Supply and fit Mira Sprints £249 Any Kilowatt - Triton T80Easi Supply and Fit From £249

Best shower provider Mira or Triton

 Let us be honest we all know you get what you pay for. The cliche buy cheap pay twice certainly rings true when buying showers.
We have fitted hundreds of showers over the years from Triton and Mira. In our experience the cheap Triton showers are built with cheap components that are used throughout other model ranges so an unreliable or inferior component effects other models for example Triton T80 series showers suffer from faulty stop start buttons in fact any cheap Triton with push button stop start have the same cheap switch.
For this reason we no longer fit T80's the amount of customer complaints regarding the switch sticking was alarming ! Customers who buy cheap Tritons are on a budget however this is a false saving for the reason Triton do their utmost to renege on warranty claims siting the wall is not completely flat or no tiles behind the shower and charge you a call out for the privilege ! - We believe the switch jams up because of the flimsy casing that is in 3 parts and too easily twisted.
We do however recommend Triton Enrich and Seville - basically the same inside with a dial type handle that turns the shower on and off, however we have seen these up for re-newel in 2 years but they are considerably cheaper.

Again we have fitted hundreds over the years and we rarely have a problem with the Mira Sprint or the Mira Go basically the same underneath the cover but what you get under the cover is far better components for the money. Last one to fail had a bashed in temperature dial thanks to the courier !  These units have a quality feel also the stop start button has not let us down yet - first time every time they fire up. Not the highest flow rate but steady and reliable.
Sport models are more advanced with higher flow rates and more upmarket appearance and as usual from Mira they work well and stand the test of time.
Triton used to make quality showers, we see showers 15 - 20 years old coming to end of life but these had copper and metal components unlike the plastic and rubber o rings used today. I cannot help but wonder if this is a deliberate ploy to increase sales thinking a returning customer every 2 - 4 years is more profitable than replacing a 15 year old shower, however we as a business do our utmost to protect our reputation not take advantage of it. WE recommend Mira.