove one of those fittings from a shower outlet once they have been fitted. Common sense tells us that the shower would need replacing one day.

Luckily for the homeowner the other side of the shower was accessible. So I cut access through the plaster board - Cut and replace section of pipe with the fitting attached replaced with copper solder joint and COMPRESSION fitting allowing the connection on the new shower.

So new shower fitted with a new elbow compression joint. One of our white acrylic panels to cover over the access hole.

The extra work involved cost a very reasonable £99 including the panel and isolation valve, Total cost including the Triton T80E+ was £368 Another example of Professional Fit !

Fitted today in Birmingham -  We removed the bath taps and went on to fit a new thermostatic bath filler tap with an overhead rain kit and separate sliding rail riser handset with soap dish 

Click or Pinch to ENLARGE

Cost of labour and bath tap shower kit £549 - Get in touch if you would like a similar set up.

Fitted today in Birmingham

Triton T80E+ 8.5Kw

So our customer just moved into a new council home, the previous shower was removed and the water and electric supply was isolated - We come across this very often. We re-connect the power in the fuse board, un-cap the pipe, fit the new shower and issue a new test certificate for council approval. 

We charge £120 extra for a new Electrical Test Certificate when any shower has been removed and isolated - It's the law !

Viewing on mobile turn sideways !

Total amount charged for this job was £259 for the Triton T80E supplied and fitted + £120 for the Electrical Safety Test Certificate total price everything included  £379.

Power shower replaced with a NEW bar shower + rain kit




So our customer had her hot water cylinder replaced with a new combi boiler making the power shower redundant - Large holes was left behind after removing the old power shower so we went on to fit this acrylic panel to cover over and support the rain kit - Total amount charged for new pipe work, bar shower and kit, acrylic panel came in at £1071 fully supplied and fitted with a 5 year Triton warranty.

Get in touch if you have an old redundant power shower or built in wall mixer valve that you would like updating to a bar shower and panel.

Replacement mixer shower

Click or Pinch to ENLARGE

So we fitted this Triton Asana concentric mixer valve - One handle operation, we made up the rain shower kit on site. We can include a separate shower kit and handset with a  diverter valve £149 extra.

The complete job which included removing the worn shower valve supplied & fitted £458


Bristan Cool Touch

Fitted today in Brum - This bar shower + new pipe work to the boiler behind the shower in a cupboard. Job took 3 hours and cost £408

( Pipe work local to boiler ) ( Up 'n' Over pipe work costs more ) everything supplied and fitted - get in touch if you would like a new boiler shower ( must have combi boiler ) Isolation valves and 5 year warranty included. £408

Triton Bar shower installation + Up n Over Pipe work

So our customers initial enquiry was for a new electric shower installation - After I explain  that a new Up 'n' Over bar shower would be far superior and cost far less to install , the order was given to proceed ! See this shower in action - Play video.


If you would like us to install or replace your bar shower click details tab

We recently fitted this bath tap shower for our customer in Birmingham - We also fitted a grab handle and shower curtain. If you would like us to replace your standard bath taps with one of our quality bath tap showers  then  get in touch.


Fitted today in Northfield Birmingham

- We made new connections from a pressurised hot water cylinder, run the newly installed hot and cold pipes ( white pipes ) into the loft and across above the bathroom terminating using  Up n Over chrome pipes attached to a new Triton Bar shower. The job took 6 hours to complete.


If you would like a new Up n Over shower installation similar to this the click the details tab for more info.


Recently fitted in Birmingham - This shower and panel replaced a shower that had no tiles behind - We fitted this panel on legs to bring the panel and shower forward off the wall - this allowed us to re-configure the pipe and cable from the right hand side over to the left. The job took 2.5 hours - If you would like a new Mira Sprint with one of our flash panels click on the details tab for prices.

Mira Sport + Standard Opal Back Panel

We fitted this Mira Sport with our standard back panel today. The old shower was tiled around the outside only so the new shower needed a flat surface in order to comply with warranty conditions. For more details and options. 


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