Supply and fit Mira Sprints From £249 - Triton T80Easi Supply and Fit From £249

Speak to us direct !

Not through a typical 3rd party lead generating call centre who have NO directly employed plumbers offering non existent immediate quotes -  Play the video !

There are  National companies out there in the midlands region posing  as local business's using contract plumbers who come and go with these outfits & DO NOT exclusively fit showers - Think about it, are they likely to return if there is a problem - I think not, They will offer one type of supply and fit shower ONLY, usually a choice of ONE  SHOWER  of course they will tell you they are wonderful showers . Don't forget the plumber who turns up supports call centre staff and managers and will charge you extra after arrival to pay for the privilege of using them no problem.

At Bogs & Taps not only do we have a plumber or sparky available when we say we do - We don't ask for a booking deposit or string you along with excuses for not turning up - We just turn up as agreed ! 

We don't have a cat that has suddenly been taken ill - 

No didn't have a late night stuck on a job or have to collect a child from school 

We have plenty of documented evidence that highlights on time or early - read our reviews.

We don't accept  jobs then troll the internet for a tradesman to cover your job.

We are a Birmingham based family firm - We QUOTE  not estimate the cost replacing your shower  We publish our prices !

Only we provide up to 18 different electric model choices from our supply and fit range. WE do not promote rubbish showers. Not forgetting we also go the extra mile in providing a choice of supply and fit bar showers, mixer showers, power showers & pumps.

Only we go above and beyond with FULL installation QUOTATIONS  like wiring and plumbing unlike the smash and grab merchants who want to just swap out your existing unit with a pre determined shower of their choice.

99% of our work is showers related so we know a thing or two about best brands - what showers to fit or not to fit based on our own installation experience also most reliable, best performance and real value for money. Our first visit success rate is a staggering 99% including fitting customer supplied showers - How come ? Obviously not all customer supplied showers are the right KW rating or will fit existing pipe and cable connections BUT we do carry all types and inevitably we will have the correct shower in stock on the van, or we extend or re-route water and electric supplies to accommodate the internal layout of the replacement shower.

Buy cheap pay twice rings true when choosing a shower

We take our Google reviews very seriously and with over 100 genuine Google reviews to protect that encourages us to be honest in our dealings.

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