Our recent jobs....


Fitted today in Birmingham

So our customer just moved into a new council home, the previous shower was removed and the water and electric supply was isolated - We come across this very often. We re-connect the power in the fuse board, un-cap the pipe, fit the new shower and issue a new test certificate for council approval. 

We charge £60 extra for a new Electrical Test Certificate when any shower has been removed and isolated - It's the law !

Viewing on mobile turn sideways !

Total amount charged for this job was £269 for the Triton T80E supplied and fitted + £60 for the Electrical Safety Test Certificate total price everything included  £329.


Power shower replaced with a NEW bar shower + rain kit


So our customer had her hot water cylinder replaced with a new combi boiler making the power shower redundant - Large holes was left behind after removing the old power shower so we went on to fit this acrylic panel to cover over and support the rain kit - Total amount charged for new pipe work, bar shower and kit, acrylic panel came in at £1072 fully supplied and fitted with a 5 year Triton warranty.

Get in touch if you have an old redundant power shower or built in wall mixer valve that you would like updating to a bar shower and panel.


So we fitted this Triton Asana concentric mixer valve - One handle operation, we made up the rain shower kit on site. We can include a separate shower kit and handset with a  diverter valve £149 extra.

The complete job which included removing the worn shower valve supplied & fitted £449.

Bristan Cool Touch

Click on image to enlarge
Click on image to enlarge

Fitted today in Brum - This bar shower and new pipe work to the boiler behind the shower in a cupboard. Job took 3 hours and cost £349 everything supplied and fitted - get in touch if you would like a new boiler shower ( must have combi boiler only for this deal ) Isolation valves and 5 year warranty included. £349


Fitted today - These custom made shower curtain support rail was formed  ON SITE to avoid 

the window - Only we go above and beyond to make it happen ! PLAY VIDEO

Our rails are formed from one piece tube and don't get snagged up on brackets etc and glide easily in one movement. Fitted today in Birmingham - There was no wall the other end of the bath to fix a shower pole so this self supporting rail worked out perfect - notice no centre support brackets impeding the glide. This Kit supplied & fitted £159


Single impeller shower pump fitted today in Ledbury


And after


So our customer had a couple of showers that were adequate. The sparky and I turned up and fitted a new 2 bar single impeller pump to the hot water supply. We are going back next week to fit a new thermostatic bath filler tap shower and a new bar shower in the ensuite. This single impeller pump also increases flow and pressure to all other hot water taps in the building. Click on the details tab for more details and prices. Notice we fitted 2 full bore isolation valves - this helps when servicing or flushing out the system also turning off all the hot water in the house immediately.


Supply & fit electric showers - just some of our completed jobs

When we supply and fit electric showers we think it is important to showcase real world examples of our work and not just use stock photos. 

We're justifiably proud of the work we carry out and below highlights just a small sample of the diversity of jobs undertaken around the West Midlands. 

Mira Sprint supplied & fitted today in Moseley

Yet another Mira Sprint supplied and fitted today in Moseley. So to make installation difficult the previous shower had the wiring on the left and the plumbing on the right. No mad panic though -I extended the wiring to reach up to the terminal block using purpose made crimps and heat shrink insulation sleeves. Note that I extended pipe from the right over to the left. Another example of taking time to fit professionally. 

Triton T80 supplied & fitted today. 

Fitted today in CV47

This Triton T80Easi 8.5kw replaced an old Aqualisa shower. Was a bit of a struggle because of the sloping ceiling. I adjusted the pipework and changed the fitting. 

Bar shower & Shower Pump

Fitted Today

For our customer in Sutton Coldfield, this Triton Mersey shower bar+ shower pump. The installation took 1.5 days - We got our sparky to utilise the emersion heater switch by upgrading the Mcb. We issue an electrical test certificate with all new electrical installations. The cost for the new bar shower, pump, pipe work, tank & cylinder connections, electrical upgrade and certification around £1150. Call for a survey.


Triton Bar shower installation

So our customers initial enquiry was for a new electric shower installation - After I explain  that a new Up 'n' Over bar shower would be far superior and cost far less to install , the order was given to proceed ! See this shower in action - Play video.


We recently fitted this bath tap shower for our customer in Birmingham - We also fitted a grab handle and shower curtain. If you would like us to replace your standard bath taps with one of our quality bath tap showers  then  click here for options >


Fitted today in Redditch - The bath taps were removed and then replaced with a thermostatic bath tap + 2 piece wall mounted shower kit. The job took just under 3 hours to complete. Get in touch if you would like one of these kits supplied and fitted  £349


Fitted today in Northfield Birmingham - We made new connections from a pressurised hot water cylinder, run the newly installed hot and cold pipes ( white pipes ) into the loft and across above the bathroom terminating using chrome pipes attached to a new Triton Bar shower. The job took 6 hours to complete.


If you would like a new up n over shower installation similar to this the click the details tab for more info.

Recently fitted in Birmingham - This shower and panel replaced a shower that had no tiles behind - We fitted this panel on legs to bring the panel and shower forward off the wall - this allowed us to re-configure the pipe and cable from the right hand side over to the left. The job took 2.5 hours - If you would like a new Mira Sprint with one of our flash panels click on the details tab for prices.

We fitted this Mira Sport with our back panel today. The old shower was tiled around the outside so the new shower needed a flat surface in order to comply with warranty conditions. For more details and options click here

Mira Sport + Opal Back Panel