Are you a Plumber ?

I  have been supplying and fitting showers exclusively for the last 3 years now and regularly hitting  targets year upon year, I cover  30 mile radius of Birmingham. I generated 50k gross last year, income 30k just supplying mostly replacement electric showers - this is PART TIME one shower replacement per day - I don't fit shower cubicles or bathrooms despite getting many enquiries per year, basically I am more than happy with stocking showers and going out and fitting them - no hassles and really straight forward. average time to replace an electric shower is 50 minutes including altering any fittings or wiring - Took a few months to get to this speed but sometimes can take up to 90 minutes depending on what alterations need doing. Sometimes everything is fitted perfect and the damn thing don't start or a leak pops up from the solenoid. More info on this to follow.

I fit pumps, bar showers, bath tap showers on a regular basis just to mix things up. I replace and install new showers and for electrical shower circuits I partner up with a local electrician. More info on this to follow.

So I get my work on Google and work closely with an SEO who does a brilliant job getting my business on the first page also I top up with a little pay per click which averages out around £40 a month. More info on this to follow.

I have over 150 genuine google reviews that I have earned by way of turning up and fitting the shower - Always make sure no leaks left, place left has I find it.

So how does this work -

My territory is 30 miles radius of my home address in Birmingham - My SEO chap generates more than enough work to keep me going. Took a lot of trial and errors to get where I am today save yourself the grief and wasted money, jump on board and start earning no bullshit.

For 20k and annual 3.5k service charge  You will receive jobs NOT leads, you will not be sharing these jobs, it will be your territory only - you will get a similar set up to mine - smaller area in London & higher investment. If you are into bathroom fitting/ shower cubicles and trays you will get far more work.

Alternatively 10K + 3.5k annual service charge + 20% commission infinitum.

We blitz your territory with our SEO experts who are familiar with our operation and pay per click to get you started more or less straight away.
We charge no commission on our 20k offer - I have been in plumbing 40 years so you will only receive genuine jobs not leads !

All jobs and prices are generated from our website, we vet the customers intention to buy, receive videos and photos via WhatsApp and pass them all on to you including the day and appointment time usually 10-10.30am - You turn up supply and fit the shower and you receive full payment. More info to follow. We will on occasion send straight forward enquiries direct to you via WhatsApp.

Our bread and butter comes from fitting replacement Mira Sprints or Triton T80's I buy bucket loads of T80's and sprints when on offer at screwfix - for a few months there is £30 off T80's then vice versa on Sprints so time the flow to make more profit !

The bar showers & bath tap showers we sell are available anywhere and we quote supply and fit on your behalf - we also quote for local boiler pipework to shower and up and over prices for bar showers. OUR FORMULA WORKS.
You will also receive requests for bathroom/ shower cubicle fitting quotes if that is what you requested. It is important that you attend these quotes or we won't send out anymore.

Service charge - this includes customer business generation - taking the booking and passing it on to you.

I can offer free training or instruction on extending wiring and pipe work to professional standards here in Birmingham. Also vented and unvented cylinder connections for pumps - bar showers etc. There is a cheap hotel up the road for out of town guests.

This is a good business opportunity for a new starter, semi retired plumber or increasing revenue stream for small business.
There are a limited number of territories so when they are gone you know the rest.

You must have a clean decent van - liability insurance and an NVQ2.
You will need a part P or have a partner electrician to complete any new wiring circuits.

So take a look through my site do the math and see the earnings opportunity - Also check out our company - I have accounts and receipts to back up what I say - No bull shit here.

My territory will be up for sale soon so I can invest my time in setting up franchises nationwide - OIRO £200k  - 50k gross 30k net pa and increasing organically !

Bogs And Taps Ltd  - Company number 10452377