So you want a new electric shower installation ? There are better options (usually)

So you have NO shower at all... and considering a new electric shower ??

if you have a combi boiler then what you really need is a BAR shower or a thermostatic Bath Tap Shower.

We can supply and fit for you a far superior Bar or Bath tap shower or Power Shower offering 3 times more hot water pressure than ANY electric shower.

Combi boilers have 6 copper pipes exiting the boiler which is easily identifiable - There could be 2 pipes popping out the top and 4 exiting the bottom or ANY combination.


If in any doubt just send us some photos on WhatsApp showing the pipes like the photo here 07914008149 - No mad panic we are here to help.

Let's be clear this set up will pump out at least 8 litres of hot water per minute 40 Degrees centigrade - Electric showers will only manage 2 litres per minute at the same temperature.

If you have a hot water cylinder then what you really need is a Power shower Or A quality shower pump  !

Hot Water Cylinderjpg

So you have a primary boiler with a hot water cylinder similar to the image - This is stored hot water vented cylinder, you will probably have a large plastic tank above the cylinder or in the attic. You may not have a boiler connected to this cylinder - Some are electrically heated by an immersion inside the cylinder.

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We can get 8 litres per minute from this cylinder with one of our Power Showers Or Shower Pumps.

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