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These are our REPLACEMENT showers only - 

NEW installation showers with new wiring/ plumbing this way >

Triton Perluso

Basic shower at a basic price but they are very reliable with simple straight forward dials giving an affirmative click when turned. Very little to go wrong on these little units. Will replace most Triton electric showers. Call, Text or WhatsApp with your current model to check viability. 1 year warranty. Supplied & fitted price 7.5 kw £189

Triton Hawaii

Basic entry level new & refurbished shower - Ideal if just moved in and the budget is tight or moving out, keeping expenses down. 6 months warranty. Replaces most Tritons. Call, Text or WhatsApp with your current model to check viability.  

Triton Hawaii 8.5 kw Only - Supplied & Fitted £129

Triton T80Easi

Triton T80Easi Supplied & Fitted From £249 >>

Tritons best selling model by far !

All Kilowatt ratings in stock ready to fit - 2 year warranty

Why choose us ? We are super friendly and helpful - We don't mind you keeping us company while we fit your new shower - Even better a cup of tea and a chat - See how we fit your shower - No sneaky short cuts here - Do it right do it once !

WhatsApp us - 07914 008149

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 Need a quote ?  We will need the following information for a replacement shower - The brand of your current shower I.E. Triton Enrich, also the Kw rating if known. Drop those details in the EMAIL BOX  below or via WhatsApp

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