There's a shark in my bathroom !

There are  National Call Centres out there  posing  as local trade business's using contract plumbers of dubious origin who come and go with these outfits & DO NOT exclusively fit showers - Think about it, are they likely to return if there is a problem - I think not, They will offer one type of supply and fit shower ONLY, usually a choice of ONE  SHOWER  of course they will tell you they are wonderful showers . Don't forget the plumber who turns up supports call centre staff and managers and will charge you extra after arrival to pay for the privilege of using them no problem.

At Bogs & Taps not only do we have a plumber or sparky available when we say we do - We don't ask for a booking deposit or string you along with excuses for not turning up - We just turn up as agreed !  - We don't have a cat that has suddenly died - No kids suddenly unwell and needs picking up from school :0))) Never fell off a ladder !


Oh boy ! this joker has 700 websites - play video

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